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Izzy & Fiona



August 10, 2012:
  I wanted to let you know that Izzy has joined Sami at the Rainbow Bridge. She just died, but was with Julio and Fiona when it happened. When we woke up this morning, we knew today would be the day since she was too weak to do anything. At least she was at home with her family when it happened instead of what happened with Sami.

May 26, 2011:
  I wanted to give you an update: On Monday, I thought we might be home free because they were both sleeping in the same hammock. Since I was going to bed, I gated off that small area but left both cages open in case they needed their own space. In the morning, there were in different cages, but I was still hopeful.
  Then on Tuesday, Fiona was in the hammock and Izzy went in and I heard Fiona squealing, she pooped in the hammock, and there was wrestling around in there. :( I've given them a little of their own space since, but I'll be back to letting them out together tonight.
  By the way, I have washed your bedding that came up with the girls and will get my butt to the post office soon to get it down to you.

May 11, 2011:
  They're actually doing ok. I always let them out together now and I haven't had any problems. There has been one stare-off and an occasional hiss, but no attacking and no squealing. They do like to sleep separately, but hopefully that will change over the time. And yes, the kids LOVE having them home. The hard part is getting them to put the girls down so they can play!
  Thank you again for everything...helping the girls, finding ways for them to get down and back, etc...

May 6, 2011:
  Good morning, I have had one squeak in 2 days the girls are not sleeping together but Izzy is not going after Fiona. They have gotten the entire upstairs to hang out they find their own spots to sleep in and do.
  I think I have 2 friends coming in this weekend (Saturday) maybe I can get one of them to bring the girls back if you are ready for them and or you will be able to meet up.
  Are you ready for them to come home and if so what is your schedule like so if I can get them transport I know what to ask?

May 4, 2011:
  Camp Day 2: I allowed the girls to have the entire upstairs last night while I slept – I had to separate them twice the second time I closed the gate to the living room so Fiona could get some peace – I am not at all sure Izzy is trying to hurt Fiona I think she is trying to go to sleep with her but Fiona is still frightened of her – I have them in separate areas when I am not here to keep watch – Fiona was asleep when Izzy was trying to get in the same sleep place. I will keep you posted as things progress. Brenda

  Thanks for the update Brenda! The kids asked about the girls last night (they love them so).
  Fiona is definitely still frightened and I have wondered if I'm just too overprotective, but then Izzy still gets that look (narrow eyes) sometimes. I will say that on Sunday, I had them out together for longer than usual and when Izzy finally did "bite" her, Fiona didn't screech right away and I was unsure whether she was just trying to get her to play.
  I'm glad you're working with them and I hope they'll be friends again soon. Depending on how things go, I could potentially get them this weekend, but I think we'll have to see what happens.

April 14, 2011:
  Individually - great. I haven't seen Fiona's leg weakness since we've added the new food to her diet. Unfortunately, while I'm trying to have them out together more, I can't do it without watching them closely because Izzy still goes after Fiona.
  In other news, Julio will be in Mississippi with the Air Force for the next 10 weeks.

March 28, 2011:
  Update: - So Doc does think it's most likely an insulinoma. We've added a special high-protein food to her mix, and honestly, I haven't seen the leg weakness since that point. Her fasting blood glucose was checked this Saturday and it was 67. So with the borderline level and improvement with the food, no meds...for now. :)
  Now we just have to get Izzy to stop attacking Fiona.

March 15, 2011:
  Unfortunately, they are still not hanging out together. I've been trying at least weekly to put them together and I've been switching the bedding. However, I did notice in the past week that Izzy's coat has started filling in more so hopefully her hormone levels are on the decline.
  On top of things, I noticed 2 days ago that Fiona has hindleg weakness so I'm worried about an insulinoma. Her strength, per se, seems ok so I think it's metabolic rather than a neurologic issue. :( She has an appointment with Doc on Thursday. I don't like my girls being sick!

February 21, 2011:
  Izzy is doing very well in terms of her post-op course. She'll have her sutures out this Wednesday and her incision looks great and well-healed. The furless kids like to watch me give Izzy her medicine and tell me that I have to be careful because of her booboo. :)
  As for their relationship, I switched the bedding between the two cages as you suggested and I have let them out together when I can supervise them. In general, Fiona is definitely interested in Izzy, but after a little bit of tolerance, Izzy gets her mean face and hisses at Fiona at which point I separate them so there's no attacking. Interestingly enough, Fiona doesn't seem to be scared of Izzy despite what has happened. (Though even before the surgery, she would only shake after Izzy attacked her.) I was told that it will take some time for Izzy's hormone levels to come down, but I'm not sure how long to expect; I will ask when I go in on Wednesday. Do you have any idea or any other thoughts?

January 29, 2010:
  Dear mom and dad, we are having so much fun here at camp. Aunt Brenda says that we are her special girls. Aunt Brenda lets us come up to hang out in her living room; she took a picture of us sleeping up there. She wanted us to tell you that if you get home Saturday she wants you to email her, she is meeting up with her grand kids to celebrate Baily's birthday on Sunday, they are meeting in Avon so she will bring us with her so you do not have to come all the way to Naples if you get home in time to meet up with her.
  We love you
  Fiona and Izzy