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Jack & Smokey

   • Jack & Smokey went to their new home on October 5, 2006!


November 07, 2006:
  The kids are doing great, I've just been too busy to get online much. It's amazing how quickly and effortlessly these two boys fit in around here, and my crew is so happy to have them and share their lives, treats and hammocks ;)
  Smokey loves all the goodies everyone gets, ferretone, ferrevite, even the occasional cheerio. Jack on the other hand has great food sensibilities, he only wants kibble, soup and chicken, he amazes me. Both of the boys have incredible appetites and energy galore. There's no muscle slack now, these guys are busy! Jack is the climber, he HAS to get into the food bucket, toy box, run the tubes, and get on the furniture. Smokey loves the tubes toy (one of those multi-colored octopus things, know what I mean?) and has buddied up pretty well with Cooper, my dark eyed white guy who is also deaf. When the soup bowl goes down, I have a crowd, but I have to go get those two and show them. The funniest sight I see is Chloe, who is a very diminutive 4 year old, cuddled up under Smokey, who has to be 3 times her size. I guess he keeps her really warm, all you see is her head! They are beautiful boys, and I'm so grateful you could help out to get them off that porch, I am truly a lucky fuzzy mom.