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Joy's ferrets

   • Baby, Monica, Stitch, Rascal 2, Blazer.


May 9, 2009:
  Baby came first. Her owner had to find her a new home after having her for five years. He was going through a divorce and had to move and 'couldn't find a place that allowed pets'. As he walked out the door and I held her she reached her little paw out to him. She had never been caged and worried every day over her. She took a liking to two of my other rescues and she thrived. Doc did adrenal surgery on her last May and she's been kicking butt ever since. On going on seven she lives with three other ferrets and loves to play, something she didn't understand when she walked into the door.
  Next came the girls, Monica and Stitch. They came from Syracuse. The pets of a young girl who was going away to college and had to give them up. They originally came from a shelter that's now closed. Apparently it had been the plan from when they got the kids to get rid of them when she went to school. I hate people.
  Last, but now least Blazer. He was the one that we were contacted by Spring Farm Cares. He is a blaze and yes he is deaf (first time with a deaf ferret). I put him at about five, but a friend (breeder and shelter mom) thinks he's younger. The story goes he was found in an abandoned house and someone contacted the girl that turned him over to spring farm. she had had him for six months and then decided she was allergic.
  Somewhere in between there I had Rascal 2. He was the little guy that was at the humane (I use the term loosely) society. I brought him home and decided he was meant to be here. He had spleenomegly and was very thin. I got him on soup to build him up for possible surgery, but the better he felt the more active he became and one night while he was out playing we figure he ruptured his spleen. He died in my arms, knowing he'd been loved and cared for.

  Brenda, Thank you for giving me the chance to love and care for these special creatures.

January 7, 2009:
  Brenda: Just wanted to let you know we delivered the ferrets to Joy on Sunday. Thank you again, Brenda! Happy 2009.

November 21, 2008:
  Ken I have a home for your 2 girls Joy lives up your way, here is her cell number she said I could give it to you to call her. Let me know when you reach her please, she does not have easy access to a computer so that is why it has taken me so long to reach her. Brenda

November 12, 2008:
  Hello; My daughter is leaving for college and has two female ferrets she would like to go to a good home. Both are from a local ferret rescue (I can't find the contact info, though). They come complete with cage and all accessories. No health issues whatsoever. Both are fabulous together and with all family members.