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Eowyn, AKA Lil Red & Noodle, AKA Phatty

September 17, 2016:

August 31, 2016:
  This is long over due but I got to it. Thank you for all you do for our fur kids. Boys and I will be out to visit before snow flies!
  Mid April Mum (Brenda) contacted me to see if we would be interested in taking two new members into our family since at the time her shelter had 42 fur kids already. Of course I agreed to talk to the gal who was surrendering them.

August 27, 2016:
  I have been very busy working 70+ hours a week, keeping up with kids, both the 2 legged and four. Ferrets literally run this house and have trained us to give them treats. About two weeks ago we ended up with Silver Jack and Fred Savage. A couple I know from when I was in the Army fell on hard times and had to move. They could not keep their fur kids. Long story short they are here "temporary" if their family can get back on their feet but will stay forever if they can't.
  My work schedule isn't going to be as hectic from here on out being I quit one of my jobs. I need and want to be home more for my family, especially since it has been growing.
  That brings our total to 7, with a possible 8th on its way. If I'm not careful, we will be neck deep in these curious critters. We have to watch our step, where we sit, lock up our remotes, cell phones, shoes and everything else we don't want to disappear but I wont change it for anything. Our lives have changed since the first two new members joined our family back in November, but I wouldn't changed anything. I love hearing them laugh as they play and chase us and each other around the house. I will post pictures on FB. I have so many I can share so please allow me to do so.

April 26, 2016:
Ferret Mum,
  We have two new family members as of Saturday afternoon. You would think they have always lived here. They are sweet and happy. The boys are loving their new brother and sister I find them in each others cages all piled together. We have mixed the Marshall food into the six mix and they seem to be doing great.

April 15, 2016:
  I spoke with Michelle. She had a male (named Noodle but now Phatty) and female (named Eowyn now Lil Red), neither from babies because she got them from another person (former room mate I believe).
  Due to many new changes in her life she didn't feel these two would have the life they deserve being stuck in cage all the time. Michelle was very concerned about where they would be and wanted to drive out to our house(2+ hours) to meet us and see their possible new home. We agreed to meet the up coming Saturday.