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   • Meiko found a new Forever Home May 1, 2009!

   • Meiko is a sable female.
   • Read her updates below.

January 10, 2014:
  WE did get her in to our vet , there is a vet on staff who is ferret knowledgeable. He did the bg on her, and yes, she was down to 30. He was going to put her on meds in the mean time he gave her something to perk her up. She did not respond. she stayed all day, they tried everything including an iv catheter. Her levels kept dropping. Rachel sadly decided to euthanize her, as there was nothing else they could do for her. She was in her mommy's arms when she passed. Rachel wants to know if you want her cage and food and toys? Thank you for everything, especially finding her for us!

October 24, 2010:
  Hi Brenda, this is Meiko's mom, Rachel. I got the card from Possum the other day in the mail - I'm going to hang it up near Meiko's cage. =)
  I just have a question to ask you - I'm just about over being sick from some weird stomach bug/cold. I didn't handle Meiko at all when I was sick because I didn't want her to catch it. Unfortunately, this morning my mom was holding her for a little bit then later this afternoon my mom got sick. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent Meiko from getting it - is there any possible risk of her getting sick since my mom handled her today.
  Answer - Good morning Rachel - awe how sweet that you would hang Possums card.
  Oh dear it does sound like you are all under the weather – I am so sorry to hear this - no preventing Meiko from getting sick when she is living in a house hold that all are getting sick - passing this bug around is a real possibility that Meiko will pick up some of that bug – if it is going though the family Meiko may very well become under the weather as well
  It is certainly possible she may not but if it is going though all of you then it is likely she could – keeping her away from the person that is actually sick is a good idea and helpful – washing your hands before picking her up and or touching her and her things will help lower the possibility – no kisses or close embracing will help some too - if she does get sick – keep her quiet and make sure she eats and drinks – do you have her on duck soup yet – if not I would recommend you think seriously about doing so.
  If you need me I will be here all day – I hope you all feel better real soon - Brenda

October 15, 2009:
  Dook Dook!
  Hi Brenda, it's me, Meiko!!!! Possum sent me an email asking for an update. Mommy has been spoiling me a lot since she got me. She makes sure I have lots of food and water. So now my fur is healthy and shiny and soft. I gained some weight, so mommy needs to get me an exercise wheel! Mommy is giving me a little turkey and some duck soup for Thanksgiving! And I have my very own Christmas stocking. It's a pretty pink and it says Princess on it. I've been really hyper lately, doing lots of war dancing. Mommy gave me a little crinkly ball to play with and a little pink basketball with a bell in it. I have a pretty pink sparkly collar to wear on special occasions'. And for some reason mommy thinks she can put a Santa hat on me for Christmas! I've gotten a lot better with my nail trimming. I have a big octopus tunnel in my cage to sleep in. It's very cozy! I learned a new trick! I can walk on my hind legs! Dook Dook! I turned 3 in August and got a new tunnel and hammie, i kept chewing on my other one. I pretend to be sick whenever momma has to go to school. And when Lizzy watches me, I'm fine. One of the kitties named Jezebel is my best friend! She likes to watch me when Momma is gone and she makes sure the other kitties don't try to eat my food! Everyone in the house is wrapped around my little paw. Fear the Meiko!!! Well, now I'm tired from all this typing, so I think I'll go nap in my hammie. Thank you for finding me the best home ever Brenda!!! Dooks and Kisses! Meiko

September 12, 2010:


August 9, 2009:
  Thank you for the info Brenda, I'm going to hang onto it, but I think we'll wait for your next clinic. We want to finally meet you anyways!!! As for loving Meiko, well, that's pretty easy. She's very loveable and sweet. We can't thank you enough for bringing us together, especially for her sake, she's been through enough homes in her short life, she never has to worry about that again. :)
  *Shandi Star*

May 24, 2010:
  Hi Brenda, Rachel was wondering with the hot weather approaching, what is the best way to keep Meiko cool and comfy? She has her own little fan, and she loves baths, but Rachel worries about her.
  Also, is there such a thing as a "clingy" ferret? LOL Thanks!!!! ( I am attaching some new pix of her)
  *Shandi Star*

  Baths without soup correct? If you do not have AC then fill some 20 oz pop bottles 3/4 full with water then freeze. Once frozen put a tube sock over the frozen bottle to soak up the moisture when it melts. My kids will lay right up next to it if they are hot.
  Her best friend is Rachel so yes she can be a clingy ferret. I had one I named Velcro. I am so looking forward to meeting you on the 5th ~ Shelter Mum


May 3, 2009:
  First off, don't be silly! We very much appreciate having you in our lives to help make little Meiko's transition easier.. At this moment (8:30 Sunday morning) she is still sleeping. Her appetite is very good; she's getting lots of out of the cage time, and is very sweet and playful. She's been dooking and doing her weasel war dance. She loves peek-a-boo. She's not nippy at all unless she's playing and gets over excited. Rachel is working on teaching her not to do that, and really, she's doing very well. She does respond to Rachel. We feel so lucky to have her; she is a very welcome addition. She seems to love everybody! The cats have been no trouble to her, their not even interested most of the time. They may go in the room to check her out for a minute, but she is always in her cage and it's just a quick sniff and they leave. They had more of a problem being kept out of Rachel's room. Now that they have access again (unless Meiko is out playing) they don't even want to go in her room very often except to sleep on her bed. We feel much better having you just an email away in case we have any questions, concerns or problems. So you feel free to email us as often as you'd like. We know she may still start showing signs of stress, but right now she's a happy little girl! I'm sending along a couple of her pictures, and we are still working on getting her to hold still long enough to get a pic of her and Rachel together!!! Thank you again so much for helping us! Liz

May 2, 2009:
  We will definitely be keeping an eye out for any signs of stress. Right now, she's great, she's being very playful. As for the cats, right now Rachel only lets her out of her cage in her room with the door closed. Yesterday while we were setting up her cage, Tux came in and got a good look at her, but Rachel was holding her, and my husband and I had a good hold of Tux too. At this point they've gone in the room while Meiko's in her cage and they just look at her for a minute and leave. They don't seem to be overly interested in her. However, rest assured we will take our time getting them used to each other and any out of the cage play will be strictly supervised. We don't want any injuries to anybody!!! Rachel got some pictures of her last night, and if we can get the little wiggle worm to cooperate; I'll get a pic of the two of them together today. It's a match made in heaven though, Rachel is in love with her, and Meiko seems to feel the same way!!!

May 1, 2009:
  Hi Brenda! She's here! She is just precious!!! Rachel loves her to death already. She's very friendly and playful, not nippy at all. She doesn't seem to mind the cats, and they don't seem to mind her at all, with the exception of Tux trying to steal her food. We tried to take her picture, but she's pretty wound up playing. Rachel will try again later, and we'll get them to you! Thank you again soooo much! She's a doll.
  *Shandi S.*

April 29, 2009:
  My ferret, Meiko, is 3 years old and from New York City. I am moving in a few days, and cannot keep her in my new place. I've been trying to find a shelter in Buffalo in which she would have a good chance of being adopted; do you have any suggestions? If not, would I be able to bring her to your farm? Thank you!
  -Sheril K.