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Mr. Kitty

August 29, 2016:
  I got a call from Donna Z yesterday, Mr. Kitty has passed on. Donna found blood all over the couch he slept on so she took him to the emergency hospital Saturday night. They found him full of lymphoma and one of the tumors had broken that was where the blood was coming from. They put him down. He had a good life with Donna.

October 24, 2013:
Good Morning Brenda,
  Scott and I talked about Mr. Kitty tonight. Because his disease is not spread without cat-to-cat contact, we can meet his needs and maintain a safe environment for our existing fur kids. So much of your time, loving attention and resources are focused on the ferrets, and having a cat as sick as he is going to get could really disrupt your flow. Of course I will keep you updated on his mental and emotional state as well as his physical condition. So far, he has not objected at all to being in the garage.
  I will pick up the tab for today's bill which was $234 including the Revolution for all 5 cats. I will drop off your carrier (which will need to be de-fleaed and de-ticked) along with the Revolution for the others sometime this afternoon. Give me a call if you feel you need to chat further. Otherwise, I'll be in touch and will see you next month with papers.
Blessings, D

October 23, 2013:
Got word from Doc that Mr. Kitty is FIP positive for those of you that are not familiar with it : Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. Most strains of feline coronavirus are avirulent, which means that they do not cause disease, and are referred to as feline enteric coronavirus.
  Donna Z. will be bringing him back to Naples. Doc said he is healthy at this point, we vaccinated him will treat for fleas and ticks. Donna will bring more meds to treat the other kitties for fleas and ticks. I was given the option to euthanize because of the contagiousness but it is host specific and he has been hanging around with the other kitties for 2 yrs so at this point it they either have it or they don't. They are all fixed so they cannot pass it on to litters. I opted to have him come home.

October 17, 2013:
Donna: Has he seen Doc? Tested for feline leukemia and kitty aids? Vaccinated?
Shelter Mum: Mr. Kitty, Yes and no… he came to us in 2009 fully vetted. Doc from then on did rabies shot on clinic day but we could not find Mr Kitty this year 2013 clinic day to do it. I will need to coordinate his vet visit with bringing him home because I already have the others and we can't be sure what he has been exposed to outside. Donna he is NOT going to want to be an indoor cat.. he lives out in the barn because that is where he wants to be.
Donna: The head tilt makes me think vestibular syndrome which is not contagious, but I want him checked before he comes here.
Shelter Mum: I agree that is probably what is going on.
Donna: And, lastly, if he really hates it here, can he come back once he's well?
Shelter Mum: Yes.

October 16, 2013:
  I know you're not convinced that your Siamese would be happy living here. I am concerned about him and would really like you to allow me to take him to Doc. He was not feeling well yesterday. He always comes over to rub around my legs and get pets when I come down. Yesterday he just stayed over on the picnic bench. Even when I went over to pet him, he was not the happy purr machine he always is and didn't get up to follow me when I walked away. Let me know if/when I can have Doc look at him.