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Ping & Pong

   • Found a Forever Home August 3, 2016!

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April 25, 2017:
Anastasia is back to her usual active self. Gus and Ping are goofy as usual, and the elders of the group, Alice and Fred are doing pretty well. They are all pretty active. Fred for sure has slowed down overall, I think the adrenal is the main cause for this. It appears there is not much more to do for this problem. I do wonder if surgery to remove adrenal adenoma is something to consider. He has been pretty healthy, weight is stable. His age is a factor, but I do wonder.

December 9, 2016:
  I gotta tell you that the two kids we got from Petco are a blast. They are just crazy when they get out. They rough house, jump and chase each other all the time. Very entertaining. Gus the “Border” has fit in well. He is sleeping with them. Once in awhile when they are all out, they get playing rough and there is some squeaking. It is mainly that the youngsters are just a handful

Initial Contact, July 30, 2016:
This is Mickey from Petco we have 2 ferret that were dropped off. We have too many on our sales floor already that are babies and don't think they will get adopted they have a cage and all things to be happy. Can you please call me 315-253-0703. Thank you Mickey

Shelter Director, July 30, 2016:
Our board member/volunteer Charlie Keenen is going to call you and come pick them up within the hour. Thanks for saving these guys.
Do you have a contact number to the human for the ferrets we took in? do you know if they are UTD on vaccines. We will get them vetted but I would like to be sure we are not over vaccinating them if I can find that out. I just got the call from Charlie he has the ferrets settled. Thanks for contacting us and getting them safe. Brenda

Shelter Volunteer, July 30, 2016:
Brenda, this is a picture of the one of the bag of treats that the ferrets like. I think it was Mary Ellen who ask me about this at clinic day. I lost her email address, could you forward this? Thanks. We are considering trying to orient the two new ferrets with Fred and Alice. Neither of them seem to be real aggressive. Do you have any suggestions?

Shelter Director, July 31, 2016:
Done; I got that to her this morning. I would do it one on one until you know how Fred and Alice are going to take to them. The new kids will not fight for space or fight back because they are the new kids on the block. It generally takes about 30 days for the new kids to know this is their home and they can defend it and themselves. However if they have been left to fend for themselves in the home they came from they may take to Fred and Alice. The real question is will Fred and Alice let them in to their group. Let me know how it goes. Brenda

Shelter Director to Doctor Edwards (Shelter Veterinarian) and Volunteer:
Good morning Doc and Charlie.
  Doc we got a call from Auburn Petco about 2 ferrets being surrendered to them last Saturday. They called us requesting we take them. Charlie went to the store to pick them up, he has them in his care at this time. Charlie needs to be in Brockport this coming Saturday August 6 we were wondering if we could get them in to see you for check-up and vaccines. We have no history on them at all. I called the office to see if we could get in on Saturday, I was told there are no appointments available. Any chance you can squeeze these kids in?

Dr. Edwards, August 2, 2016:
Yes, I'm working sat and I'll find a time when I'm in the office tomorrow and let you know.

Shelter Director, August 2, 2016:
God Bless you! Brenda

Dr. Edwards, August 3, 2016:
Does 11am work? I'll look forward to seeing you then if it's OK with you.

Shelter Volunteer:
Doc and Brenda,
  Just got word from the "Boss" aka Gail, that we are good to bring the two fuzzies on Saturday, for 11 am appt. Brenda, for now they will be coming home with Reilly and I.

Shelter Director:
Thank you both for all you do to help us! Brenda