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Rascal & Zoey

   • Rascal & Zoey found a forever home in 2007!

   • Rascal, born on April 18, 2004, was a sable female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 20, 2009.
   • Zoey, born on September 3, 2005, was a DEW female. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on October 6, 2012.

  Rascal and Zoey found a forever home with Pete and Lisa in August of 2007 from a woman in Seneca Falls, NY.


December 13, 2012:
  Hi Brenda: We received your package yesterday and promptly hung the calender up in the kitchen. All the kids are doing well (as well as me and Lisa) and the new kids from down state have settled in, though there still some pecking order issues being addressed. Thank you for the gifts and treats.
  Merry Christmas
  Pete, Lisa, and the whole gang

October 06, 2012:
  Brenda- We regret that we were not able to come to Christmas in October. I was planning on coming, but last night Zoey took a turn for the worse and this morning we were at Dr. Chris's office to help her across the bridge. As you may remember she was diagnosed with Lymphoma last December, and Dr. Edwards also believed that she was also adrenal when we brought her for clinic day. She and Rascal (RIP) were the first that we brought into our home 5 years ago from a women in Seneca Falls that you connected us with. Zoey turned 7 last month and had a very good life up until the end. Lisa and I are heartbroken, but we are grateful for all that she brought into our lives. She was a great ambassador and her and Rascal ushered in the kids we have, the kids we lost, and all the kids to come.