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Stinky & Ziggy

May 20, 2013:
  Hi Brenda: I've been meaning to get an email off to you for some time to let you know how the kids are doing. It has been a pretty hard day today. Lisa and I just got home from Dr. Chris's a short time ago after having Chris help Ziggy, the Hudson Valley Rescue kid, cross the bridge. Ziggy was diagnosed with insulinoma, a number of months ago, and several weeks ago we discovered a significant amount of blood in his urine. He had been in and out of Dr. Chris's office and had been going down hill. The last week his appetite started to go and by Friday he was really fighting be hand fed. By yesterday we knew that he was ready to go to be with his brother Stinky (the other Hudson Valley kid). It has been sad letting him go, but Lisa and I know that we gave him a good home, especially since he was a biter and had been returned to the shelter at least twice. We also know that he was a senior ferret, and are happy to know that we gave him two very good years.
  Brian (of Stewart and Sophie) has also had significant health problems as of late. Several months ago we noticed that he was having some problems peeing. We were fairly certain that he was adrenal, but after further x-rays and examination it was determined that he has developed a mass in his abdomen. We talked with Dr. Chris about doing an exploratory surgery on him, but decided not to because of his age. We really did not think it was fair to cause him to suffer if the results were not promising. We have him on pred. and he seems to be his normal self and doing fine. Though the size of the mass has increased his appetite is very good, poops are good, and his peeing has not gotten any worse. He is also still the boss of all the other kids.
  Buddy will be six at the end of the summer and is now adrenal. About three months ago we put a des. implant in him and the hair that he lost off his butt has grown back and he seems to be doing very well.
  Ella, the youngster that was found in one of my apartments is still a firecracker, and Boscoe and Sookie, the kids you sent our way from the guys down in the Hudson Valley are in fine shape.
  It is my plan to be at clinic day this year, and depending on the weather I am hoping to bring up Boscoe and Sookie.

March 8, 2012:
  Dear Brenda: This morning we said goodbye to one of the Hudson Valley Rescue kids we brought home last April. We had Stinky into Dr. Chris last Thursday for what we thought was on ongoing adrenal disease issue, but unfortunately turned out to be a significant mass. On Tuesday he started to rapidly deteriorate and by yesterday we knew that he needed our help getting to the bridge. This morning we were back with Dr. Chris and though it was heartbreaking we did what was best for him when he needed us most. He and his brother Ziggy bonded well with one of our groups so we are not too worried about Ziggy becoming overly depressed. Even though we only had him for a short time his mellowness and gentle personality will be greatly missed.

December 2, 2011:
  Ziggy and Stinky, the Hudson Valley kids, are doing okay. Ziggy had his adrenal surgery last summer and is now in very good shape. He has lots of energy and has a beautiful winter coat. Stinky has caused us some concern. Dr. Chris gave him a des. implant (Chris's first) a couple of weeks ago. He seems to be doing better though I am not 100% convinced that he is completely on the road to recovery. We would have liked to be able to do surgery but we just don't have the $$. We are also treating him for a persistent case of diarrhea (which he has had for awhile) with antibiotics. The good thing is is that he has a good appetite and does not seem to uncomfortable.
  I hope all is going well with you guys.