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  On Sunday afternoon September 9, 2010 I got a distress phone call from Anna, she was out on the road in her truck. She told me her ferret Tigger was in need of medical attention could I help get him a ride to the vet. I got the necessary information from Anna and told her I would get it out to our shelter cyber list. We have shelter friends all across the country.

  At 8AM Sunday I posted this message to our list:
  Posted with permission from Anna W – her little guy Tigger is in need of a vet ASAP – his mom Anna drives a tractor trailer she will be pulling into Baytown TX about 10AM this morning.
  Tigger needs a ride to http://www.gcvs.com/ the little guy can not pee. Anna discovered that at 2AM this morning.
  Anna is willing to pay someone to get him to the vet if you can meet up with her at the truck stop.
Please, can someone in that area help Tigger get medical attention?
  Anna can be reached at this cell number ***.
  Shelter Mum, Brenda

On Monday morning we got this message from Anna about Tigger:
  Hi guys...I am back at the truck and wanted to Thank you for your help and to let you know Vicki M. came and took us all to the vet and Tigger had a bladder infection...he finally started to pee at 7:30 eastern time but only little, 0.50 size puddles but he pee peed about 4-5 times before we got to the vet and he emptied himself out at the vets office on the floor a couple times and gave them a sample....he had meds to take for 10 day...Thank you very much for you concern about my little bald guy Tigger.
  Anna and Tigger and the Poop Troop