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Shelter Friends & Helpers


Brenda - Shelter Mum & Dr. Edwards - Veterinarian

  I was new to ferrets so I did not know the veterinarian I was using was not ferret knowledgeable, although she said she was, until I went for a second opinion because my ferret was not getting any better.

  Marianna had what I thought was an eye infection; she had a puffy face around her right eye, she was not eating, was very sick and lethargic. I took her to the veterinarian I had used for my cat. The vet checked the ferret over and told me she could not find anything wrong with her she sent us home.

  Fortunately I had access to ferret knowledgeable friends and they told me about Dr. Allen Edwards in Brockport, NY. I scheduled my little Marianna for an appointment to see Dr. Edwards, in the mean time the hospital called in a prescription for an antibiotic cream to use for Marianna’s eye until we could get her in to see Dr Edwards.

  As I walked into the exam room with Marianna, Dr. Edwards looked at her, lightly touched her puffed up face and said, "she has an abscessed tooth" at the same time the infection squirted out of her eye and across the room from the light touch of his fingers. Dr. Edwards became our ferret knowledgeable vet from that day forward.

  I left Marianna there for her tooth removal and never went back to the first veterinarian.

Ms. Brie - Board Secretary

  I’d wanted ferrets since I was still a young teenager but mom said no. Well, can’t argue too much with the woman that feeds, clothes, and shelters you right? So I didn’t get my first munchkin until I was in my twenties.
  My first ferret, Loka, was my birthday day present in 2002. And aside from a six month period I haven’t gone a day without my ferrets around.
  In 2008/09 I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t able to give my ferrets the lifestyle that I preferred. I found the Shelter and went to visit, there was no question; I wanted to be a volunteer. I believe this was 2009, though it may have been 2008.
  Shortly after starting with the Shelter my life took a turn for the 'unstable' and I found myself leaving my little girl, Loka at camp for a couple of months. While I missed her like crazy she had a blast, I may have toys, but camp has rooms of toys!
  I came into the Shelter thinking that I knew something about ferrets, boy was I wrong. Brenda, Doc, and the kids at the Shelter have taught me soooooo much!
  Now I try to get to the Shelter every couple of weeks to take care of whatever needs doing at the time. Cleaning, playing with the kids, or doing paperwork. So long as it doesn’t involve wasps, I’m good. ;-)
  I’m currently owned by four ferrets, one dog, and a fish.

Mr. Charlie - Board Member


Ms. Donna - Grounds Keeper/Pooper Picker Upper

  Wow, Baby has been gone 5 years!
  My daughter, Sherry, called me to say she had bought a ferret from one of her friends in Rochester. She felt bad for the ferret because it was not allowed out of her cage. So Sherry offered her $100 for her and the cage. So she came home with the ferret. Well, she called me to say, Dad would not let her have the ferret in his home and wanted to bring her to me. I thought about it and finally said yes, bring her to me. So that is how I got Baby, which was her new name. That was in the summer of about 1998.

  Everything went well until Baby turned 5 years old. My vet did not know what to do as Baby was very sick. She told me to go on the internet and search for help. She gave me ideas as to how to search and I did. I found Brenda in Naples, NY. What a blessing, and she got me in touch with Doc Edwards in Brockport. Baby got in immediately, because of Brenda, and was diagnosed with adreanl disease. And also at that time I was told that Baby was a little boy, and boy did that get lots of laughs!! Baby had his surgery. And also got started on her wonderful Duck Soup, which I think started before the surgery. I had him in my life for about two more years.

  I also started taking care of Brenda's yard work, as I love taking care of the outside of the shelter. Of course, in the winter I get to play with all the kids, and entertain Brenda with my laughter!!!! All these fur kids and Brenda are my therapy, as it is such a beautiful place to be all year around!!!
Ms. Iliana - Board member

  Retired teacher, married, has 2 grown up sons, older son brought home first ferret in 2003.

  After first ferret earned her wings in May of 2009 I went looking to adopt another ferret, did a google search and came upon the Shelter.

  Began helping out around July? of 2009

  Wanted to make use of my free time and seeing that the Shelter could benefit from some help I decided to come once a week and to be a far away mum to a couple of fuzzy butts and help monetarily that way too.
  I usually clean the rooms, mix food , play with the ferrets, trim their nails. Bring water jugs too.
Ms. Janette - Board Treasurer

  Back in 2003 my significant other and I were just out driving around on a Sunday and went by the house and saw the sign out front! Having a ferret of our own, we were curious. Not knowing the store was not open on Sunday's we went to the door and were greeted by Brenda who graciously let us in...We began to talk and the rest, as they say, is history!
Ms. Marcia - Board Member

  Many years ago when I was first married, a little girl rang our doorbell and asked if we had seen her ferret. It was lost. I said, "I don't even know what a ferret is!" I don't know if she ever found her ferret but years later my college age son brought his new ferret home for the first time and I fell in love with Cicero and eventually became Cicero's full time Mom. My son's friend asked my son to take his ferret and I then became Vinnie's Mom, too!

  Eventually, Vinnie developed adrenal disease and I couldn't find a local vet to help Vinnie. He was getting very weak and I had made plans to put him to sleep. Just before our appointment 2010 I found the Shelter's website and sent an email to Brenda saying how sad I was about Vinnie. Very early the next morning was an email from Brenda telling me about Dr. Edwards and because of Brenda and Doc I was able to have Vinnie for almost a whole year more.

  Unfortunately, since Cicero and Vinnie's passing to rainbow bridge I have not been able to have my own ferrets. I think they are the most amazing animals and being able to help at the shelter is a blessing to me. Brenda and the Shelter are an inspiration to me!

Ms. Patty - Board Member

  I was raised in Hudson Falls, NY. My parents loved/cared for many animals during my childhood which is how my love of animals developed!
  I live in Canton, NY, having retired from ALCOA in Massena, NY. One day I found a magazine about ferrets in 2002 I got my first ferret, Powder - he was the joy of my life.
  I wanted to repay the happiness that Powder gave me; I decided to give a monetary gift to the most deserving ferret rescue. I found the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter Inc. on the web - a GUARANTEED "no-kill" place for orphaned/displaced ferrets! So LFFR/S got the gift.
  When my 2 ferret-boys left for Rainbow Bridge I applied to LFFR/S to adopt a ferret. Shelter Director Brenda knew that with my health issues at the time and the lack of ferret knowledgeable veterinarians in our area I would be unable to get my ferret any ferret knowledgeable medical attention so the application was denied. My health has since improved and I now have a ferret I saved from Craig's list, I have had Panda in to see Doctor Edwards in Brockport, NY for vaccines and well visit check-up.
  I try to provide the Shelter things that will help the shelter staff maintain the best of living conditions at the Shelter for the ferrets and those that work at the shelter to maintain the care of the fur kids. Along with physical donations to the shelter I also provide a monthly stipend to sponsor Teddy, Pickles, Hammy, and Frankie - all of whom have my love!
Ms. Sheilla - Social Media Helper

  My name is Sheilla and I met Brenda through my relationship with my ferret Benji.
  I adopted my sister's ferret, Benji, when she departed for college. My parents were not knowledgeable in taking care of a ferret and neither was I. With a lot of searches made on the internet, I was able to adapt and learned more about Benji and how to be responsible and loving to him. I made the move to NYC in late 2010; I was unable to bring Benji with me at the time as I was without an apartment and was using a friend's couch.
  Within the first two months, my father called to tell me that Benji had not been eating or drinking his water; he was also not as playful as before. My dad also mentioned that Benji had lost a lot of his hair. It was at this time that I made my introduction to Brenda in the form of a plea, asking for help and direction on what to do. Her advice and offer was to take him in, watch him, bring him to the Shelter vet and with a hopeful recovery I would be able to take him back. I jumped at this offer and a plan was made. My father and a friend drove Benji to my cousin's home in Maryland, I drove down to Maryland to pick up Benji, and proceeded to drive to Brenda's. That day marked my official introduction to Brenda and the Shelter.
  From then on, my relationship with Brenda has grown into a loving friendship. I assist with her postings for the Shelter's Facebook page and I forward messages from the Shelter's followers to her Inbox.
Ms. Tori - Board Member, Webmaster

  Nora and I met at the Tonawanda, NY SPCA. I had gone to the SPCA with the intent to see if I would be allergic to ferrets, since I had never had one before. Well, she came home with me that day! In the beginning she was afraid of everything, but now she can be seen free roaming the house. She loves the sock drawer, and her Mr Frog toy.
  I've known the Shelter, and Brenda, for almost two years. I've also had Nora for almost two years. Wow, time flies!
  I originally approached the Shelter as a possible place to board little Nora when I went away for a 2 week vacation. Nora and I came to visit, to check things out and see if she felt comfortable in the area, and we both fell in love with the Shelter. The rest is history!
Ms. Wendy - Fund raising coordinator/photographer

  Wendy L has been owned by ferrets since 2000. My first ferret being a Marshall Farm pet store ferret, he was sable, hob name Kirby that started this whole ferret madness. I live in Central New York with my husband Dan. I am owned by seven ferrets, cat, Quarter horse gelding, and Anglo Arab mare.

  I am no stranger to the ferret community, I spent 6 years volunteering my time in the American Ferret Association organization (AFA) and showing my ferrets with the AFA. I am a moderator for Ferret.com ferret forum - April 2006 - present. I am past, President of CNY Safe Ferret Club – a local ferret club for 7 years. (Setup club meetings, ferret fun events, ferret awareness day at local pet stores, newsletter).

  I met Shelter Mum, Brenda at one of the CNY Safe Ferret Club events. I kept in touch thru out the years. I attend Clinic Day 2011 and offered to take pictures of ferrets at the event as a fundraiser for the shelter. I had so much fun at clinic day that year, I suggest to shelter mum, Brenda how about doing another fundraiser in the fall for the shelter. Fall of 2011, we pulled together "Christmas in October" a fundraiser for the shelter.

Ms. Angie - Past Board Member. Thank You Angie for your 6 yrs of service to the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Board of Directors!

  I was born and raised in Utah, where I saw a ferret for the first time at age 8, I was hooked! I got my first ferret, Milo when living in Denver, CO in 1994, 3 months later, I bought Aspen a little baby girl. Milo loved her as if she were his baby. After losing Milo and Aspen; Trent and Marilyn were my next two ferrets.
  I found a ferret group on Yahoo, Shelter Moms and Dads posted answers to questions. This is the bulletin board where I found Brenda and learned about the Shelter.
  In 1996, I was invited to be a visiting scholar at Rutgers University in New Jersey; Paul my husband had employment that allowed him to be anywhere, so we packed up our family and left for NJ. Living in NJ was within driving distance to Brenda and the shelter in Naples. One weekend we packed up, our cat, Poe, and our 2 ferrets, and headed to New York. After nearly a decade of getting to know and love Brenda, and being a far away mom to many of the shelter ferrets, I finally got to see the shelter and meet shelter Mum Brenda. We stayed at the shelter for the weekend; I got to meet and spend time with my far away boys at the time, Opie and Dominic (now at the Rainbow Bridge), they were as darling as I imagined.
  I was so honored when I was asked to join the shelters board of directors; I currently live in Atlanta GA it is my way of helping the shelter from afar.
Ms. Jackie

Miss Jackie left us on September 30, 2014; she lost her battle with cancer. Jackie was our transportation volunteer. Always ready to run a fur kid to OFD at the drop of a hat.. Miss Jackie spent hours at the shelter raking the leaves in the yard, finding places to put the many rolls of paper towels and napkin that came in from our paper campaign or sitting on the floor hanging out with the fur kids.
  Her hart was as big as the ocean.. she has left a very big hole in our hearts. You will be missed Miss Jackie.

  "My husband and I moved to our cottage in Honeoye, NY in 2009. I received the ferret magazine and the shelter was mentioned in there. When we moved here I was hoping the shelter was still there so I called and talked to Brenda.
  My love of ferrets and wanting to help was an answer to a prayer-it has rescued me at times! I help clean and play with the ferrets (tough job). I also pick up newspapers from stores for the shelter and at times make runs to Brockport with fur kids that need to see Doc. Love the shelter and Brenda!"