Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.

This is Mr. Forest, the Totally Ferret Helper.

  Performance Foods, makers of Totally Ferret Food has created a new program! Now anyone can call them up and donate to the Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc. account. Since the Shelter does not pay for shipping and handling this is a great way to help the Shelter and also help you save some money donating!

Here is the letter from the Ferret that made this all happen!

  Well I just stepped out of a "meeting" with Dr W after a few tickle fights we talked about making this easier for people to help shelters.....
So if you want something done you send Forest in and I will get it done.

  So now anyone who wants to send you food all they have to do is call and put a credit on you account. So lets say they want to send you a fifty pound bag they call and put $108.00 to your account. My Mommy (April) then calls you and tells you that you have a credit and sees if you want to use it now or later.

I rock!
Look at my new picture I look cool!
  mR. FoReSt
  Totally Ferret Helper

Thank you Forest, and you do rock!

   • Performance Foods Phone Number: 877-545-5462
   • Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc. Account Number: 50-NYL-0115