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How to give your ferret medication

Q - Brenda, once you mix the meds with soup and put dropper back together, do you syringe it into their mouth? What if I mix the meds with soup in spoon and he licks it up? Would that be ok if he liked it?

A - Yes that is how I make sure they get all the meds they require, but I have the droppers in the house. Doc teases me because my kids like soup so well we say they lick the color off the bowl, so even though they will eat all the soup I give them their meds with the dropper. As long as he gets all the meds it does not matter what you use to get the meds in him.

Q - I am having a problem getting my ferret to eat all his soup after I put the meds in. He's only drinking maybe 1/4 of it then he wanders off. So he's not getting all his dosage. Any suggestions?

A - When I have a kid on meds I put meds in bulb of the 5 ml dropper, add soup then put the dropper back together. This is what I feed them. If they do not want more soup it does not matter they have their meds in them they got them all in the dropper. See the dropper here.


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