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Q - We were wondering - it seems that Meiko probably wasn't handled a lot before Rachel got her. So Rachel was wondering - what's the best way to go about getting Meiko to sit on her lap or cuddle.

A - I am afraid there is not much you can really do - ferrets are perpetual 2 yr olds that never grow up - so they are constantly moving and investigating. By the time she will sit in your lap -you will wish she would get up to go play - because she will be elderly and possibly ill - more than happy to lie in your lap to cuddle.
  I do understand your wanting to cuddle her but as I am sure you remember when Rachel was 2 she too was not interested in sitting still. That is just the way of ferrets I am afraid. Love the few seconds she does allow you to cuddle her and be thankful she is healthy and happy to go off to play.


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