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Excessive Itching

Q - Hello, I don't know if You remember me or not but I have written to You in the past for advice, and I need some help. My Ferret, Elliott, has been scratching quite a bit in an area around his right shoulder, he does this quite often. I bathe him regularly, concentrating on that area, he doesn't seem to have any parasite, and despite anything I have tried, the problem continues. I was thinking of maybe taking some of the ferretone and rubbing it directly on the area, I can't seem to find any products that address this, like they have Sulfodene for dogs.

A - I expect he has adrenal disease. Is the fur thinning in that area or other parts of his little body? Excessive itching is often a symptom of adrenal disease. Please stop bathing him - you are stripping the oils off his skin that he needs. As you remove the oil, his skin will dry out more, which makes him even more itchy. Please do not put that product on him, or any creams/powders that are made for dogs and cats, it can make him very sick.


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