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Harmful and/or poisonous foods

Q - What kinds of foods are bad for ferrets?

A - Items containing onion or onion juice or powder are harmful. Onion can trigger autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which is frequently fatal in ferrets. Garlic, garlic juice and garlic powder can cause renal failure, and one of the prepared duck soup products contains garlic. So, here is someone feeding their sick ferret this product, hoping it will aid in the recovery, and all the while it may be causing additional problems. Products containing carrots and/or dried fruit pieces can cause blockages. Almost all of us know or have heard of at least one ferret that has died or almost died from eating these kinds of "treats." And, as we learned from Dr. Kawasaki at the Symposium, raisins can cause renal failure. According to him, as few as 7 or 8 raisins eaten at one time can be deadly. - Danee Devore, moderator of the ADVList

Further reading:
ASPCA Poison Control & Information - There is a $65 consultation fee for their phone service.


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