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Harmful medication

Pepto Bismol - This OTC medication may sometimes be used to treat GI issues in animals. Here are some informative opinions on the issue of giving this to ferrets.

Sukie (not a vet) from the Ferret Health List - There is a compound that is RELATED to aspirin but is NOT aspirin if i remember right, and I recall debate on if it is or is not a problem with no one actually knowing, so ask your vet if it can be safely used. I do recall a chemist wondering back when if the concern is a tempest in a teapot. BTW, many ferrets CAN have aspirin in very tiny amounts, though in some it causes bleeding.
  What people do NOT know for sure is if the related compound can do that in ferrets, so the rule of thumb if you can not reach your vet may be: Perhaps okay if no ulcer or other bleeding risk present.

Dr. Edwards (our Shelter vet) - Are you off base? That is open to debate. As far as Pepto goes however, your six-decade old brain is correct.
  We stopped using it because of the high amount of aspirin in the new formulation. We switched to recommending Imodium only.

Dr. Mitchell (Shelter vet consultant) - You are remembering correctly -- they changed Pepto to contain aspirin, which made it unsafe to use on most of our companion animals.


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ASPCA Poison Control & Information - There is a $65 consultation fee for their phone service.


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