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Physically impaired ferrets

Wolfy's page is an excellent resource about ferrets and their impairments:
  - General information
  - Blindness
  - Deafness

Immobility & ferret wheelchairs - Currently there is an Instructables page with instructions on building your own wheelchair for around $30. The device is very sound, looks cozy, and is cheap to construct. This is much more feasible and accessible than purchasing the Ferret Flyer it seems.
  The Ferret Mailing List'ers (FML) modifications are as follows:
- "(used cross-bars of the same metal instead of the wooden platform; used aluminum instead of metal, used a higher quality soccer pad for the cradle because the Wilson brand has foam rubber padding=yikes!). Don't let the initial photo scare you. There's stuff in there you don't need.
  There is a 12-second video at the end of the instructions that show the inventor's ferret Merlin (of DMK) on his maiden voyage. It's also on Youtube under "odiekokee" and "ferret wheelchair"." - Wolfy


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