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Ferret legalities in NY State

Q - I am looking to move to New York City with my girlfriend. We were looking for a ferret to own. I see that this shelter is located in NY. Are ferrets banned only in NYC? (Is it legal for me to live or have a ferret in Woodside NY, 11377). Is it still possible to own a ferret without getting caught?

A - It is my understanding that ferrets are only banned in the NYC proper. If you own your own home you will probably have no issues. If you are going to rent it would be my recommendation to find out if you are allowed pets, what pets and get it in writing from the land lord or complex manager. Owning a ferret in a area that ferrets are banned/illegal and getting caught with that pet could get you and your girlfriend a fine, it could likely get your pet ferret confiscated and euthanised.


Ferret legalities in other states

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