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Long Beach Animal Hospital Ferret Page
Miami Ferret Health Care
Michigan State University Ferret Health Advancement Center

Other collections of health related links:
   Ferret Congress' Health Links
   TriFL's Ferret Health Care

ASPCA Poison Control & Information - There is a $65 consultation fee for their phone service.
FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts - Click the 'Animal Health' tab for products concerning animals.

Ferrets Magazine Online
The American Ferret Association, Inc. Contact: Mary McCarty - marypfra@yahoo.com
F.E.R.R.E.T. (Ferret Emergency Response, Rescue and Evacuation Team). Contact: Lisa Oestereich - Lisa@leedg.com or the Moderator: Renee Downs - crdowns@gmail.com
International Ferret Congress Contact: Brenda Johnson - ferretfarm@frontiernet.net
Support Our Shelters Contact: Sharon Bearden - sharon@supportourshelters.org
Ferrets Across America(FAA) Contact: Nancy Propper - nancyjp2001@yahoo.com or the Shelter Representative: Barb Clay - ROCKY_rrr@yahoo.com
National Ferret Rescue (NFR) Contact: Michael Wilson - blacklab1059@yahoo.com SUNY's Domestic Violence Animal Shelter Database - A public database that links domestic violence victims with agencies that provide emergency shelter for their pets.

Food charts (ALWAYS check bag labels as charts may be outdated):
   Ferret Universe
   MD Ferret PAWS, Inc.
   More Dooks

Fun ferret links:
   The Cost of Owning a Ferret (2013 Edition). Results from surveying members of the ferret.com message board. Coordinated by Wendy Loughlin.
   Denver Post - Black-footed Ferrets Deployed by Feds Under Endangered Species Act
   Life, Love and Ferrets, a poem by Duane C. Watts
   A Song About Ferrets by Karen Potje
   Ferret Wardancing on YouTube
   A Birthday Song From A Ferret on YouTube
   Snoopy's Snugglers, ferret bedding
   Ferret Daily Blog & Ferret Daily Facebook
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