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Q - My family has dogs and cats, is it okay to have ferrets too? I've read that Ferrets should be slowly introduced to new things and supervised until you are sure they will not get into trouble, is there another option? My dogs and cats get along for the most part. The dogs will sniff at the cats and maybe nudge them a little but if the cats don't want to be around the dogs anymore they just get up and leave, so I am thinking ferrets would do the same thing, right?

A - Yes, but it is wise to be vigilant when they are together. Accidents happen with the most seasoned pets who are accustomed to ferrets, so new friends to the pets could upset them. Yes this is true - in my opinion they should not ever be left together unattended. Ferrets are perpetual 2 year olds that never grow up - they have no fear so they will do some really harmful things to themselves and your other pets if not supervised. I have a few that when I go looking for them I have to look up, when I find them perched 4 feet above my head I bring them down and remind them they are ferrets not Parrots. Ferrets like to chase and bite the feet of dogs - that's ferret play, so if your dogs will not tolerate this I would suggest the ferrets not be allowed to hang out with the dogs. Ferrets chase bare and socked human feet, dog feet are fair game. Cats are a bit different because they can jump out of range of the ferrets, however I have had a few ferrets come to the shelter with the loss of one eye because of a cat swiping at the ferrets face and doing permanent damage to the ferrets eyes.


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