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After surgery (post-op) care

Q - Finn went up to Brockport Animal Hospital yesterday & had successful surgery, so I'll be going to pick him up shortly. What should I be concerned about?
  If it hadn't been for you, we never would have had this option. It's just such a tragedy that his buddy Darwin, could have had the same chance - needless to say, will be sticking with Dr. Edwards for my ferret care.

A - Put Finn someplace he can not climb, put him in a sack or large blanket and put his food and water close to him. I count out approximately twenty kibble and set it in front of what they are sleeping in, put the water next to that - I use a very low dish so they do not need to stand to drink. He is going to be uncomfortable and not wish to move to go eat so if you have the kibble counted you will know if he is eating and how much he is eating. Keep him quiet; the 3 or 4 stitches you see on the outside of his belly are covering up the 8 or 10 on the inside.
  Watch closely that he continues to eat if he does not I need to know about it immediately we will have to get you and him here for some Duck soup. NOT the kind you see in the store. But unless he stops eating we are not going to concern ourselves with that, he has never had it so he is not going to want to eat it. We will only do that if he decides to stop eating.

Q - Hi Brenda, We brought Vinnie home about 1:30 from Brockport Animal Hospital. His right adrenal gland was affected and he had a tumor in his pancreas which was removed. He seems to be doing good. He ate a little and drank. He's sleeping right now - trying to keep him quiet - not too hard. - Marcia

A - Put food and water close to Vinnie so he does not have to move to get to it. I would highly recommend you count out the kibble you give him so you know for sure if he is eating. If he stops eating he can go into fatty liver and there is no turning back from that, he will die, so keep his food close. Count it out and if he does not eat you need to let Doc know he has stopped eating, okay? Good luck!

Response - Hi Brenda, He has been eating and drinking fairly well. The food and water is where he can be close to it but he curls up a little bit a way from it (like a foot away). I do know he ate on his own when I came to check his dish was empty (there was about 20 in the dish). Saw him drinking. What is fatty liver and what does it look like? Also it's hard to keep him still when giving him his medicine. I think I have a good set up for him. It's a small cage with food and water on one side and paper towels on other side for bathroom and blanket to sleep and snuggle under - of course all one level.
  Is it all right to let him walk a little if he feels like it? Am I obsessing? Thanks, Marcia

A - Good, I am pleased to hear Vinnie is eating and drinking. That is a very good sign that is going to get better. Stay vigilant, the meds they get before they leave the vet stimulates their appetite so as that wears off their appetite can wane.
  You can not see fatty liver, it is literally fat building up in the liver so the liver can not function properly. It is deadly. Keep Vinnie eating and drinking you will not have to worry about fatty liver.
  A single level is a great sick pen. Yes, you may allow him to move around some if he feels up to it. As long as he is not climbing or stretching then he can move around. No you are not obsessing you are being a concerned mom for post-op Vinnie. I am here if you need me.


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