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Can I get my ferret sick?

Q - I'm just about over being sick from some weird stomach bug/cold. I didn't handle my ferret at all when I was sick because I didn't want her to catch it. Unfortunately, this morning my mom was holding her for a little bit then later this afternoon my mom got sick. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent my ferret from getting it - is there any possible risk of her getting sick since my mom handled her today.

A - Oh dear it does sound like you are all under the weather. I am so sorry to hear this. Preventing your ferret from getting sick when she is living in a household that all are getting sick, passing this bug around is a real possibility that the ferret will pick up some of that bug. If it is going through the family the ferret may very well become under the weather as well.
  It is certainly possible she may not but if it is going though all of you then it is likely she could. Keeping her away from the person that is actually sick is a good idea and helpful. Washing your hands before picking her up and or touching her and her things will help lower the possibility. No kisses or close embracing will help some too. If she does get sick, keep her quiet and make sure she eats and drinks.
  Do you have her on duck soup yet? If not I would recommend you think seriously about doing so. Here is the link to tell you about it.


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