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Skin issues

Q - Hi Brenda for the last week Hershey has had this lesion/welt on her head. Any ideas? Bob says she had it before we left NY. Before we head to the vet we thought you might give it a guess as to what it is.


A - Yes it is what I call a wart, we as in Doc and I do not mess with them unless the ferret keeps hitting it and breaking it open. If she is not bothered by it then there is not reason to mess with it.
  Basal tumors appear as small warty growths that may have depressed centers. They grow slowly, and are freely movable, as they do not involve structures underneath the skin. They are easily removed, and do not recur unless the surgeon fails to remove the entire tumor at the time of surgery. They are most common on ferrets over the age of four. While they should be removed, as they may become traumatized and infected, owners should be reassured by the good outlook (or prognosis) with which they are associated.
  Hersey's looks to me like a Basal tumor. It certainly not something you need to mess with while you are away, you can wait to come home and see Doc if it still concerns you when you get back to NY. I hope this helps.

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