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Alice & Fred

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on October 5, 2012.
   • They found a forever home on October 6, 2012! Read their updates below.

   • Alice is a female.
   • Fred is a dark eyed white (DEW) male.


  I got a call on October 3, 2012 from a woman in Rochester, her daughter Madeline and son in-law have 2 ferrets Fred and Alice. They need a new home. I was not sure what I could do to help because we are going to be at capacity when the 8 get here on Wednesday, but when I heard what had happened I decided she needed some help.
  Her daughter was married in August this year, her new husband was taken to the hospital September 5th to find out that he has lymphoma and the diagnosis is grave. They needed to re-home these fur kids.
  I called Charlie K. to see if he and his family could take these kids, he said yes they would take them.
  When I called grandma back to tell her the home I thought might take them said yes she told me her daughter already had them in to see Doc E and were vaccinated for us, these kids are already Doc's patients. Bless Doc for getting these kids in quickly, I told grandma that if she got the fur kids to us on Saturday they would not even have to stay at the shelter they could go home with the new family that day. Fred and Alice got here on Friday morning; they will go home with Charlie and his family on Saturday.
  Charlie and his family have adopted 2 sets of fur kids from us so they are going to a great home.


April 25, 2017:
Anastasia is back to her usual active self. Gus and Ping are goofy as usual, and the elders of the group, Alice and Fred are doing pretty well. They are all pretty active. Fred for sure has slowed down overall, I think the adrenal is the main cause for this. It appears there is not much more to do for this problem. I do wonder if surgery to remove adrenal adenoma is something to consider. He has been pretty healthy, weight is stable. His age is a factor, but I do wonder.

March 10, 2017:
  Fred has developed an apparent infection on his right lower jaw. He did have a black poo this evening, I will be testing the stool for blood. I have the baytril you gave me some time ago. What I have read suggests it can be used for skin infection, 2 mg/pound? I have not been able to find what the usual dose is.
  What dose do you usually give? What site do you use for injection? Is it into muscle, or just SQ.
  I will try to get an appointment, but I do not think I can get there until Saturday. Hugh, hate having the little guys get sick.
Friday morning: Just got up realized I did not send this last night!

December 2, 2015:
Good morning Brenda,
  Alice has developed Insulinoma. She was acting tired, lethargic, BG was low. Seems to be doing well on the prednisalone. I had to order more of the prednisalone from Canada drugs and have a bottle coming for you.

January 14, 2014:
  The business of ferrets that Reilly and I currently have!

November 05, 2013:
  Doc did call, Fred had a duodenal ulcer with enlarged lymph node. The lymph node appeared enlarged due to the Ulcer. The lymph node with the ulcer were causing a partial blockage. So overall good news. Will be on carafate and amox. As long is eating ok today, may be able to bring him home.
Kind of a surprise!

  Fred is home, seems ok, sleeping a lot. Hopefully meds go easy, will get some good soup in him and will recover quickly. Anyway to keep these ulcers from happening? Or is this just another one of those “fact of life” for a Ferret? Thanks for the God Box.

November 04, 2013:
  I got a call from Charlie about 1 - Fred is gravely ill we believe he has an obstruction so on my recommendation he ran him up to Doc. When I spoke with Charlie at 4:30 this afternoon he was headed home and Monster - Man was staying at the hospital with possible surgery on tonight's schedule.

November 03, 2013:
  Update on Fred. He is a little worse. He is down 6.5 oz in 20 days, refused soup today. Not sure on skat, as he is in with 4 other Ferrets (although Reilly has not seen anything unusual). He is pink in color, no abdominal masses, no lymph nodes that I can palpate. Sugar is 90, not his squirmy self. Did take small amount of Carnivore Care with Ferrettone/FerretVite. I have him “quarantined”, to get better idea of what is going on. Considering SQ fluids tonight, but not sure on that yet. Remind me what glucose meter you use for the Ferrets? There is a new one out that takes a very small sample, might be a benefit to have at the Shelter. Looking forward to next weekend.

November 02, 2013:
  Fred has developed something new, not sure what to think. He has begun to play in the water. It is to the point that he will almost empty the bowel. I have watched him, he gets in and repeatedly paws, pulling water out. It does this in the playpen and the cage. He otherwise seems fine. Did have an episode where he was playing. We heard a noise, cannot define what that was. He came out, was pawing at his mouth, seemed to have something stuck in his mouth/throat. He vomited 2 times, continued to paw at his mouth, finally settled down.
  Today other than getting the cage all wet seems to be good. Any ideas?

  Pawing at the mouth means upset tummy, generally meaning their BG is way low. Playing in water is nothing new to most of the kids that have been here they all do it from time to time. That is why in some of the rooms we have the really deep crocks so they cannot empty them.

October 03, 2013:
Hello Brenda,
  Everyone (well, Ferrets and kitten and cats) loved the soup. It is hybrid of yours and the Duck Soup from “North Coast Duck Soup”. It has fresh (caught yesterday) Salmon, organic chicken, mix of Kibble, vitamins/supplements, Ferretone, papaya. Not sure what the true protein % is, but it is pretty high as I added 7 oz of salmon, 6.5 oz of chicken to 8 oz of kibble.
  When I woke Monsterman, he sniffed it right away and was looking for the source. The only one that did not go to it quickly was Fred, and that is only because Fred is a nut about trying to escape. When cage gets open, he bolts for freedom!
  I have to get some eggs, and the Lecithin. I am not sure on the Vit E, as in humans there is good science that shows taking 400 iu or more of Vit E each day puts one at risk for cardiovascular complications.
  I am excited to try to get one to two servings of this each day for all of our Ferrets, and one serving per day for the cats. If I can “mass produce”, I will give them more, as these critters really just need protein and fat to be as healthy as they should.

August 18, 2013:
  We have made a 5 pack out of our 4 pack. Our original Friskie, Max, Alice and Fred have had a new buddy in Yu-I (big male found in the road, had all the tick bites and we adopted him Clinic Day). Was relatively easy. He appears to be enjoying this as he is playing with all of them, is pretty gentle, running and duking a lot.

June 06, 2013:
  Fred appears to have mastered getting out of our pen. It is Marshall Farm fencing, and it appears he is able to get on the fence, start hopping and out he goes. Alice has also gotten out, but not today. Any suggestions on how to keep them in? I was thinking of putting some cardboard or other material from the top down about 14 inches. That way they would have nothing to grip with their paws to pull up.
  Looking forward to Clinic Day. Saw that the package from Sandy arrived today. Cannot wait to see the stuff.

March 20, 2013:
  They are all in one cage; everyone sleeps with whichever Ferret they want. They are doing great. We have a lot of fun with them. They truly bring me a lot of joy.
  It is interesting how they each have a different personality. Alice and Fred are by far the craziest of the group. Friskie is pretty laid back, but he likes to rough it up with anyone of the others. Hannah is a real sweet heart. It is hard to believe how vicious she was to Friskie and Fred, and now has no problems what so ever. Better than medications what those little Fuzzies do for me.

March 13, 2013:
  Just a little update from us. Ferrets are well. Alice escaped from our pen 3 different times. Not quite sure on this little ferret did it, may have been related to a piece of tubing right next to the fence. Good news, the little fuzzy has not gotten out in the last 6 days. The rest are doing very good. Max has “come out of his shell”. He has always been “laid back”, letting the other Ferrets tackle him without much ruckus. He now is chasing after others, pouncing and is even trying to beat up on Hannah
  Us humans are doing well. Delaney turned 15 yesterday. Reilly is happy as always.
  I will be ordering some, more prednisalone, and hope to bring this over in the next 2-3 weeks. Likely would be a Sunday. What Sundays would be best for you? Are you in need of any medical supplies or meds?
  I forgot to get Dr. Sandra’s address. We still have some nice black walnuts that should get sent. We are going on vacation starting March 29 – April 6. Do you have room at camp for 5 Fuzzies? We would drop them off on the afternoon of the 29th, and pick them up on afternoon of April 7.
  I hope you are doing well.

January 28, 2013:
  We are well here in Elbridge. All the Fuzzies had checkups recently. All had ear mites. Max had some teeth problems, but that was easily taken care of. Hope you are well.

January 8, 2013:
  That little devil Fred escaped again this evening. Thought we had things fixed. Found him sleeping, put him back in the pen and did not take long before he was jumping again. One time he jumped off from a small tower, towards the pen fence that was about 4 feet away! Of course he was short. We rearranged everything in the pen and I do not think he can get out. He already tried one launching spot, but was short. I expected he was going to do that, so I had a landing pad there, and have put a barrier on the fence so he cannot grab it. I gotta tell you what you already know, Ferrets are Great.

January 7, 2013:
  Brenda, our Fred finally escaped from the pen. Just before leaving for school, Gail found him coming up the stairs. Did a quick check of the pen, thought maybe he jumped from something, so moved that, made sure the cats were upstairs, put some food plus water outside the cage just in case.
  Well, when Reilly got home from school, there was Fred chewing on the bag of "French Fries". And oh boy was he a mess. He must have had a blast, because he really did not look like a nice white Ferret, was quite dirty. We had him in the cage again tonight to watch and see what he did. But I think the big fella was tired as he did not have a lot of Spunk. Guess we have another Tich (was that the Ferret that was really good at getting out of his cage?). I think he might be climbing up onto the litter box, then stretching up and getting out.
  Will keep you up to date. Hope you are doing well.

January 5, 2013:
  Brenda (Sarah),
  I do not have what you are looking for, but will finance one if needed to buy. Just let me know. Also, Reilly and I now have a 5 pack. We had put all 5 together, but there would be a ruckus, mainly with Friskie playing rough. We traveled last weekend to see my mom and sister (my sister had great news, cancer smaller, felt to be in remission at this time, thank you God Box). We decided to put everyone into one travel cage, and there they were. No problems, although the sleeper was overflowing at times with Ferrets sticking out. They have done great. So, that may just open the door for a few more Ferrets now as we have the pen empty for ½ the day. Will keep you up to date on that.

December 19, 2012:
  Brenda, Hope this email finds you well. Your package arrived today, but remains unopened.
  Our kids are doing very well. The whole group spends some good playtime together without too many problems. Hannah and Alice have learned to play pretty good. Hannah is pretty good with Fred, but at times she still gets a little too aggressive. Fred really does not like to play rough. He will give out some hisses if someone is not playing nicely.
  When it comes to sleep time, Hannah is a little bit of a trouble maker. She usually will get in the sleep area, start to play, and either Alice or Fred will hiss and come out. But at least they can run around the house playing dooking and chattering having a lot of fun. It is really cool to have all 5 playing, and it really gets crazy.
  Will not be long and Reilly and I will find the need for another fuzzie or two!
  Will you be around on Saturday afternoon? If you were available, would like to come out and do some work for your fuzzies, and drop off the med supplies.

November 4, 2012:
  Fred and Alice and doing very well. Alice continues to warm up very good. She now will take some time to enjoy a good back scratch when she gets up. She is dooking more and gets into racing around all fuzzed up and bouncing. Fred is Fred and is full of energy. Max has been with both of these guys and no problems at all. Reilly was changing out the Ferrets from the cage to the pen. He was holding Fred, and Hannah was in the cage. Hannah actually jumped from the cage about 14 inches over to Reilly and latched on to Fred's ear! I guess she is just showing who the queen of the place is.
Fred and Alice seem to spill there food all over the place. Happens a lot in the cage, sometimes in the pen. Their weights seem ok, they have regular skat. Any idea why they might be doing this? Thanks

October 14, 2012:
  Your Welcome. Fred appears to be a Ferret intent on being a devil! I do not think it will be long before he has figured out how to get out of the play pen. I saw him today get up on the dig box, which is about 16 inches from the pen fencing. He jumped to get on the fence, but missed and landed on his feet, about 4-5 inches short. He is the true "2 year old". He does this arching of his back and neck just about as soon as you pick him up, as he is ready to get back down.
  Hannah has been showing some real interest in Alice and Fred, but not what I would say is a “friendly” interest. She will chase them when she is in the pen, and they are running around the outside. She seems really excited and once Max came up beside her and she started to go after him. It was only a brief second, caught her off guard and she did not bite, but it showed me she was pretty fired up. She acts somewhat like she did towards Friskie when Katie was alive.

October 11, 2012:
  Brenda, these two Ferrets are great. Fred is a little Tasmanian Devil. He definitely is not one to be held, as he is ready to get going before he is out of the cage. Alice was a little bit of a biter at first (got me, Reilly and my nephew all on the cheek last Saturday evening), but she is much better now. They have started to take some treats. They are eating pretty good, seem to be adjusting very well. They both do lots of dancing, and have even dooked for us. We are very happy with these two.

October 8, 2012:
  Brenda, Fred and Alice seem to be doing well. When they get reved up, man do they get going. Fred really cannot get enough time out of the cage, as he really chews on the cage when put back in.
  The Skin and Coat that Mary spoke of needs to be used with caution in Ferrets. It has a moderate amount of Vit D in it. Dogs are supposed to get 0.25 mls per pound. In one serving size which is 1 teaspoon/5 mls, there is 315 iu. Humans should get about 800 – 1000 iu or so per day. So, in my mind, this stuff has a lot Vit D. Too much vit D can cause Calcium to go up, which can lead to multiple different problems (kidney stones, GI problems, bone problems…).
  We had a great time on Saturday. Love the new Ferrets.

October 6, 2012:
  Charlie, Reilly and Delaney came to join us for our Christmas in October event they met and fell in love with Fred and Alice – they went home with the family that day.
  Fred even won a prize for a look alike contest with our own cub reporter Daisy!


October 5, 2012:
  The kids are here, they were born in March 2011, they have their birth certificates with them. Alice is a dark sable, I think mitt if I remember correctly. Fred is an albino. They are crazy kids dancing and playing with me as soon as they got here. I am pleased to know they are going home with you tomorrow.

October 3, 2012:
  Good Morning Reilly, by the time I got up here last night it was already 7 so you are getting your answer this morning – I am sorry to make you wait. Names are Fred and Alice. Their grandma said she thinks they are under 2 but is not sure – I don’t know if your dad told you the story about them but their humans are spending lots of time at the hospital gravely ill.
  That I do not know and will not know until they get here on Saturday – the grandma of these kids is not keen on ferrets but because her daughter is spending time in the hospital she is helping her find them a home.
  they are not here, they will not be here until Saturday, I thought since they really need a home fast it would be best to send them from the home they know to the new one without spending time here with us, so I called your dad to see if you guys could take them.
  Nope they did not come from here either. We are placing them for a family that is in medical crisis – I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Brenda

October 2, 2012:
  Hi Brenda its Reilly my dad just told me the great news I’m so excited. I have a couple questions, one what are their names, two how old are they, three what types are they (sable silver etc.). Also if you can could in the email you send back could you put a link to those fuzz butt’s page on your website if they’re on their, my dad said he thinks you said that the owner had got the fuzz butts from you. Can’t wait to see ever body on Saturday.
  From, Reilly