Welcome to Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter, Inc.


   • Arrived at the Shelter October 22, 2014.
   • Angel is a dark silver female.

   • Angel has a far away mom in Pinellas, FL.

  Shelter Mum got a late night call from the Ontario County Sheriff's Department on October 22. They said they found me running down the road several towns away from where I am now. Mum told them well then I guess you better bring her on in to the shelter. Mum waited up for me to get here, the deputy that brought me to the shelter let me run all over his police car while he was driving to Naples. He handed me over to Shelter Mum they got the paperwork taken care of and Mum immediately offered me some "real" duck soup. It was so good to have food in my tummy, loving arms holding me and a wonderful warm place to sleep. Shelter Mum weighed me when I came in I was 1# 4 oz . One of the shelter volunteers named me Angel.

March 8, 2017:
  Take a look at Angel's new home with all her new bedding from her far away Mom - Thanks Pricilla.


March 7, 2017:
  I spent the day keeping up, then getting Angel and Leo switched into the others cage. Angel is now using pee pads she was in the bottom cage, it is easier to see what needs changing in the higher cage so I moved Leo down and Angel up. Poo pans I can remove without getting down on my knees.

March 5, 2017:
  Dear far away Mom, Mum let me check out the presents you sent. Here is a picture of me checking them out. Thanks for helpen Mum take care of me. Mum says more pictures of others later.
I love you


March 3, 2017:
  Angel is on soup only at this time.

December 30, 2015:
  We are so blessed to have so many helpen Mum take care of us. Thanks so much for helpen Mum make our Christmas at the shelter special...We hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. - Angel


February 14, 2017:
  Angel is now on just soup 2 times a day.

July 25, 2015:
  All cages tagged get Moxy even if their poo looks better, they need Moxy for 10 days. Once they are done, I mix the bowls of soup for the kids that need Pred and Moxy but are well enough now that they are eating their full bowl of soup. Then I move on to the ferrets that are on Pred. Once I have meds done I start fluids.

July 22, 2015:
  I had to add Angel and Sasha to the list of kids that need meds, when I got them up they had slime in their boxes.

June 24, 2015:
  I pulled Darby and Lucy's cage apart covered the inside with coroplast moved Angel up into that cage, moved Darby and Lucy down to the cage below where Angel was. It will be easier for me to keep clean.

April 10, 2015:
  I found Oryx in Angels cage and Angel in the library with the Rochester boys. I must have mixed the girls up when I was switching rooms earlier. Oryx was fast asleep in Angels hammock with no care in the world. Angel was a bit fluffed up because Ricardo wanted to sleep in the drawer Angel was in and she was not having any of it. It was Ricardo's demeanor that told me something was up so I checked the drawers he was standing in front of. Sure enough there was a little girl I thought was Oryx. Angel looked at me with a look that said why did you leave me in here with all these boys. So the kids are in their proper cages.
  At one point I had more kids missing than I had MIA tags so I made new ones while I was waiting for the MIA kids to reappear. Phoenix wandered out from where he was when I was tagging cages.

March 30, 2015:
  I found Angel in the place I found her yesterday afternoon. I have no idea where she was last night. She got left out.

March 29, 2015:
  Speaking of Angel she is MIA in the playroom. I found her when the folks were here set her back in and now I can't find her.

December 30, 2014:
  Dear Santa Jen, Mum let me open my presents today. Thank you for all the wonderful stuff… thanks for sending Mum goodies too.


December 26, 2014:
  Angels box got here from Jennifer in WA so now we have 5 more boxes to open. Our fur kids are spoiled for sure.

December 17, 2014:
  Dear Santa Carol, I got my Christmas box and Mum let me open my presents. I love every drop you got me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the super stuff you sent to me. Angel


November 23, 2014:
  KC and I got some coroplast on Angel's cage, I spent the early morning coming up with a way to make all cage tag placement universal. I was moving kids into new cages and discovered the cage tags would not match the Velcro dots that were on the cage board. They are too expensive to keep changing them and I need a heat gun to get them off. so I made a template to make sure all the dots on the cage boards are going to be in the same place on every cage, that way the ID cards and Med cards will fit securely no matter how many times I move them.

November 6, 2014:
  Angel was dancing this morning. What a sight!

November 3, 2014:
  I gave Angel the kitchen first this morning, went about the business of meds and soup. When I finished I came back to the kitchen and there stood this ferret at the food dish. I thought well crap someone got out of the room I put them in, then I looked closer it was Angel. She is filling out, fur is filling in and she actually ran across the kitchen floor to hide while eating a piece of kibble.
  I weighed Angel again today she has gained 1.1 ounce we are on the incline.

October 31, 2014:
  Angel is doing much better, she feels like she has put some weight back on, I will weigh her later today, she is up here with me this morning. Her coat is looking better as well.

October 26, 2014:
  I spent the night waking and worrying about Angel, when I got up; the first thing I did was go check on her. I identified the lump in the blanket and touched, it was warm, I was so relieved. I then uncovered her and she popped her little head up to see what was going on. I gave her a hug, set her on the floor and she took off nose to the floor and feet just moving. I let her have the rooms I was working in while gates were down. I was in the kitchen getting the blender of soup, she was on the other side of the gate in the bathroom digging her little heart out to get to the kitchen side. Crisis is over she is feeling better.

October 25, 2014:
  Angel got back from her trip from seeing Doc about 12:30 she was having a reaction to the vaccines... I gave her some Carafate as soon as she got home, called Charlie because I could not remember if Dex was what I use to reverse the reaction.. It was; so at 1 I gave her a Dex shot, Charlie called me back about 1:30 to say he would call in a script for injectable Benadryl but we have some childrens Benadryl on site. We decided she was responding to the Dex so we did not give her any Benadryl. Poor little thing looked like she had been dragged through a knot hole.

October 24, 2014:
  Angel is getting the play pen that Achilles has had since he got here last August. I will allow her to use that for her out time until she sees OFD. She is looking good, I will work on getting a picture of her today. I put a bowl of soup into the pen when I put her in there and she went right for it.
  I got Angel a ride to OFD and home with the family that has Izzy. They have an appointment with OFD in the morning so I need to have her at their house at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Carrie was more than willing to help us out. I got the carrier set up today so I just need to put her in it.
  Our little Angel has gained 1 ounce. I weighed her before putting her back in her cage

October 23, 2014:
  Our new little girl did eat some food last night she was into the left bowl there was a divot in the food. I got her up to weigh her 1# 4oz and offered her soup. She ate some maybe 2 mLs. But she is eating it out of the bowl so that is a plus. I treated her for fleas. I put her back in the cage. I want her to get some rest and learn she no longer has to be afraid. She settled down in the hammock when I put her back. Her fur is sparse, nails long but I expect the fur is due to lack of nutrition.
  Janette named Angel. When I got in from work this morning I checked on her and the fleas were already dead on her. That Revolution is great stuff! She is eating well and a considerable amount, her tummy is adjusting to food again. Tonight I offered her a 1/2 bowl of soup, she ate that and looked like she would eat more so I gave her another 1/2 bowl. She ate ever drop! We will have her back up to a good weight in no time. I have an appointment for Angel to see Doc on Saturday if Izzy's family will take her with them when they go up on Saturday with Izzy.