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Ashes, Eddie, Oliver & Rocco

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on July 16, 2009.
   • They found a forever home on December 10, 2010! Read their updates below.

   • Ashes was a female black sable. She left for the Rainbow Bridge on February 25, 2013.
   • Eddie was a champaign male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on October 9, 2012.
   • Oliver was a silver, two tone, mitt male. He left for the Rainbow Brige on October 25, 2011.
   • Rocco was a brown sable male. Due to a mass on his hind leg, the leg had to be removed. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on October 24, 2012.

   • Rocco was on the 2010 Giving Tree!


  These four were originally turned in to Lolly Pop Farm and one of the volunteers adopted them back in 2007. As we all know, the economy is hitting people hard and the animals harder, so they have come here to live until they find a human they wish to love and go live with.



February 25, 2013:
  Ashes left for Rainbow Bridge. She was ok early/afternoon yesterday but around 8 that changed. i tried getting meds into her but wasn't able too.

February 17, 2013:
  AM: Ashes is leaving us, make her comfy and safe and allow her to go peacefully - Brenda
  I tucked her into bed so she'll be comfy. thanks for this morning.

  PM: I don't know what I did to deserve this but I'll take it. Ashes is alive and alert. :-)

February 16, 2013:
  AM: Ashes is not doing well, she is unresponsive and does not want to eat her soup.
  AM 2: She won’t swallow.....

February 16, 2013:
  Heads up. I started Ashes on moxy this morning. So carefate, pred, and moxy. She was not interested in soup this morning and had green/blask tarry poo this morning. I came into work late so that I could dropper feed her soup(not much) and give her the moxy but I'm at work now. If I don't touch base with you tonight via email I will def update you in the morning.
  Chase and Boomer are both fine.

February 14, 2013:
  Everything's good. Ashes is well, Chase and Boomer as well.

February 1, 2013:
  How did my emails all get so confused?? Sigh, sorry for taking my time in responding.
  Ashes is good. We went to the vet yesterday and she scared the living beejeesers out of both me and doc. Basically she's been on pred once a day but will now go up to twice. We'll go back for more bloodwork in two weeks. Fasting her BG was 31? or 37? either way it was WAYYYY to low. While she was fine and perky when I got her up to go the vet she was thoroughly listless after having some blood taken. So doc gave her a sugar solution, then we gave her linotone, she had food in front of her but she didn't want any. Back at home she went to town on water and duck soup though and by last night she was gobbling down her kibble.
  Oh and yes we can connect on the phone. Depending on how busy I am this weekend otherwise I'll call you on Monday.

January 28, 2013:
  just a quick check in to let you know that ashes is well.

January 25, 2013:
  Ashes was up and about this morning. she seems much better after the pred.

October 24, 2012:
  Rocco has joined Eddie and Oliver on Rainbow Bridge.

October 22, 2012:
  AM Update: Sorry, I forgot to respond last night. Rocco is doing the same. He's staying curled up sleeping but he does perk up enough to take his meds.
  I'll call doc once they're open.

  PM Update: I talked to doc and at this point think "hospice" if he gets any worse I'll take him in for a shot.

October 21, 2012:
  An update on Rocco. We're doing moxy, pred, and carefate. His stool is without a doubt bloody and he's skin and bones. His cist has filled back up and he doesn't seem all that thrilled to get up and walk, I'm giving him baths in order to keep him clean. He hasn't been moving far to go to the bathroom, if he moves at all. He does perk up enough to drink his soup although we're at about 5-6ml only. To me he seems pale and tired, but not in pain. I'll call doc tomorrow to get his opinion.

October 18, 2012:
  I'm starting Rocco on carafate and moxy tonight. His stool isnt great a bit of dark blood. also he's not moving great. I washed his back end tonight.
  any way I'll keep you informed.

October 9, 2012:
  AM update: Eddie goes in at 10:15....so we'll see.
  PM update: Eddie passed on the way to the vet.

October 6, 2012:
  Okay, I took the boys to see doc this morning.
  Rocco had his bladder aspirated only to have him pee during the middle of it. Result being he has a large 3oz sist(cist?) on his bladder. He's peeing ok and it's clean so doc said to keep an eye on the sist and we need to see if it's something that can be left alone or needs surgery.
  Eddie....he has stomach ulcers, I know this, I put him on carefate but totally forgot about the moxy! So he has a fresh bottle of moxy and will be on it twice a day for the next 4 weeks.
  I hope you guys are having a blast today!

October 5, 2012:
  Eddie is still pooping tarry poo and Rocco's bladder is like a water balloon again. I haven't missed any medicine and I'm worried. I'll be calling the vet in the morning I'm hoping to get them in on Monday......

October 2, 2012:
  I swear I can't keep all my kids healthy!
  So when I came home Sunday night Eddie was all sorts of disoriented. I gave him cuddles, soup and meds. In the morning he was better. Since then someone(Eddie) has bloody poo. So Eddie is now on carefate. Everyone else is happy, attentive and relatively healthy.
  I'll keep you posted.

August 27, 2012:
  Ashes, Eddie, & Rocco sleeping!


August 27, 2012:
  Rocco is home and doc didnt see/feel anything that screams adrenal so I'll just be keeping a close watch on his behavior.

August 26, 2012:
  Doc just called. Rocco is doing great and will without a doubt be coming home tomorrow. No surgery needed.

August 25, 2012:
  I just talked to the vet. Rocco is producing and relieving urine on his own. Since I'm at work all day today and tomorrow I will be picking him up Monday. One of the lady's lives upstairs so Rocco will have an eye kept on him throughout the weekend. Certainly a better one then I'd be able to give while at work.
  Overall I'm thrilled! Now to see what will happen with Chase.
  Have a great day,

August 24, 2012, First email:
  Doc called last night. The reason that he is keeping Rocco is this. The whole time that Rocco was at the vet he only peed in dribbles. Doc aspirated him and got 3 ounces of urine out of him. There's lots of sludge so we now know that Rocco is still having prostate issues.
  While we were still doing pred twice a day Rocco was peeing fine, but as I stepped the pred down, as prescribed, Rocco's urine tapered off. This being said, Rocco's only had his implant for six months and it appears that it has already stopped working.
  In Doc's message he said that we can either give Rocco another implant or surgery since these issues are without a doubt being caused by the adrenal gland. Rocco's will to live is awesome but I'm worried. He's not a youngster anymore, plus with all his weight loss and stress from the past couple of weeks what will surgery do to him? I'd like to go that route since another implant might not last six months the next time....but I don't want him to take a turn for the worst if he goes into surgery.
  I'll be calling doc after 9am to discuss my/Rocco's options.

August 24, 2012, Second email:
  Rocco's getting another implant right now and he's back on steriods. He's staying with doc until he starts peeing normally again. In case they need to aspirate again. I was leaning towards surgery however considering the stress and his age I just have reservations.
  Since the first five days that I had him on pred 2x's a day he was improving and peeing like a champ I'm hoping that with the implant and keeping him on pred for the long haul he'll be able to live out the rest of his life without having to go through another surgery.
  I will keep you up to date on his status. I will also be taking Chase into the vet on Monday to have him checked out for adrenal. He's getting more aggressive towards Eddie and still chittering.

August 18, 2012:
  In response to our conversation last week I bring you a ferrety update :-)

  Rocco has been on meds for the past 5.5 days. He is taking both Baytril/pred by dropper. Since he fights me so much when taking his meds I was worried that he would lose his love of duck soup altogether. That fear has been removed though. Last night when I put in the bowl he gobbled up his fill before heading back to bed. Yay!
  I had Rocco separated from the others so I could see just how much he's going to the bathroom. This was good for me monitoring him but bad for him since he seemed bored and lonely. So, I was letting him hang out with Eddie and Ashes at night then isolating him during the day so I could continue to monitor him. As of Friday I felt confident in his bladder that I've had him back with his cagemates. He does seem to be much happier for it.
  Chase on the other hand isn't nearly as thrilled....as you know I have been trying to introduce Chase to Eddie, Ashes, and Rocco. With Rocco getting sick and not being as feisty as normal I don't like having a rather hyper Chase around him. So, while Rocco was in the sick pen Chase continued to meet with and get along very well with Ashes/Eddie. So much so that I could leave the cage open at night and let all three have the dining room/cage to run around in. There were some scuffles but I found all three cuddled up together a couple of times now so I'm pretty happy with that. Once Rocco is back up to snuff I'll let Chase join the party again. But not until Rocco can defend himself and set the youngster straight if need be.
  Lets see, Ashes and Eddie are doing quite well, Eddie went in and had his bg done, he's awesome! Weight is back on, his fur looks awesome and he's finishing off all duck soup the others dare to leave behind. He is on pred twice a day for his insulinoma(sp?). I'm in the habit of putting Eddie's pred in a bowl on the couch and he goes to town on it. As you know I have a 70+lb pit/lab mix, boomer....well, he's great with the ferrets in that he doesn't play with them and when they walk by him or happen to hop off the couch because they ate the duck soup too fast he just perks his ears forward and watches while wagging his tail. And as I'm sure you can tell this happened just recently. While giving Rocco his meds Eddie jumped off the couch and landed mere inches from Boomers head. I hear a thump, look up and Boomers looking down at Eddie then looks at me with a "are you going to come and get him?" look! It was too funny.
  That pretty much covers it, Ashes is responding great to the implant that was put in months ago. She sees me in the morning and comes running right over to the spot where I always put the duck soup. At night I tend to have to wake her up first..... ;-)
  Anyway, see you tomorrow!

August 11, 2012:
  Rocco’s coming home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! squeal:-D
  Rocco’s prostrate was swollen bad, he's been on anti inflammatory and antibiotics. So, now Rocko is eating and peeing and I've had one heck of a life learning experience.   Doc gave him the ok to go home today but since I'm at work and have tomorrow off someone is going to meet me at 8:30 sunday morning. Which is awesome since I'm really not a fan of bringing him home then leaving to come back to work. This way I'll be able to stay at home with him for a few hours before I need to leave for my family's party at 3.

Updated: July 07, 2012:
  yay! Rocko's still hyper aware of my whereabouts but he's also more interested than normal in the duck soup, my shoulder, the couch and just about everything around him. I know he had a little bit off a bug a few weeks ago b/c I gave him carafate to try and settle his tummy. But beyond that I'm really not sure what changed.

  I did what you said when I got home on Thursday, cuddled him and told him that if he needed to he could take off....he's still cruising for now though :-)
  Anyway, have a great day!

Updated: June 26, 2012:
  For the past hour or so I've been introducing and watching Chase with Ashes, Eddie and Rocko. If I understand body language right it would appear that Chase trumps Ashes, but ashes keeps following chase around....Eddie trumps Chase but he really doesn't care so long as chase doesn't try to climb into bed with him. And Rocko....just plain doesn't care.
  So, as long as Ashes and Chase can decide to get along then I may have one group and Chase doesn't have to be so lonely anymore. Everyone plays fine together, the only issues that erupt are when Chase try's to crawl into bed with the others. I should say it's when chase try's to crawl in with Ashes, wrestling and fighting ensues.....Eddie just pushes chase out of the bed and chase doesn't resist.
  Right now I have them separated so everyone can get some restful sleep. I figure after a catnap I'll let them play together again.

May 11, 2012
  So, I had Ashes in on Monday, she received an implant. And then Wednesday Eddie went from normal chowhound to frothing at the mouth, walking in circles and me on the phone with the vet. I gave him duck soup, and by Wednesday evening he appeared to be fine. Albeit a bit groggy. So, Thursday we did a BG while fasting and it was 49. He's now on pred twice a day forever..... I'll be heading back in a couple of weeks to do another BG check.

  Aside from that, Chase and Rocko are doing great.   On a non ferret note, Boomer's rash that has plagued his belly for over a year now is very nearly gone. Turns out all we needed was some medicated shampoo. Poor boy has allergies.....   Brie

May 7, 2012:
  Just got back from having an implant put in for ashes. Doc said it's still the early stages of adrenal.

April 26, 2012:
  Yes it's Ashes, she's still on moxy and appears to be doing fine. Right now she's snoozing but I checked her vulva yesterday, it didn't look to be going down but you had said it might take up to a week before I saw any improvements. She's due for another ten more days of the moxy.

April 20, 2012:
  I just wanted to give you a heads up. Ashes' vulva is swollen and I'll be calling doc in the morning to set up an appointment.

November 13, 2011:
  Brenda, Good morning. I just wanted to give you a heads up on the munchkins. Everyone is doing well. Chase has started drinking his duck soup from a bowl again, there was a period where he'd only drink it if I was dropper feeding him. So that's a definite bonus! Just a couple more days of moxy then all kids are off antibiotics. woot!

  Everyone's energetic and bouncy, I'm hoping that in a week or two I can start to introduce Chase to the others. As it is they do say hi to each other through the cage in the floor, where the ramp is. So I'm not foreseeing any issues.

  One other happy moment for me is that all kids poo is awesome, solid, and good amounts too! The best part is that when I clean the pads I don't have to really scrape them clean anymore, I just shake the pad and it all falls off in to the garbage! Rather a small thing but it made me chuckle this morning ;-)

  I think I should be able to come down this Tuesday, is there anything that you need? Or any special projects that you want me to tackle?

  Hope your having a great day!

November 6, 2011:
  I’m good, at work right now. Everyone is doing well as well. My threesome is out and about today. Everyone's still eating and all poo looks perfect! You know, for poo ;-)

November 4, 2011:
  I have good news! I got up this morning to find Roco eating kibble!! It's been a few days since I've actually witnessed it. So everyone's still on antibiotics, and everyone is eating kibble as well as soup. There was still one iffy looking poo in the box this morning but it was better looking than before.

  Overall it's made my morning very happy.

October 25, 2011:
  Oliver left for Rainbow Bridge sometime during the night – I am sorry Brie

October 24, 2011:
  Oliver was warmer when I got home from work, he looked more comfortable, I warmed more fluids for him. So far so good, I heated the pad for him again. I will keep you posted – how is Chase doing?

October 23, 2011:
  There will be an emergency vet visit if Oliver makes it till morning. As I said Wednesday he, and Chase, were a bit off. Chase seems to be perking up, but Oliver is worse than bad. I tried giving him duck soup but he didn't want it and although I did get some into him it wasn't much.

  I'll give you an update as soon as I have more info.

August 26, 2011:
  When I was talking to doc he mentioned that the shot Dr Pepper gave him was a cortizone shot, or something that sounded like cortizone.... I realized then that the receipt was incorrect. Since they sent me home with 10cc's of baytril but charged me for 20cc's. And didn't charge me for any other shot. So, I'm thinking that the shot and what I took home were combined into the one line of baytril. Instead of itemizing the two. A little confusing for me, sorry if I confused you!

  Oliver is fine, I think he's getting sick of having to have so many medicines but there will only be a few more days of the baytril and then we can scoot down to just the carafate and pred.

  Ashes and I took a walk Wednesday and she very happily cursed around the front yard, driveway, and back yard and then went right up to my neighbor...for about 5 seconds, then checked out my car ;-) I take her out by herself because none of her brothers can keep up with her!! Sometimes I think I could actually walk her around the block!

  Eddie is a very funny looking ferret right now, but he's also quite happy. He's much smaller than he was and since all his fur except his head and tail is gone, I can see his bones sticking out! At first it scared me a bit, but he's active, eating, and playing. He's also putting some weight back on, or at least it seems that way to me. His ribs don't appear to be sticking out quite as much as they did when I brought him home from surgery. There's also some good news regarding his fur. I don't want to give any false hope but I could swear that when I picked him up this morning I felt stubble. I'll be looking into this way more tonight when I get home from work but here's hoping Eddie will be sporting a brand new fur coat soon!!

  Let's see here...Oliver as you know took a visit to the vet. As mentioned above he's doing much better and fighting me every chance he get's on taking his carafate. The Baytril and pred thankfully get masked in soup ;-) He tends more towards little play more sleeping and eating. But, that's always how he's been.

  Rocco, my sweet three legged little boy. I think he's my culprit that keeps going to the bathroom on the sleeping levels of the cage!! I even put the ramps in to make it uber easy to get to the litter pan and yet he just heaves himself out of bed and backs up behind a different bed.... lots of laundry! Beside that little bad habit, he's doing very well. This morning when I was grabbing Oliver to give him his med's both Rocco and Ashes bailed on the cage and started for the dinning room! Sadly, today is Fran and Chase's day to play. Rocco and Ashes can wait till I get home. Then we'll do a ferret swap! And they can play to their hearts content.....at least till I get home from work tomorrow:-D

  So, since I haven't done this in a while here's an all around update!!

August 24, 2011:
  Oliver was doing much better last night, and this morning he seems back to his normal self. He is still getting his medicine of course and I received the carafate so that's all set!!

  yep, talked to doc. He agrees that using carafate is better than pepcid, he also agrees that we should put Oliver on pred twice a day instead of once. So, once he's good for a couple of weeks I'm going to take him in to get his blood checked again. His number was 62, not 52 but still low enough that doc wants us to up his meds to twice daily. :-)

August 14, 2011:
  Good, I let everybody play together Friday, and last night for a bit. Eddie seemed very happy to get back to his cage mates :-)

  Eddie is doing very well. Eating and letting me know that his digestive system is working like a charm. I'd also like to bring you some money for the food!

  Let me know what you think,

August 6, 2011:
  Hi Brenda!! Eddie's home. As you know, I took Eddie and Rocko to the vet Thursday due to some strange hair loss. So far as Rocko is concerned we're keeping an eye on him but it may just be an odd molting year/pattern for him.

  Eddie on the other was found to have a mass. So we did some x-rays and thankfully for me and him, got him into surgery Thursday night. I picked him up last night and he was looking around and seemed happy to be getting home.

  Now it's time for post-op, gentle snuggles and lots of duck soup ;-)
  Have a great day!

June 23, 2011:
  Sorry I didn't reply yesterday....or this morning is it worked out.. I worked from 9pm to 5am this morning and my eyes were crossed by the time I got home. Ashes is home, and ok. I need to pick up some moxy today and start her on the antibiotics. She has an infection.


June 22, 2011:
  Ashes will be going to the vet tomorrow for an emergency visit. I'll call them at 8 and get her in as quick as I can. She's drinking, eating, pooping fine. She looks attentive, like she wants to walk and cruise but her front legs aren't supporting her. Well. She can walk but it's a mincing wobble and then she put's all her front weight on her neck. So, She doesn't quiver like she's in pain but unless this is gone by morning she's going to see doc.

  I don't know if it's the equivalent of a sprained ankle or what but I'll keep you informed.


March 7, 2011:
  Oliver - I think his number was 64. We're doing another test in two weeks.

  And as far as changing times? It's just easier. He hasn't been on pred the whole time he was on antibiotics so it seemed like the perfect time to switch.

March 6, 2011:
  Brenda, Oliver's doing great. All the kids are doing great actually ;-)

  Let's see here, Oliver was taken off his antibiotics when we removed the stitches and he's back on pred. I've changed him back to getting the pred in the mornings. So far it's working well.

  Not to much has been happening beyond the normal play, clean, eat, sleep routine. I did call a local framing place and they gave me some recommendations on how to properly hang up your frame so when I come back down I'll be better prepared.

February 22, 2011
  Oliver's doing well. He's sleeping, eating and pooping! The pooping, for me is awesome since he's my guy that has had the inconsistent poo since I brought everybody home. Now, he's all sorts of consistent and I couldn't be happier. He's also fighting me when I give him his meds, which to me, is a good thing ;-) He's do to get his stitches removed next week and then I can let him play with his buddies in a few days after that.

  I'm thinking that based on his energy each day he's gonna get a bit frustrated in the next few days. Boredom at it's best! But I'm not sure which toys I can let him play with that won't hurt him and his healing process. Do you have any recommendations on that one?

February 12, 2011:
  Everybody’s good. I have to pick up some bitter apple for the back of Eddies neck and hope that deters Oliver from scruffing him till surgery. But aside from that, everybody's good and from what I can tell enjoying themselves.

  Last night when I got home from work I had one dog and six ferrets all at attention staring at me with this oooo is it playtime now look?

  Those pads you gave me are a miracle, thankyou!!

  And lastly, I will be coming down to work on Wednesday, I'll also be bringing money for food, and if you have some duck soup mix I'll need to buy some.

  I have a tentative class for work on Tuesday hence the change.

January 26, 2011:
  Hi Brenda, The kids are doing well. They are not overly thrilled with me right now as the den is leaking and not ferret safe anymore. Thankfully my neighbor is coming over and should be fixed soon.

  They have fixed my confidence in making duck soup. They love the stuff!

  Sadly, I'm sick and not having an easy time making sense right now so I'll get back to you with more info.


Christmas, 2010: