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   • Surrendered to the Shelter on August 9, 2004.
   • He found a forever home on August 29, 2004! Read his updates below.

   • Bradley is a sable male.


  August 9, Mum got a call from the Ontario County Sheriff’s department, from a real policeman. He said he took a bad man to jail and that bad man had a ferret could mum come get the ferret. So Mum said she could do that. Mum had to go to the sheriff’s station, then to the jail; I was scared I thought Mum might get stuck in that jail but Mum didn’t. Mum and the sheriff then went to another place called Victor to pick up the ferret. The ferret turned out to be a 4 month old little boy; Mum says he’s a cutie. Mum thinks all ferrets are cuties! So what is so special about him? Mum had to keep him for 10 days, and then if the bad man did not come to get him Mum could adopt him out. So Mum named him Bradley. After 10 days Bradley went to live with Mr. Tom and Miss Stephanie so he could be friends with Little Ed. He was a funny little dude.


February 14, 2009:
  Bradley and his buddy Sokar went to see Doc yesterday for their annual check up. Bradley is doing well however he is in the early stages of adrenal disease, he starting to loose his fur. Bradley is not having any trouble peeing yet so we are going to hold off on surgery for a bit. He is otherwise happy. The kids have their own room in the new house to play in all day.

October 15, 2006:
  We weighed Bradley the other day and he is 3lbs and 14oz. He has not gotten his winter fur yet either. I just looked at him again today and he looks even bigger than the other day when we weighed him. I bet he will hit 4lbs this winter.

January 21, 2006:
  The two little boys Bradley and Little Ed are little terrors. Their nick names are the terrible two. If there is something to get in to they are in it. Little Ed is the instigator and Bradley helps. Otherwise no problems with them. Bradley thinks with his stomach most of the time. If you walk next to the area we feed them is there. Did I tell you how much he weighted when we brought him in for his check up? He is a little chuncker, 3lbs 12oz.
  I think he is the biggest ferret we have ever had. And he is not fat.
  Everything on him is big, feet, head, body ect...

December 01, 2004:
  The two boys are inseperatable. One is always looking for the other. And they look even more like twins now because Little Ed has gained weight for the winter and has got an awesome winter coat. Bradley is looking awesome also. Got the winter coat thing going also. The boys are ok.

November 17, 2004:
  Bradley and Little Ed are doing great. They look alike now. And are about the same size. Bradley was 3lbs 5 1/2 oz and Little Ed was 3lbs 1 oz. They are little chunkers.