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Charlie & Scooter

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on July 28, 2007.
   • They found a forever home on January 25, 2008!

   • Charlie is a sable male.
   • Scooter is a sable female.

  These two kids were tossed from one home to another, until finding their way here. They are from Lockport, New York.


January 30, 2013:
  I'll look into it. Thanks Jillie and Scooter say Hi. Jillie just cruised by. She has declared herself a free range ferret for the last few months. We came to a mutual agreement. She can free roam except for a her sleep time when she can be free roam in her room uncaged, but the others have to have time to get out and run too. she agreed.
  Scoots went out for a walk today with her kitties to enjoy the warm weather.
  Take care. Cathy

December 13, 2012:
  Jillie and Scooter are still chugging along. Scooter hopped out the patio door the other day, jumped down the steps and rolled around in the grass. She loves her grass!
  Jillie was very sick, thought I was gonna lose her. Doc said blood work indicated kidney failure. Did my sub q, special foods, special meds and three weeks later called to ask why she would still be alive??? I think it was the extra "special care" and the multiple healings - she is really tuned to that, Thank god. she has been an wonderful, wonderful friend all these years.

March 20, 2012:
  Kids are good. Scoots and Jillie have been enjoying this nice weather with little runs outside. They are both getting up there in years now, so I treasure my time with them. Jillie sees Doc G on Friday for her second implant. I told Doc she was adrenal and he didn't really believe me as she really had not started showing any clinical signs, so I asked for an US. Sure enough. When I went through that with Jack a couple years ago, he didn't believe either, but had time and an US exam just to satisfy himself (no cost - cause I was right!) I laughed all the way home! I just love that guy and his folks there. Scooter will get number three in Nov. Scooter I do every year and for some reason I got confused with Jillie, she is like the first crew Little Feet, Eggie Bear and Lukey who went to PA wit me, they went 18 months, Jillie is on 16. We know it helps other health concerns so I wanted to get hers updated. I have 12 characters here now.

October 30, 2011:
  I have been spending special moments with Jackson, Roameo and Charlie in particular as they have been slowing down - all are over 6.5. Sadly Roameo had to be helped to the Bridge last Tuesday. Special attention will be turned to the girls to be sure Jillie does okay without her buddy Jack and to Scooter as Charlie slows more.
  Colin and I were remembering when we came over years ago to drop off extra supplies we had and we met Jack and Jillie. We had bought some items from the store and as I stood there with the bag, I told Jack that if he wanted to home with us, to jump into the bag. He was out of Colin's hands and into the sack in a nannosecond. It sure has been a grand friendship with these old bears.

September 5, 2011:
  Jack, Charlie and Scooter seem to be on the mend. Charlie has not lost any steam, just trying to keep his weight up and his spirits, he most likely has lymphoma with all his lymph nodes swollen. Seeing what the pred can do for him. Scoots seemed to have a bacterial infection and the amoxi seems to be kicking it. Jack's back is better and his temp is down most of the day. He is getting Bayril to kick whatever bacterial infection he has with this. Mike is making quite a good assistant these days.

September 1, 2011:
  Charlie began his day with a cough, checked him over and found swollen lumph nodes on his left side, so I am trying to get him in as well. UGH. He was 6 in Feb.

April 19, 2011:
  Scooter and Charlie celebrated their 3rd anniversary in their forever home in January. Charlie now happily takes his Ferretone on his belly for nail trimming. I remember how he freaked out when I first tried to give him "Tone" on his belly at the shelter during nail trimming day. That was how he "caught my eye." We have come a long way from those days.
  Charlie also likes to visit Poppa in his writing room. He is the one ferret that comes and goes on his own from there. Poppa opens the door and invites Charles in for his "big adventure with Poppa time." He is commonly seen crawling over the bag that carries Civil War paraphernalia off to camp. Oh, what wonderful smells it contains. It is usually necessary to be sure that a "Dancing Weasel" does not travel along in that bag!
  Scooter is still a tiny bear, but no longer the smallest in the Ryan mustelid family. She and Charlie maintain their life of solidarity - always loyal to one another - others are seen as uninvited guests. They are the "Dancing with the Weasel Stars," in this show. They still hold the land war dance and weaseling records. Watching them cruise through the house playing and tussling with each other just warms the heart. A beautiful display of weasel synchronicity. Both enjoy a wet visit to the tub for a drink and any form of entertainment discovered there. Scooter is still faster than a blink of an eye and loves going out to the garage with Charlie.
  Scoots has weaseled her way into Poppa's heart and pays him visits for a daily belly rub. She however, wants no part of going down those stairs! Charles is happier with a treat and a good head scratch. Their nipping issues have become more sophisticated as gentle reminders when snacks are over due.

July 19, 2010:
  Certainly, I'll send one in a few days as I work on them. FYI they are all doing well. Luke did finally go on Pred and Diazoxide, but it has not slowed him down any! Jack just got a Des implant. He and Jillie are still gorgeous ferrets. Scooter now lies in our arms and snuggles on Mike's chest. Charlies is far friendlier and comes by for a snuggle but it is usually far shorter that Pootsie's.
  I believe I told you my beloved Eggie (Jack of Sammie and Jack) succumbed to lymphoma. I was quite thankful it was such a short period of time that he showed any symptoms. Doc called me personally and requested I bring him in so he might do a necropsy which he put on his tab. He was shocked when I called to cancel the ultrasound (in which he was looking for lymphoma because it was not found on papation of the lymph glands.). He called me back and was so great about explaining what he found and expressing his sympathy. I just love all of them over there!
  Hope all is well with the shelter kids and you. CR

March 19, 2010:
  Scooter and Charlie have also moved to a new level of settling in. Scooter is now into climbing up pant legs - any one silly enough to allow her going in farther than 12 inches is destined to feel her teeth kisses. Charlie likes to stick his head into pant legs, but is so much bigger than Scoots he doesn't go far. They like to climb onto the couch, visit, tunnel under covers, stop for head and belly scratches, come by for snacks and bound off together in their "ferret dance." Neither of them nip at hands any more, and enjoy being held and cuddled - unless they are on a mission of interest -- then it is just a quick layover to say hi and let us know they are around. Scoots has a Des implant as well and a nice solid sable coat - Mike still calls her Miss Bristles. Soft fur does not seem to be a part of her fashion style. Charlie's coat is changing with age and is another one that is very, very soft!

February 13, 2010:
  All kids are well. Luke and Eggie are going to get ultrasounds to compare original measurements as I think they are running out of Des in the implant - Luke is getting aggressive - Luke of all ferrets - the lover!! 17 months isn't bad! Both have gorgeous coats still. Scooter got Des in October, had new Des hairs in 4 weeks. Scooter and Charlie are very cuddly bears now. Jack and Jill are hysterical. They are like watching three Stooges movies with toys in and out of rooms chasing each other. Both still have the beautiful coats they came with. Jillie is still mopping!
  More later CR.

September 29, 2008:
  Heeeelllooooo, Muuuum, its Uuuussss, Scoooter and Charrrrlieeee:
  Well, here we are in our Forever Home in Brockport. We are just having a grand time. I was able to escape on Poppa today. Charlie did too, but he got nabbed. I however am faster than the speed of light and I got out to the deck. Mom showed up a few minutes later. I don't know what the big deal was. They were going walking and Charlie and I just wanted to go too! Mom had to tie up her hiking boots. Poppa was all worried about me. Mom came strolling out with the SNACK (Yum, Yum our favorite) Bag and called "Scooter Pooter Pie, I got snacks." Well, Poppa was a looking and looking and Mom and Charlie and I were already having snacks! Mom had a good ferrety laugh, while Poppa just stood there shaking his head! We did not get to go walking, but we did get an extra snack today!
  We've been hanging out here since January 20, 2008 when we hopped a ride with Eggie over here. All nine of us were driving our new family nuts. Jillie was flying through the air with the greatest of ease hooking onto the top of the playpen and jumping in to fight with me. I did good, I am a good fighter Mum! At first we got to hang out in playpens during the day, but we would bite each other through the playpen fence -- there was lots of hissing too. Mom declared she could never have more than nine ferrets. We had three playgroups, she was stepping over palypens and putting us in different rooms. Then we fought under the doors - it was really fun, but not for Mom.
  Then Mom got her tax money. She was reading the FML and they had a big discussion about the Ferret Nation cages. Mom said she really liked them when she met all the DMK kids who stayed in them in Lynx, Ohio at the Ohio Rescue. She thought maybe she could keep part of her mind if she bought us new Ferret Nations cages. Poppa and Colin are saying they do not see a change, but Mom feels less stress so we all think she is more sane even if Pop and Colin don't! (You learn to say what you have to to get your FerreTone!)
  Well, not only did Mom get us FN cages, but she got us some great special cubes and cuddle beds from Rose German. She has DMK kids too and she and Mom have gotten to be friends. We love our beds. Charlie sleeps on top the cube and I sleep inside, but we both love to snuggle together in our cuddle bed. Mom even makes sure we get the special blanket that we came here with.
  We have the bunks from your store under our door so we can jump out safely, and sleep in there after we get pooped. Mom has to move them away from our cage and Jack and Jill's when we are out or Jack and Jill are out. Jack likes to climb up to us and sniff us and try to bite us - we try to bite him too. He gets all "uppity" and bossy with the other kids when that happens, so Mom tries to keep us away from each other. See why she is crazy???
  Poppa likes to call me "The little one with the big feet!" Sometimes we sneak up on whichever human is snuggled in the foof chair and we bite them to see if they are awake. Then we run fast! Poppa picks up Chalrie and every time he asks, "Which one is this?" Boy, you'd think he would figure it out since he is only out with me and my big feet! Charlie can be found most of the time because he is noisy. He is usually dragging someone's sneakers around going clump, clump, clump! I can sometimes be found because I leave a trail of my squeaky toys!
  I got to meet our new vet too, cause I had a tummy ache. He helped save Mom lots of money by helping us on his day off. I got to hang out in the back room and I finally passed the thing I ate. Mom thinks I stole a pencil eraser off one of Colin's pencils from his backpack. No more of them for me, I could have had a zipper put in, but I didn't have too. Doc gave me some medicines cause I had some bacterias in my tummy that were not suppose to be there. I am as good as new now! Charlie missed me I think - he snuggled with me when Mom put me to bed to rest from all my 'citement!
¯ It is time for a snuggle with Mom and Charlie. We are happy and running around like crazy. Take care of yourself Mum and all the other weasels at the shelter!
  Your Scooter and Charlie.

January 26, 2008:
  Jack may be known as Jumping Jack Flash. He is Jillie in the male form! Mike immediately made the connection as he declared Jack psychotic just like that "Other one!" Scooter made more of an entrance as she bit Mike and drew blood in the webbing of the thumb/index finger area. She apparently thinks that is how she should respond to feet - mine in particular. We will work on that. I was informed that Charlie will be becoming more dignified. "Anyone can name a weasel Charlie, but the cool people call him Charles," so I suspect he will soon be walking on his hind paws with one hand in the pocket of his smoking jacket and articulating himself with a bit of a sophisticated accent.

January 28, 2008:
  Kids are doing okay. We have a schedule falling into place. Some nipping going on. Jumping Jack plays with Smokey, White Bear, Tunie, Feets and The Reverend. The Rev. however needs to be supervised. They had a squabble this am. I supervise them anyway, but I have to really pay attention so Jack doesn't out of the blue nail Jumping Jack. Scooter and Charlie will be a far harder challenge, maybe even as tough as Jillie. We'll just take it one day at a time. They are happy to just be a pair. They are funny. They act as though they didn't get much ferret play in their developmental years. I watch them and they seem to be hesitant of certain skills, not sure if they can't or just haven't done these things. It sounds like a herd of horses upstairs. They are racing the length of the house! The kids have always loved being able to go up there once in a while to run and roll on the floor rugs.

February 4, 2008:
  I am happy to report that Jumping Jack had his first sleepover with Smokey, Tunie and WhiteBear last night. He is often off as a loner, but I did have him and Tunes kicking up a storm in the peanut box today. Feets thinks he quite the snuggling buddy too. Jillie stuck her nose under the door and got it bit by, I suspect, Scooter Pie last night. She was very unhappy. I scooped her up and carried her about on my shoulder. She was way bigger than a bottle brush. We had a talk about being the new kid on the block and how we all have to help each other adjust. I think she was even swearing cause she was making ferret noises I have not heard before. Scooter and Sir Charles are out and about since the other crews have had their time this am and gone to bed. They are happy to have the place to themselves. They sniff around for the others and when everyone is out with dividers they get uppity if they get too close. It took two months to get Jack and Jillie integrated, I'm figuring I'll do well if I get all of them together in 3-4 months. One day at a time.

February 6, 2008:
  The kids are doing well. Scooter was last seen riding on Colin's head. I could not find Charlie last night. He was not in the usual hiding places. I decided to pull out the bottom drawer. Everyone had so much stuff stashed under there Charlie had a soft bed of stuffed animals.
  They all come when called and Scooter has now mastered going down stairs. I set up the playpen so kids could be in it with a tube, bunks and some toys, litter etc. Some are in the pen, others run and can sniff through the pen. They seem to enjoy that. I have since discovered that Miss Fly through the air Jillie can leap over, catch the top, pull herself over and be inside like a Ferret Ninja in a heart beat. So, this will require reconfiguration. She however, has not figured out how to get out once she is in.

February 17, 2008:
  Kids are doing pretty well. Scooter is turning into a smuggler. Charlie is dooking up a storm and Jumping Jack likes being upside down, in the the tube, under the couch, in his cube in the cage.   Jillie and Jack are still not sure what is up with all this, but the others are liking Jumping Jack. Even Smokey got in the play in the tubes this am.
  Everyone knows Scooter and Charles are here, but they don't pay them as much attention as J. Jack as he is on their turf more at this point cause he sleeps with the others.