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   • Surrendered to the Shelter July 19, 2009.
   • Dancer was a dark sable male. He left for the Rainbow Bridge October 17, 2015.
   • Read Dancer's latest updates below.

   • Dancer has a not so far away, far away mom in Rochester, NY.


  Dancer was found on a porch by Deann in Clifton Springs, NY.

October 17, 2015:
  I found Dancer in a full-blown crash when I was getting him up, I gave him a Dex shot at noon, he is gone.

September 14, 2015:
  Dancer is holding his own, he is getting soup in the middle day. He did well today.

September 13, 2015:
  Dancer is really struggling, he was crashing early afternoon so Lisa fed him 2 cubes of soup. Donna took him to the play yard about 2:30 he was not well enough to stay, he was foaming at the mouth and unable to walk. Donna brought him back in we gave him a Dex shot. At soup time he ate 2 1/2 bowls of soup. Donna had to hold him because he could not stand to eat.

August 8, 2015:
  When I got Dancer up he was in a crash, I gave him a Dex and put him back in his cage, he has been struggling for a few days so time will tell if he comes out of it. He had his soup with meds this morning and still crashed.

April 28, 2015:
  Dancer was/is sick, he was gagging and frothing at the mouth about 11 so I gave him some Carafate and put him up here in the living room to keep an eye on him. About 12:40 Pm Dancer got up to pee, then ate a treat. He looked better a bit unsteady on his feet but was moving. When I got home from work I took him in to put him away, gave him Carafate before tucking him in. I did everyone's meds then gave Dancer his last. Carafate must go in alone, with no eating for 20 min. He got up to eat his soup and meds when I gave them to him, it appears he ate all of it.

March 30, 2015:
  Max got out of the room I thought I had secured. Dancer was on the other side so I had to break up a fight. I think Dancer got the best of Max because when I tossed Max back into the room to see if I could catch him get out again he just hid in the tent. Little bugger.

March 1, 2015:
  Dancer was struggling yesterday, he is on Pred 2 times a day as of today. Someone in the 8 in the box gang now 4 - has black tarry stool. I found it when I was looking for them to put them away.
  Dancer is doing much better now that he is on Pred 2 times a day.

December 26, 2014:
  Mum got our bedding in our cage!


November 21, 2014:
  Hi far away Mom, I love my present but I love the paper and bag more...thanks! I love you


November 21, 2014:
  Mum found 2 very big boxes on the porch yesterday. They were from the Sims family. Here is Dancer checking out his presents. He was having a grand time, he was more interested than Frankie was. Thanks Miss Debbie and Mr. Butch!


August 12, 2014:
  Dancer is responding well to just soup so I am pleased with the results. Tori and I had purchased some acidophilus to sprinkle on the kids food. Several of them have had real cow pie poops. The acidophilus is doing the trick things are improving.

August 11, 2014:
  I found Dancer crashed this morning when I got down stairs, so he is now on soup 2 times a day. He was very responsive when I took soup to his cage tonight.

April 14, 2014:
Dancer enjoying the toys Miss Peach sent!

February 21, 2013:
  Dancer hanging out in Mum's space


December 24, 2012:
  Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!


July 14, 2011:
  This morning as I was getting second shift up and putting first shift away - I found lots of very sick kids – 3 were on deaths door when I got them up.   Dancer is not showing any physical signs of distress but he has some nasty poops - started him on Albon.

Christmas Gifts Picture - 2009:


December 11, 2009:
  Dancer now has a not so far away, far away mom in Rochester, NY!

August 15, 2009:
  Dancer is a hoot! The little man does not stand still for a second! The first few days he was here I could not keep him in any play room we have. That is quite the feat because all barriers are 29” high and nothing is near the barrier to use to get over them. I think he came in with wings under his fur.
  The longer he is here the more content he is to stay in the rooms I put him in. I do have to be careful not to put him in the ferret room, play room or play pen because he can get out of there but the bigger rooms he seems to be happy to stay in now. He is a sweet boy that just wants to play.

August 13, 2009:
  I named him Dancer because he does not stand still. I do not have a picture of him yet because he does not stand still. I will work on getting that done this weekend.

July 19, 2009:
  He has no name at this time; he looks to be about 1 ½ yrs old dark sable. He was thin and in need of food but for the most part he is in good condition.