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Kiwi & Miku

   • Surrendered to the Shelter October 23, 2011.
   • Kiwi is a champagne female. DOB June 6, 2010.
   • Miku was a sable female. DOB June 6, 2010. She left for the Rainbow Bridge October 20, 2016.
   • Read about how Kiwi & Miku arrived by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.

   • Kiwi & Miku have a not so far away, far away mom in Canandaigua, NY.

  Miku has Insulinoma and adrenal disease. She is on Pred and soup two times a day, as well as being treated for adrenal disease. The girls will spend the remainder of their lives with us.



May 24, 2017:
  Miku asked to get out of the pen last night, I let her have the living room.

May 19, 2017:
  Miku is thriving in the pen.. eating and drinking.. pooping awesome poops she is a happy little girl up here.

April 19, 2017:
  I have had to do a Dex shot on both Louise and Kiwi tonight.

April 3, 2017:
AM Update: Kiwi has gone back to refusing her soup with meds. I offered it twice yesterday, the morning dish she ate some, the evening dish none. This morning none. I am trying to decide if I should push her or keep her comfortable, that decision needs to be made before I go back down stairs. I am leaning towards Dex to see if that helps her interest in her soup again.

PM Update: Kiwi had good looking poo on her pad, that indicates she was eating so I gave her a Dex shot before I left for work this morning. she was much more alert when I got her up for soup, She ate most of her soup with meds tonight.

February 14, 2017:
  I forgot to tell you that Kiwi is eating soup with meds now.

January 23, 2017:
  I checked Kiwi's BG this morning her numbers are up to 64. So the Dex shot every other day seems to be keeping her going. She is much more active and her poops are much better.

January 16, 2017:
  I have both Kiwi and Wilson back on track. I left a spoon full of soup for Kiwi last night it was gone this morning, we have good looking poops again on her pad. I got her up to give her a Dex - then gave her another spoonful of soup. She went right for it ate it all. I left her more. It seems now that she is feeling better she is willing to eat. I will keep increasing the soup until she will eat enough to put Pred in it.

January 13, 2017:
  Kiwi she is not acting well either, she has funky poo tonight - I will do a BG on her in the morning probably start her on meds as well. She is not crazy for soup so I will have to do her meds with a dropper.

January 12, 2017:
  Oh I got Kiwi and Wilson BG done again Wilson's was 36 Kiwi was 53. Wilson is now taking his meds from a dropper without giving me a hard time. Kiwi fights me when I try to give her soup in anyway. I will continue to use the Dex if I have to, to get her numbers up to keep her stable.

December 23, 2016:
  Kiwi with her presents


October 31, 2016:
  Kiwi was doing the happy dance yesterday. She is finally coming around to being alone. Louise is doing well too. I guess that morning I found the messes in her hammock was her not feeling well that day.

October 20, 2016:
  Miku had rallied for the past couple of days. She was eating soup and doing okay. I was keeping them both in the smaller floor covered areas so Miku could get around more easily. They had the playpen all night last night, soup was gone out of both dishes. When I served the 2 dishes of soup this morning however Miku was not feeling well and was not interested in soup or handling. It appears her rallying is at it's end.

PM Update: Miku is gone.

October 18, 2016:
AM Update: I found Kiwi just before I went to bed. I was rubbing the cream into my knee and saw movement in my laundry basket. She was sleeping in my clean laundry. I got her put away before I went to bed.
  I found the soup in Miku's cage gone this morning, I am not sure if she or Kiwi ate it. I did not even disturb Miki this morning, when she is up she paces and acts agitated so if she is sleeping I will let her sleep.

PM Update: Miku is hanging in, she was ready to have some soup tonight, I gave them both a bowl, they had their faces in the bowl when I was shutting the shelter down.

October 17, 2016:
  Miku was in a crash this morning, she got a Dex. I have been giving her, her meds in a dropper of soup she is no longer interested in her soup.

PM Update: Miku is refusing to eat even the dropper of soup. I have decided I am not going to force her to live. I left her a bowl of soup in her cage if she decides she wants it.
  Her sissy Kiwi is M.I.A.- she has been missing all day. She and Miku had the kitchen, I found Miku sleeping in the fish at the bottom of the stairs, I have not found Kiwi. I have her cage tagged with a MIA card, Angel has the kitchen and my space, she may find Kiwi. Time will tell. I don't think I was in the cupboards at all today but I opened them just in case I was and Kiwi got in one of them.

October 16, 2016:
  I forgot to tell you about Miku being one of my interruptions yesterday. She was crashing when Pam and Bill got here to pick up their girls. I got some Dex in her put her in the playpen. When I got home from work she had not responded to the Dex I gave her at noon, so I gave her another Dex shot. I really thought we were losing her. She was up banging at her cage bars this morning. She had her soup both this morning and this afternoon.. I really did not think I was going to save her.

October 15, 2016:
  Miku was crashing again yesterday mid- morning, I gave her a Dex she was antsy at soup time, did not want her soup. She was still antsy this morning and did not want her soup.

October 4, 2016:
  Miku was in a crash yesterday when I got her up, I gave her a Dex shot at 11:30 she was ready for her soup last night and is doing well this morning.

September 26, 2016:
  Miku was up and had eaten her soup over the night, she ate her bowl soup this morning with no problem.

September 25, 2016:
  Miku was in a crash this morning, I had to do a Dex, she was up and about this afternoon at meds time but did not want her soup. I left it in the cage for her, I hope she will eat later.

August 22, 2016:
  Miku was up and rattling the cage bars for her soup.

August 21, 2016:
  When I got kids up this morning I found Miku in a full blown crash, I did a Dex shot put her and her sissy in the play pen. I periodically checked on her and thought she was not going to come back. I checked in on her again at 2 finding her alert and responsive. I put them back in their cage each with a dish of soup, neither of them touched it. I am surprised I really did not expect she was going to come back for me. It took 10 hours for her little body to respond to the Dex. When I offered her soup at meds time she ate it. I am encouraged.

July 13, 2016:
  Maggie was acting very lethargic this morning so I did a BG test, her numbers were 61. Kiwi was acting the same so I did a BG test on her and her numbers are 107. Maggie is now on meds, Kiwi is not. Since Maggie is now on meds and George is getting only soup tomorrow will be moving day for them. I will get Maggie into the cage on the meds bank of cages.

May 4, 2016:
Hello, this is Carly. I surrendered my two ferrets in 2011, and I sometimes check up on them to see how they're doing and if they've been adopted. Have there been any updates since November?
  I heard miku was having a hard time walking. I don't think they've been adopted so I was just wondering if you could just let me know a bit on how they're doing. Thank you!
Shelter Response: Good morning Carly, I guess not I will need to get that taken care of. This post will be added to their page. Yes she has Insulinoma and now adrenal disease. She is on Pred and soup two times a day, as well as being treated for adrenal disease. The girls are doing well considering their age. They are happy, busy little girls. They have not been adopted but they have a far away family that helps support them monthly and give them special gifts on occasion. Thanks for checking in. - Brenda

November 23, 2015:
  Miku was struggling to walk yesterday so I did a BG test on her...21 she is now on Pred 2 times a day. She was on just soup.

March 28, 2015:
  I have started Miku on soup she has been acting a bit spacey lately.

December 26, 2014:
  Mum got our bedding in our cage!


December 06, 2014:
  Miku and Kiwi opening their presents from their not so far away, far away Mom. Thanks for helping Mum take care of us.


January 15, 2014:
  This morning while I was working on Christmas thank you cards I heard something behind me, when I turned to look I found Miku on my desk, I set her down she got right back up. The camera was sitting here so I got some pictures of her up here.


December 29, 2012:
  Dear far away mom,
Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!
We love my presents and so does Mum!


April 12, 2012:
  The day with Seneca Lake Terrace residents went great, all but one of the residents loved the girls – all touched them a few held them. The girls were so busy they did not want to be still so Shaylyn and I held them at the same time we allowed the residents to hold them.
  We spent 30 minutes with the residents on the main side of the building then Elaine helped me get the pen down to memory care for us to set up with the girls down there. Once we set up there Elaine and I went back to get Shaylyn and the girls.
  The folks on Memory care were also thrilled to see the ferrets. Kay held one of the girls. The day was a huge success, we were asked to come back again.

November 16, 2011:
  The new girls now have one more room they can not be in – Miku jumped the barrier from the library to the kitchen this morning – pretty soon I will need to hang them from the ceiling to keep them where I want them. VBG

November 6, 2011:
  Miss Stephanie, Alex and Mr Tom,
Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you for all the wonderful presents you brought us – even syrup for Mum! - Miku and Kiwi


November 4, 2011:
  Well the girls are certainly settling in – they now have 3 cards on their cage with places they can not go:
  The bathroom: I found Kiwi up on the sink where I store the news papers, she was trying to decide if she could clear the distance between where she was standing and the barrier to the kitchen. Fortunately I walked into the bathroom just about the time she was making her decision to jump.
  The Play Pen: yesterday I put the girls in the play pen while I was at work for my morning run. When I got home all the things I have on the end of the pen, i.e. napkins, ferretone, water, scissors and news papers, were all on the floor – a good indication that someone in the pen was no longer in the pen. Sure enough Kiwi was up on top of the tallest cage looking down at me.
  The kitchen: I do not remember which one of the girls knows how to get though the gate between the hall and the living room, that was the second day they were here so which one it was escapes me – they can get on my desk and cause all kinds of havoc so they do not get the kitchen unless I am home and sitting at my desk to keep them off the desk.
  They are doing fantastic – they are now eating some of the other food in their dishes. I have not weighed them in the last few days but they both seem to have muscled up, their coats are getting softer and thicker.

October 27, 2011:
  I got the girls weighed this morning – Kiwi has gained 8 OZ since they arrived Miku has maintained the weight she came in with.

October 26, 2011:
  The girls got their first taste of Duck Soup – the way they acted when I tried to give them some with dropper you would have thought I was trying to poison them – Miku took about 3 mls Kiwi was only willing to take 2 mls – I do not force them the first few times because once they realize this is food they will be hooked.
  They found the rice box this morning what a ball they were having; Kiwi has already learned to come to the barrier when I tap on it. They feel like they have gained some weight, I will weigh them when I get home from work this morning, I still do not trust them to be in the kitchen/mums space when I am not home.
  The girls love to climb, so being in mums space gives them lots to get into and hurt on if they should decide to climb on my desk, hence they do not get mums space when mum is not home.

October 24, 2011:
  The girls did well last night – there was poop in the box that looked good so they ate during the night – good sign – here are the pictures I took of them yesterday after you left – they got to scope out my space – what a blast they had.   This morning they are up and in the dining room – that is where new kids start on my work days – I will be leaving for work in about 15 min so I need to know they will be safe and unable to get into trouble while I am gone – the dining room is the room that I can depend on that they can not get into too much trouble to cause them harm anyway.

October 23, 2011:
  Meet the 2 new kids at the shelter – both girls Kiwi and Miku Tiny girls – both are 1 yr 4 months old.
  Kiwi weighed in at 1lb 4.1oz
  Miku weighed in at 1lb 12.1oz
  They came in eating MF kibble only so I expect once I get them to eat our mix they will fatten up a bit, they have little muscle mass but I was told they did not climb in the home they were in – they will climb here just to get into their beds and hammocks.



Initial contact, September 14, 2011, Melanie:
  I have two female ferrets that I need to surrender as soon as possible. They belong to my daughter, and we have had them for a little over a year. Both are approximately a year and a half old, and are Marshall ferrets that were purchased from Pet Smart.
  We need to surrender them because my daughter is allergic. She actually became severely ill about 5 months after bringing them home. We didn't know at the time what was making her so sick, but after several ED visits, testing, endoscopies, 3 months of missed school, etc; we found that she has a form of allergic Esophagitis. (Eosiniphillic Esophagitis) This was causing her to vomit up to 20 times a day. A few weeks ago she had environmental allergy testing, so we brought the ferret hair in with us, and they put it in saline before putting it on her back. The results were 3/8 which is pretty significant for a "homemade" solution.
  I feel like I need to tell you this (long) story so you know we're not giving them up because we're sick of them. They are making HER sick.
  We've given our name and number to the local pet store where we shop, where there are ferret lovers who might want them, and have had no luck. The only lead we've had is the local "ferret lady" who currently has over 20 of them, but we don't think that's the best place for them.
Our only option at this time is Lollypop farm, (we live in Rochester) but my daughter knows that if they go there and they are not adopted out, they'll be euthanized, and that will destroy her, so taking them there is not going to work. She prefers we don't advertise (like Craigslist) either because she won't feel ensured that they're going to a good home.
  Can you help us out?
  Thank you,

Brenda's response:
  If you are willing to follow our requirements, I have room to take them. - Brenda

Melanie's response:
  Looks like they're due for their vaccinations on the 20th. So, we'll get that squared away, and you'll take them?

Brenda's response:
  Yes - this is every thing that needs to come with them – you are getting the last opening we have so this is time sensitive for the girls.
  * The ferrets must be current on Rabies and Distemper vaccines with documentation. NYS requires yearly Rabies and this shelter also requires Distemper. You may use your own Vet as long as they give you documentation of both vaccines. If you prefer you can contact the Vet the shelter uses, they already know what Documentation we need. Dr. Edwards at Brockport Animal Hospital 6352 Brockport Spencerport Rd, Brockport, NY 14420 phone number (585) 637-6190
  * Everything that belongs to the ferret must come with them: toys, blankets, including the cage.
  * Enough food and water to get him/her through a minimum of 4 weeks so it gives them time to acclimate to what the shelter uses.

October 19, 2011, Melanie's response:
  Brenda...I have an appointment for tomorrow morning 10-20-11 for the ferrets vaccinations.. When would be a good time to bring them to you? The weekend? Thanks, Melanie

Brenda's response:
  Hi Melanie – we had a bit of a catastrophe here yesterday so I was unable to sit in front of the computer - This weekend would be great if you could, I like them surrendered as close to the vet appointment completion as possible. Let me know how the girls made out – please do not forget to bring everything that belongs to them including their cage, enough food to get them through until they adjust to our mix, and the documentation – if you do not have that with you they will not be able to stay. Please keep me informed so I know where we are in this transfer, that way I can have things ready for them when they get here. Brenda

Melanie's response:
  Brenda...they made out just fine. Only problem is, and I forgot about this from last year's appointment, is that they don't like to give them both of the vaccines at the same visit. They like to spread it out in a week. However, the doc said she would give them the Distemper on Saturday (they had rabies today), and then give them a little shot of some Benadryl to ensure they handle the vaccines so close together. I just want to make sure you're okay with that, since they'll be coming to you shortly after that. Of course, this depends on if we can bring them on Sunday, as this is the only weekend day we'd be able to do it. If not, I'll cancel their appointment, and make another one for a day next week, and we can try again next weekend. Thanks so much for helping us out. Melanie

Brenda's response:
  Yes I agree not doing both vaccines at the same time is not a good idea we do the same for the kids we need to have vaccinated from here.
  What Doc did you use? Personally I would not do the Benadryl unless they have a reaction, but that is up to your vet.
  I am okay with that. Sunday is perfect! No need to push this into next week, bring them Sunday, the sooner they get here the better after their shots. Brenda

Melanie's response:
  They see Dr. Sarah Gebbie at Suburban Animal Hospital in Henrietta. She's a really great vet. I just think she wants to be sure as she doesn't like to do them so close together, which I understand. They are very healthy, though, so I don't foresee any problems.
  Any particular time work best for you? Will I be able to find clear directions to your place on Google maps or MapQuest?
  About how much water would you recommend, and what kind? Distilled? Spring? ( We've been giving them tap)
  Just FYI...my daughter wants to come along, although I'm trying to discourage it, because I think it will be too hard for her. However, if she does, be prepared for a sobbing, inconsolable 13 years old :(
  Thanks again,

Brenda's response:
  Okay sounds good - after noon before 4 if you can manage it.
  We are located on State Route 21: I-390 South, Take Exit 10 Lima/Avon, Turn Left on 5 & 20, Turn Right onto RT 64, Continue on to RT 21
  When you get to Woodville you will go 5 miles further – on the left – see attached – that is the sign out in our front yard. The barn is first - come down the driveway between the barn and house - the water you have been giving them, so they do not get tummy aches - I have had 15 yrs of tears – I am used to it – let her come if she wishes