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Patter, AKA Marshmallow & Pitter, AKA Ollie

   • Surrendered to the Shelter on April 24, 2014. They found a Forever Home on April 26, 2014!
   • Patter, AKA Marshmallow is a brown sable male.
   • Pitter, AKA Ollie is a black sable male.

   • Read their story by clicking here, or read their latest updates below.


December 15, 2016:
  A little ferret told me it is a special birthday for you today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for all you do for our ferrets and the hundreds (thousands??) of ferrets that you have taken care of over the years. I've attached pictures of all of the kids.
Best wishes for a wonderful year!
  Caren, Julio, Nathan, and Emily


July 28, 2016:
  The diarrhea seems to be resolving. Ollie is acting himself and Marsh is getting a little better, but still not quite back to normal.

July 26, 2016:
  They boys actually both have diarrhea, and Marsh doesn't seem as playful as usual. Do any of the other ferrets have diarrhea? We're hoping that being at home and having a little acidophilus will help them get back to normal soon.

Shelter Mum's Response: Okay. I found some yesterday morning not bad but I wondered. Good yes that should do it.. please keep me in the loop? Thanks.

July 17, 2016:
Hi Emily and Nathan,
  How is your vacation going? You should be at the cottage by now with your family. We are having a good time at came. Aunt Brenda gets us up at 3 am feeds us soup first thing. Then we get to hang out and play where ever she puts us for the start of our day.
  This morning we got the library first. Aunt Brenda has 7 campers here this week. Billy Ryan came in yesterday afternoon, he used to live here just like we did. We are having a great time at camp, we hope you are having fun on your vacation too.
We love you
  Marshmallow and Ollie

Mom and Dad's Response: We miss you too! We are having a blast and got up early for us (6:15). We are at the lodge on the side of a mountain and we love hanging with our cousins. Glad you're having fun eating soup and jelly!
  Nathan and Emily

July 15, 2016:
Dear Nathan and Emily, we are having a blast at camp... wait till you hear this story... Aunt Brenda had us out in her space with her this morning; she was making herself some pancakes for breakfast. We were checking out the toy box at the bottom of the stairs, upstairs toy box and sleep box just kinda hanging out when Aunt Brenda put some treats in the treat dish for us.
  Aunt Brenda loves homemade jelly on her pancakes, (yes she makes her own jellies and jams) so she was making one pancake at a time eating them as they came off the griddle. She walked over to where we were finishing up the treats to do something and some of the black raspberry jelly slid off her rolled up pancake and onto the floor. Before she could bend down to wipe it up me had it all cleaned up and gone for her!
  That is the best black raspberry jelly I've ever tasted! (Aunt Brenda says we are not supposed to have jelly) BUT Aunt Brenda told me it was not enough to hurt me, I sure hope she makes pancakes again and I get to taste more jelly!
  We hope you are well... Aunt Brenda says she will work on pictures of us at camp this weekend.
  We love and miss you, but boy camp is the best!
  Ollie and marshmallow

April 9, 2016:
  It's good to hear from you! We've been a bit crazy as Julio was deployed in Korea for 6 weeks and now he's at the Niagara Falls air base for another 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to a return to "normalcy." The furless kids are doing really well. They both are enjoying school, dancing, and playing with the boys!
  Ollie and Marshmallow are once again enjoying extra space to run around. (Their area to roam and play is a bit smaller during Christmas time as they would get all up in the tree.) Some of their favorite activities are snuggling up inside of Nathan's drawers and going into the shower when someone is in there so they can drink the water! Ollie is persistent whenever he wants something and will follow us around like a puppy. Marsh loves to "juggle" one of his shakers as he lies on his back in his rice box. We love having them as part of our family. Their bouncy and curious nature always makes us smile. Caren


April 26, 2015:
  I think Ollie broke his finger last night; he got it caught and then twisted himself all around before I got there to get him out. He favors that front paw especially when he's standing, but still is putting weight on it and walking around. I'm assuming that it is similar to human fingers in that there isn't much you can do. Do you know of any reason to call Doc?
On a happier note, it's Ollie and Marsh's birthday today. As always, thanks for your help!

Shelter response:
  Pretty much the same yes, if he seems to be favoring more as the day goes on I would call doc on Monday morning we may want to be sure he did not dislocate something further up his front leg. If he seems to be using it more as the day goes on then just keep an eye on him.
  No reason to call Doc at least not today… just monitor him as you would one of your 2 legged furless kids.
  Oh happy birthday to the boys!!!

November 13, 2014:
  They are playing as we speak! They have been very happy being home and playing with the kids and their usual toys. We've also been giving them extra cuddles.
  Their poop has been looking normal, though ill-placed! Haha Thanks for taking care of them while we were away. Caren

  I am pleased to hear this. Yeah you can littler train a ferret BUT the world is their toilet!
  My pleasure...I love doing it. I appreciate your trust in me to care for them. Brenda

October 4, 2014:
  Ollie and Marshmallow continue to do really well! Ollie loves snuggling with Nathan or Julio, and Marshmallow seems to want to play all the time. Similar to Fiona, Emily is the only one who can hold Marshmallow for a longer period of time. They both love their "tube" and we are amazed at their jumping ability. Ollie likes to show Freddy Teddy (a really big stuffed bear) that he's boss, and Marshmallow likes to climb up on top of the cage to fall asleep in the box of blankets. We love them both and they seem to like us right back. Hope all is well in Naples!

June 30, 2014:
  It's amazing to see how much the boys like to play together. Their favorite toy is their corrugated pipe that they like to run and chase each other through. They, of course, have picked out their favorite couch to hide toys underneath. The best part of all is the laughter of our kids when they're playing with Ollie and Marshmallow. We love watching all of our kids play together. As you can see in the picture, when it was time to take a picture before leaving for Emily's Pre-K Graduation, she wanted to make sure we took a picture with her little brothers!


May 13, 2014:
  Video clip of the boys

May 12, 2014:
  The boys are great. We're still working on getting them to go to the bathroom in the right place, but we have a more open space then they did at the shelter. They are certainly comfortable in their home and now enjoy sleeping in a hammock. Our whole family is really happy to have them, and it's especially fun to watch them do the "hippity-hop."
  I'll get on the picture. I have a video of them playing, but it's a minute long and probably too long to send over email.

May 01, 2014:
  They both had a great checkup with doc. All looks well and they got their shots. Thanks for everything!

April 28, 2014:
  The boys (and the furless kids) are loving every minute. They are transitioning really well and love exploring their new home (at least the parts they've seen so far). Nathan and Emily are helping them get into the playing mode and we've seen lots of dancing and heard some excited noises from both Ollie (Pitter) and Marshmallow (Patter). Nathan says, "They are 100% good," and Emily says, "They are the best ferrets we ever had and we love them so much."
  I noted the really nice write-up you had this morning for the listserv, and we will definitely get you a picture!
Thank you for helping us find the newest members of our family.

April 27, 2014:
  Hey cyber friends we have some really great news to share! The 2 new boys that you helped name, Pitter and Patter well they left for their NEW 4-ever home yesterday! How is that for a fast and quick turnaround time?
  Mum had them scheduled to see OFD this coming Thursday for well visit and vaccines. Mum got a call on Friday from shelter friends, they wanted to come see the fur kids that are here to adopt one or two. Their last little girl Fiona left for Rainbow Bridge back in October of 2013. Since they live closer to OFD Julio and Caren said they would get the boys up to their vet appointment. They use OFD for their fur kids too, all is good Mum does not need to make the trip, the boys have a new 4-ever home and they will be checked out by OFD on Thursday morning.
  This family had all their ducks in a row, see once you are vetted and cleared for adoption, you can come find a fur kid or 2 or 3 or 4. We have lots of shelter moms and dads out there that come back repeatedly to adopt. Sometimes like Miss Nicky and Mr. Pete they will take in fur kids that need a place to go when Mum has no room for them or they are in the areas that these folks live so they take them in, you can see how that works here http://www.ferretfarm.org/FerretsHelped.html Anyway we wanted to share the great news about the boys you helped name.

Sarah and Daisy doing the happy dance for the boys.




Initial Contact, April 21, 2014:
Hello! My name is kim and I live in lyons, NY. The tenants behind me have 2 ferrets brother and sister. Currently they are in a cage outside with no bedding. She is trying to get rid of them. She does not have papers, because they were kind of pushed on here by a previous owner. I would love to rescue them and send them to your shelter. Please let me know the options I have available. Thanks, Kim

Shelter response: If you can get them out of there we will take them… it is TOO hot for them to be outside.

Kim’s response: Thanks! I definitely agree with it being too hot! Please let me know what time and day would be best. Plus I need the facilities address. Thank you! Kim

Shelter response, April 22, 2014:
  Can you please get a picture of the place this person is keeping these ferret? We need it for Animal Control. Thanks in advance. - Brenda

Brie, April 22, 2014:
  Do the 2 need to go be picked up?

Shelter response, April 23, 2014:
  Still waiting for the picture you said you were going to send.

Kim's response, April 30, 2014:
  So here are the photos sorry it took so long. How are they doing by the way? Do they have names yet?