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Ferrets at Camp

   When fur kids come to Camp they are housed in their own special boarding room and are integrated into the Shelter schedule and rotation. The boarders get to get up for play time first. Boarders are allowed in all the play rooms in addition are allowed to come upstairs with Shelter Mum.

   • Alice, Fred, Max & You-I
   • Aspen & Oak
   • Bam & Ellen
   • Banard Business
   • Bear & Mr. Gizmo
   • Bear, Bosco, Dudley, Sookie, & Squiggles
   • Brownie
   • Des & Ophilia
   • Carlos, Fern & Daisy
   • Chewy, Han & Solo
   • Chloe & Izzy
   • Crumpets, Emily, Calcifur
   • Dak
   • Fiona, Liberty & Slinky
   • Frisky
   • Gus-Gus & Izzy
   • Hissy & Spaz

   • Jacobie
   • Jack, Joey & Pongo
   • Jasper
   • Laverne & Shirley
   • Lilly
   • Loka
   • Maci
   • Marsh & Ollie
   • Mina & Ollie
   • Munch & Poppet
   • Nora
   • Panda
   • Poulin Business
   • Rosario
   • Spirit & Slinky
   • Smeagol
   • Tic
   • Wolfy


Coming to Camp​:​
  Camp Ferrets are housed in their own special boarding room and integrated into the Shelter rotation schedule. We provide the cage they will be housed in, toys and general bedding. Campers wake up and are taken out of their cage for play time first thing every morning; about 3AM. As the day progresses, Campers are cycled through all Shelter play areas.When the Campers are out playing, their cages are cleaned, food and water dishes replenished, and bedding changed as needed. No Camper is separated from their bonded buddy, so if 2 (or more) come in together, they remain together. Campers are not introduced to any of the other ferrets while here.
  Campers are allowed, and often use Shelter Mum's computer to send emails to their parent(s) about their activities and any updates they have.

What is required ​to come to Camp:​
  • First time Campers must provide documentation of proof of vaccine (Rabies & Distemper). No exceptions.
  • A C​amp form must be completed and signed at the time of drop off. This form contains necessary information ​ about the Camper(s)​ dates​ of drop off and pick up and consent to allow the ferret(s) to receive medical attention if needed.
  • Food AND water from your home; enough for the duration of the stay. Ferrets are very sensitive to dietary changes, and we do not want to cause additional stress to our Campers.
  • An item that you (the parent) own that your ferret(s) can sleep in (usually a clothing item that carries their Mom or Dad's smell). This helps them to feel safe, secure, and that they have not been abandoned. Ferrets do miss their parent(s)!

  If you wish to bring your fur kid to C​amp, or have any questions, you can reach Shelter Mum here ferretfarm@frontiernet.net




Alice, Fred, Max & You-I:

Aunt Brenda has been letting us out and about, I am pouting. Max is hiding from the camera. Aunt Brenda took our picture when she put us back in our pen this morning. You-I


Reilly was collecting their ferrets, he came to me to ask "who is this" ? he hands me Reggie, I said where did you get him from? Reilly said he was in the cage with Ping. OOPS so I start looking for Gus the kid I thought was Reggie. Found him! Both Reggie and Gus took it in stride. I am not sure but I am thinking it may have been a day or 2 I mixed them.
   I kept looking at Gus thinking wow he got his summer coat and it has really changed. Not!


April 25, 2017: Anastasia is back to her usual active self. Gus and Ping are goofy as usual, and the elders of the group, Alice and Fred are doing pretty well. They are all pretty active. Fred for sure has slowed down overall, I think the adrenal is the main cause for this. It appears there is not much more to do for this problem. I do wonder if surgery to remove adrenal adenoma is something to consider. He has been pretty healthy, weight is stable. His age is a factor, but I do wonder.


Bam & Ellen:

August 2, 2017: Good Morning Mom and Dad..Pretty crazy here at camp but we are having a great time! Aunt Brenda got a picture of us yesterday - well me and Bam. She was chasing the others and only got a blur. Aunt Brenda says she will keep trying. We are well and happy. We hope you are having a good time with your family.
We love you
 Bam and Ellen


August 7, 2017: Dear Bam and Ellen: Mom and I miss you and your brothers, Rocky , BB and your sister Panda. I hope you have not got in any trouble or are not afraid of spending time at camp. I understand that Brenda got a break, and you had new humans taking care of you. I trust that you were on your best behavior. We will be back soon so to bring you home.In the mean time please know that we are incredibly grateful that you guys are in good hands.

We are having a grand time.. I love the rice box and the sleep cabinet. We are having fun. Are you? Yup! Yup! Miss Tori stayed the whole time Miss Tina and Miss Kris came to help on Saturday. We were, when Aunt Brenda got home yesterday afternoon we were up… Aunt Brenda asked Miss Tori why we were up ( we usually get the 3 am till 10 am shift) Miss Tori told Aunt Brenda she just kept shifting everyone out all night and all day. She only slept 4 hr - silly Miss Tori. Aunt Brenda says you will be back on Thursday - Be safe traveling please. We are for sure, the crew that took over for Aunt Brenda spent lots and lots of time loving on us. We are for sure, the crew that took over for Aunt Brenda spent lots and lots of time loving on us. - Ellen


Banard Business:

August 19, 2017: Was moving kids around found Maddie in a crash - she took all her meds this morning with soup. I put her and Gabby in the playpen because Maddie was twisting and turning I was afraid she may get herself caught under her food dishes. Do I have your permission to administer a Dex shot?

Mom's response: Whatever you think is best

Hi Mom thanks for getting back to Aunt Brenda so fast I am feeling better - take a look Aunt Brenda took a picture of me feeling better!


August 20, 2017, AM: Hi Mom, we are having a good time at camp. It is taking some time to adjust to the schedule but Aunt Brenda is slowly giving us other rooms to hang in, she says she wants to be sure she does not lose any of us because she can't find the place we are sleeping.
  We had our meds, and now we are out and about. We hope you are having a good time on your vacation.

We love you
  Maddie, Gabby, Hallee, Shelby, Maebelle

Mom's response: Hi girls!! Im glad you are having a good time at camp! I know you are in good hands and have lots to do there!! Im so glad Aunt Brenda is taking care of you!
  Its hot down here and there was a storm after we got here but its nice to see the ocean and hear the waves! I was so exhausted yesterday i hadnt had more than a 15 min nap since i got up on Friday morning!!! But hopefully i will come back all rested. I miss you girls very much and even though its nice to rest i miss holding you all and kisses and your silly bouncing! Be good for Aunt Brenda and have fun! Especially you Maddie Mae - no more scares! Thanks for the letters! Mom worries about you so!!!
  If there is anything special i can bring back to Aunt Brenda, let me know! Have a great day!! Look forward to your next letter! Here's a pic of the view from my room!
  Love you all!!!


PM: Hi Mom,
  Maddie here, Aunt Brenda has been getting me up and offering me duck soup every several hours. She says the duck soup was designed many years ago before Pred, to keep blood glucose levels stable - so with the meds two times a day and soup every few hours I have been feeling much better. Aunt Brenda let me and Gabby hang in her space this morning. Then she let us have the kitchen so Maebelle could hang in the living room with her a bit.
  Shelby and Hallee have not gotten to try that yet. Aunt Brenda was feeling a bit under the weather today so she was slow doing things.
  We are all getting to have duck soup, Hallee likes it the best, I ate 4 droppers full tonight. Aunt Brenda left small shallow dishes of soup in our cages tonight to see if any of us will eat it on our own. Right now all of us are getting droppers full of duck soup.
  We hope you are having a good time - we love you Maddie and the rest

August 22, 2017: Good morning Mom, Aunt Brenda let us have the kitchen first this morning, I wanted up stairs so she brought me up - Shelby was already up here. After we checked things out she put us behind the gate in the bathroom so Maebelle could come up too. Aunt Brenda says she is a bit concerned that Maebelle is not eating - very few poops and the ones there are, are tiny.
  So she got her up here to give her more soup. She only wanted a dropper with meds earlier. Take a look at this - she is eating soup out of a bowl on her own! Aunt Brenda says 2 down 3 to go.
  Aunt Brenda said she had to change everything in our cage this morning, I am having a problem getting into the poo pan even though it is cut down. Aunt Brenda put a pee pad in there for me, she says that should help me get the pee and poo where it needs to be. Easier on both me and Aunt Brenda
  Maddie and Gabby had good poops in their box when Aunt Brenda cleaned it. They are doing well and hanging in.

Gotta get a move on, Aunt Brenda says we can change rooms - we love you
  Hallee, Shelby, Maebelle, Maddie and Gabby



Bear & Mr. Gizmo:



Bear, Bosco, Dudley, Sookie, & Squiggles:

January 19, 2015:
Hey Mom and Dad,
 Aunt Brenda came into our rooms to get pictures of us. Camp is pretty cool, there are tons of places to hang out and play. We were all sleeping when she got the camera out. Squiggles and Dudley are in the same box at the same time.
 Aunt Brenda says we are camera hounds!

We love you have fun on your vacation.
 Bosco, Bear, Sookie, Dudley, and Squiggles




March 22, 2012: Hi you guys - I just saw I have Brownie on my calendar for April 4th to come to camp - are we still on for her coming to camp? The 4th is a school day so the time of drop off is going to be very important. - Brenda

March 22, 2012: Yep, we are planning on dropping her off on Wednesday the 4th and picking her up on Saturday the 14th. I know you get up super early so tell me when you need her by and we'll make it happen. Also what should be bring for her? Thanks!

Brenda's response: If you can get her here between 8:30a and 1:00p that would work great. If you cannot and need to come after work I would appreciate as close to 5 as you can. I do not get home from my afternoon run until 5, I need to move kids and do meds as soon as I get home, by the time I am done with shelter duties it is my bed time.
  Getting Brownie here at 5 will allow me to settle her while I am doing shelter duties - there will be a boarding form to fill out before you leave - she is current on vaccines correct?
  Please bring a copy of her documentation with you so I can keep it in her file and some water – so she does not have to adjust to ours quickly, (tummy ach) – her food and something of Ryan's she can sleep in so she knows he is coming back for her.
  I look forward to seeing you and meeting Brownie.

March 23, 2012: OK, I'll let you know when we get closer if Jim will have her out there in the morning or if it will be at 5. She is up to date on her shots and I'll send her with copies of that, the water, something of Ryan's and her food. Thanks!

April 2, 2012: Brenda, Jim and Ryan will bring Brownie out to you at 5pm Wednesday. Thanks! Lynn

Brenda's response: At 5 it is - thanks. Remember we need water food and something of Ryan's that she can sleep in copy of her medical records please for my files.

April 4, 2012, Camp Day 2: Hey dad - Aunt Brenda let me hang out in her space all night long - she said she wanted me to get some good out time my first night at camp. I am having so much fun - Brownie

April 15, 2012: How is Brownie adjusting to being home? - Brenda

Lynn's response: She is happy as can be. She was so excited she never even went to sleep on the ride home. She performed a thorough inspection of her living area and deemed it unchanged and as she left it :o)
  Thanks so much for keeping her!

July 17, 2015: Hi Brenda, We have one more trip planned this summer and were wondering if Brownie could come out to the farm. It would be 8/7 to either 8/15 or 8/16. She is now on twice daily oral meds for her insulinoma. She seems to be doing very well and is acting back to normal, which is a huge relief! Let me know, Lynn

Brenda's response: We would be honored to have Brownie come to camp - reservation confirmed - she is on the calendar - I am doing a summer run so we need to work between my morning and afternoon work schedule.

July 31, 2015: Perfect! What time are you home between shifts? Gotta check with Ryan and Jim for their schedules next Friday so we can figure a time one of them can drop her off. Lynn

Brenda's response: I am home by 8:30 am back out at 2 just let me know what time they will be here so I can be ready for them.

August 9, 2015: Hi Family! I am being treated as a Princess here at camp! Aunt Brenda lets me sleep in her blankies. I am having fun at camp - I hope you are too. Love you, Brownie


February 2, 2016: Hi Brenda, We had an unexpected death in our family and need to go to South Carolina. We will be leaving Thursday and getting back late Sunday night. Any chance we could drop Brownie off to you some time tomorrow (Wednesday) and pick her up probably Monday or Tuesday?

Brenda's Response: Yes we will take her for you - I am home from my morning run at 8:30 back to work at 1 just give me an ETA so I can have an open play area for her when she comes in.
  Same schedule for Monday and Tuesday. I will put you down for tomorrow to Monday if you need an extra day just let me know.

Mom's Response: Thank you!!! Jim will bring her out in the morning and will be there between 830 - 9. I can pick her up Monday but probably not until after you return from your 1pm run – what time is that?

February 7, 2016: Aunt Brenda woke me up to get my picture - she lets me sleep in her blankies.. I am having a great time at camp. Aunt Brenda says you are picking me up tomorrow afternoon.


September 3, 2016: Hey family I am doing great, Aunt Brenda lets me hang in her space, I get 2 bowls of soup at a sitting. When I have my soup with meds then I get another after that. Aunt Brenda spoils me. Here is a picture of me hanging out in her space. I can't get up on the couch anymore so I found this spot in this bed.
Camp is great, I hope you are having a great time.
I love you


Mom's Response: Little princess! Thanks for the update sounds like she is doing great!

Brenda's Response: We are supplementing extra soup because she is not eating kibble. I did some kibble change out this morning so we shall see.

Mom's Response, September 5, 2016: I can’t believe I forgot her food, wedding brain I guess. What I am giving her now is not what I was before as I couldn’t remember the ferret food from before and she doesn’t love it so I need to figure out what she got before and replace.
  Also, I think that I will pick her up on Sunday afternoon 9/11 if that works for you? Found out we will be at Cayuga lake so I can swing by on my way home. I would assume after lunch some time. Let me know.

Brenda's Response: I did finally find something she was willing to eat, she is slowing down and not very mobile. She is not climbing up on the couch anymore and has not had any interest in the hammock. I thought maybe the food dishes were up to high for her to eat comfortably so I put a small dish down next to her sleep box. She had been eating kibble.
  Yes that actually works better for me.. great thanks. Very cool, enjoy your anniversary get away. Okay just keep me in the loop so I can have her ready for you.

Mom's Response, September 6, 2016: Yeah the accident definitely has slowed her down, she is not nearly as active anymore. I bring her in next Monday night for her weight check and med refill and I was going to mention it to Dr G as it concerns me but there is probably nothing we can do about it. I’ll shoot you an email as soon as I can figure out timing for Sunday.

Brenda's Response: She is getting old too - you have had her 5 yrs - I believe she was at least a year when you took her in so she is 72 in human years. She does well for her age. Good. perfect thanks.

Mom's Response:
Hi there
  Hopefully the princess id doing well? I’m thinking I will be there on Sunday sometime between 12 and 2 to pick her up. Will that work for you?


Carlos, Fern & Daisy:

Hey Mom this camp thing is cool! We love the rice and bean boxes. Aunt Brenda let us come hang out in her space too. Take a look she took pictures of us having fun.
  We are doing great we hope you are too. We love you - Carlos, Fern and Daisy


April 28, 2017: Hi Mom, Aunt Brenda got us up at 3 am - that is crazy! She was pleased to see all the good poopy in our box when she got us up. She tried to give us soup - keeps the stress down - we won't eat it - she wants to know if you give us soup at home, if so how do you make it for us.
Aunt Brenda says she will get pictures later today. We love you, stay safe.

Owner's Reply: Oh do I ever miss you kids! I warm up a little soup. I put a couple drops of ferret tone in it. It's the same recipe. Hmmmm...Do they seem stressed? How is Daisy, in particular?

Shelter Reply: I bet you do. Broth like soup or cream like soup? Okay good to know. No - I just like to serve soup to campers so they don't stress.


Chewy, Han & Solo:

Camp Day 3: Things are well here – the little guy that gets meds disappeared on my the first night – they were all up here in my space so I knew they did not go far but I could not sleep well because I could not find him – I was not sleeping well anyway because of the coffee but he added to my stress – I finally found him sleeping in the box in the corner at 11 pm after that I was able to sleep well – needless to say I was shot yesterday.
  They are doing well – they spent the night in the pen because I am not climbing over a barrier during the night – I get up too many times– so they had the afternoon to be out and about and then they were in the pen all night – they are out and about now – I will put them behind bars in the bathroom shortly I need to go to Geneva to check on Kay this morning – I am not here they are behind the bars – Solo literally trashed the pen banging on the bars last night he has everything moved – I got pictures of the kids but the camera is down stairs ready to go to Geneva with me so I will send them later today.


Camp Day 4: Hey mom and dad, Aunt Brenda just let me help her with her cereal – she and I ate together – GF rice chex. We are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon!
  We love you!


Chloe & Izzy:

March 22, 2012: Hi Brenda, were going to put the date on our calendar. For clinic day. We'll be signing up. Chloe and Izzy are just fine.
  We are going away to visit my mom in TN. for Easter and will be gone about 8 days. So....It's camp time for the little fuzzy girls. Can you fit them in? Dates are April 5th Thurs to April 14 Sat.
  Please let me know..Thanks! Pam and Julia

Brenda: Awesome news I cannot wait to see the girls again. I have them on the calendar see you on the 5th that is a school day so we need to pick a time I will be here.

Pam and Julia: Brenda, I be in touch with you early in the week of the 5th and arrange a time to bring the girls over.

April 4, 2012: Hi Brenda, What is a good time to bring Chloe & Izzy to camp on Thursday? Pam and Julia

Brenda: I will be working that day so it will need to be between 8:30 am to 12:30 pm or after 5 – the closest to 5 as possible so I can settle the girls at the same time I am settling the shelter before I go to bed. Let me know.

Pam and Julia: Earlier in the day would be best for me so I will come at 11:30. How's that?

Brenda: That is perfect! See you about 11:30.

April 15, 2012: How are the girls adjusting to being home? - Brenda

Response: They are happy and peppy and bursting with love..... Gregory


Crumpets, Emily, Calcifur:

December 10, 2014, AM update:
  Good morning Mom and Dad. We are up and moving. Aunt Brenda took us to the ferret room with her when she got up. She did meds then put us in the playpen until she was done moving the morning crew out into play area. We are up here in the living room with her now. She is not sure what she is going to do with us when she goes to work she has 2 other groups that can't be trusted in some areas.
So far we a cool with camp. Have a good time on your vacation.
We love you.
  Crumpets and Emily

PM update: Hi Mom and Dad... I am trying to get my check in early so you get it before you can't get them any longer. Aunt Brenda took a picture of me this morning - Crumpets did not want her picture taken...
  Crumpets and I had our soup at noon, I ate all mine Crumpets did not… Aunt Brenda broke the dining room up into 2 parts. We are up here in her space now but she is going to take us back down before she goes to work. We love you have a good time.
  Emily and Crumpets


August 30, 2015: Hi mom and dad, we are doing well. Aunt Brenda let me have her space first this morning. Emily is eating well and her poops are looking good. She ate all Aunt Brenda gave her at 11:00 and then ate a lot at dinner time but not all so I got what was left over.
We hope you are having a good time. We love you. - Crumpets

Mom & Dad: Hi Crumpet so happy aunt Brenda is playing with you, hope you slept with Emily last night. miss you both

August 31, 2015: I did stay in the pen with Emily last night. I am out in Aunt Brenda's space again this morning. I keep knocking the Plexiglas barrier over that sits at the top of the stairs. I like playing with the iron that holds it up. Aunt Brenda just moved it behind the door, she says I am going to get hurt if I don't stop playing with that. Emily ate a big bowl of soup this morning, Aunt Brenda puts her on her lap and feeds it to her on her spoon. Where are you now Mom and Dad? We love you. - Crumpets


December 2, 2015: Ili got here with Crumpets about 5, I had just gotten home a bit before she walked in the door, so I was in the shelter doing meds. Ili got set up in the living room while I finished shelter duties. Crumpets has been ill since last week, she saw Doc on Monday afternoon. She will spend her 10 days with us up here in my space.
  Crumpets took 12 mLs of soup for me this morning. I heard her out and about several times during the night. She is doing well. Enjoy your trip be safe.
Mom's Response: How many spoonful.?
Brenda's Response: 3 teaspoons, I offered her soup again when I got home at 8 she took maybe a teaspoon, she had it off a dish sitting on my desk with me. I am going to offer her just baby food in a bit. I found pieces of PB treats over in the corner where she has been sleeping, some look like they had been eaten on, not just moved. Crumpets ate 1/4 jar of baby food sitting on my lap eating it off the spoon.

December 3, 2015: Crumpets had baby food before bed, I waited a bit then gave her the Albon, she fought me but I offered her the ferretone bottle to wash the taste down, she settled down quickly had some ferretone and went off to do her thing. I heard her playing in the box of marbles during the night.
  Attached is a picture I took of her before I went to bed.
  She had baby food this morning. She has not wanted to eat the soup with BF so I am just offering the BF warmed a bit, sitting on my lap, eating off her spoon. When she stops eating I clean off her chin she eats more, I continue to offer until she does not want any more after her chin is clean.
Hey Mom and Dad....Camp is going well, Aunt Brenda is spoiling me, loving on me and keeping me warm, fed and happy.. I hope you are happy and having fun on your vacation.
  I love you, Crumpets

December 4, 2015: Crumpets is hanging in, she ate 1/2 jar of baby food for me tonight. I still need to give her, her meds but I wait so she does not associate meds with food. She gets them straight because she will not take them in soup. I do give her a ferretone chaser though that has helped some.

December 6, 2015: Little Crumpets had her face in the kibble this morning.. I was getting her breakfast ready when I heard her eating, I will give her a bit then give her some baby food, I tried to get her back on soup yesterday she had some, it may be she was just not hungry too.

December 10, 2015: Crumpets is back to her old self, she was begging to get out of the living room and has been bouncing from one end of the upstairs to the other.
Dear Mom and Dad, I pestered Aunt Brenda to go to the kitchen, she finally let me out and into the kitchen. I promptly got in her cupboard and started playing in the plastic dishes. Aunt Brenda was laughing at me the whole time. I am feeling much better and eating well.. I love you

December 11, 2015: Crumpets is a crazy little girl she is chasing up and down the tube behind the couch this morning.

January 17, 2016: Good morning Mom and Dad We are doing great! Aunt Brenda gives us soup every morning and evening. She gives us the kitchen first so she can watch us. This picture is from yesterday. This morning Crumpets came after me the minute she saw me so Aunt Brenda closed the gate so I could play without Crumpets. Aunt Brenda said she would give it another try after she has her coffee. We are eating drinking and pooping just like we are supposed to be! Aunt Brenda inspects our poo boxes every morning! We hope you are having fun, we sure are!
We love you, Cali and Crumpets

Mom's response: Thanks Brenda putting ferretone on their head face and neck helps them get along better for the short time I usually sit on the floor with them and are at hand's distance to pull crumpet off or distract her

January 18, 2016: Good morning Mom and Dad,
  We are doing great! Aunt Brenda gives us soup every morning and evening. She gives us the kitchen first so she can watch us. This picture is from yesterday. This morning Crumpets came after me the minute she saw me so Aunt Brenda closed the gate so I could play without Crumpets. Aunt Brenda said she would give it another try after she has her coffee.
  We are eating drinking and pooping just like we are supposed to be! Aunt Brenda inspects our poo boxes every morning!
  We hope you are having fun, we sure are!
We love you,
  Cali and Crumpets

January 26, 2016: Here are some pictures of the girls I took the other day

January 20, 2016: Hi Mom and Dad, we are having fun at camp. Life is good.. getting along is not going so well. BUT the bright side is we are getting soup 2 times a day and hanging out in Aunt Brenda's space.. We take turns. We hope you are having a good time.
We love you,
  Crumpets and Cali

January 23, 2016:I have been letting the girls have the ferret room, playroom and bathroom while I clean cages in the morning. I figured having 3 rooms to roam gives them space to interact if they wish and not if they don't.
  Yesterday went pretty well, this morning Crumpets would not give Cali a break. Each time Crumpets would go on a search and destroy I would set her into the playpen while I cleaned 2 cages, let her out and try again. She got put in the pen about 4 times. She would not even go play she just went in search of Cali.
  Yesterday Cali seemed to be ready to push back when Crumpets got too rough, no so this morning. I will continue to do it this way as this seems to be working better than any other way I have tried. Oh I did the ferretone thing Cali got up and moved when Crumpets rolled over to help her with the ferretone.

Mom's Response: Hi Brenda, maybe let Cali and Crumpet out by themselves and then use the playpen at night so that they still see each other.
  If you use just one of the play rooms, maybe the dining room with windows and alternate who sleeps in the playpen and this will keep them in close proximity of each other.
  crumpet just wants to play she never played rough with Emily even when she was healthy

Shelter Response: I am using both the rooms in the dining room switching them back and forth to take turns in the other room sleep time - they both get out to hang out in other rooms alone when I can't be with them for playtime. I am also switching the round bed and tent so they each get a day with it.
  I don't see that, I see Crumpet being dominant, I allow her and Cali time until Cali screams then I separate them. This morning Cali was willing to deal longer than yesterday. I am not going to allow them to stress, I am not sending them home sick.

February 6, 2016: I had the girls out and about with me while I did soup and meds, they had the ferret room, playroom, and bath room. They spent a good 30 min before I had to pull Crumpets away from Cali. I gave her a 5 min time out then let her out of the playpen again.
  Cali had gone up to the sleep box in the playroom, crumpets found her. When I got up top to get them apart Cali was in the tube looking at Crumpets - Cali's eyes did not show fear. I believe we are gaining ground with the girls.

February 7, 2016: Hi Mom and Dad - we are doing great at camp. Aunt Brenda got some pictures of us.. mine are on this upstairs camera so you are getting them now.. Cali's are on the down stairs camera they will come later. We hope you are having a good time.
We love you,

February 11, 2016: We had a break through this morning, I have been letting the girls in the morning roam 3 of the rooms while I get things up and running to do meds. There have been no squeaks from Cali in days. I start them in different rooms, then they find each other in their travels.
  This morning I had Crumpets in the playroom and Cali in the ferret room, I watch to make sure there are no scuffles, I followed Cali into the playroom she found Crumpets walked right up to her. Crumpets crawled into the huge bungalow Cali followed. There was no scuffle they both slithered out and went on their way. We may be on our way of bonding. They had their soup on the rug in the playroom next to each other.
  I hope you are having a good time.

Mom's Response: Wow that is great news. We are headed to Orlando later today once we are off the ship. Had a great time so far we did not stop in grand Cayman since it was too windy.

February 14, 2016: I had the girls out and about with me this morning again, as I was doing my morning chores. The bathroom barrier is down so I can paint, no food, water or sleeping place so I am keeping the barrier down. The girls were zipping in and out of the rooms one after the other just hanging out together. I took pictures of them sitting together but the picture turned out crappy, you could not see them very well. I will try again. They had time in my living room together they found a place to sleep separately in a single room. I now feel comfortable leaving them alone. It may take a whole lot longer for them to sleep together but I think when you get them home they will be okay.. you will NEED to time out the aggressor if it happens but it does not look like they will.
  I hope you are staying warm...we have a heat wave it's gotten up to 6 degrees.

Mom's Response: Thanks Brenda for the update, sunny and cool here in Orlando but heading to Roatan where it is around 80 degrees. Glad you found Slinky what a scare! We leave for the airport at 4:30 am Monday, to Houston first then South to Honduras.
Stay warm!

February 15, 2016: I found both your girls sleeping in the fish at the bottom of the stairs this morning!

Mom's Response: Awesome! Love to hear it! You are a miracle worker! Thank you so much!

February 17, 2016: Cali and Crumpets are at camp this week, this is little miss Cali looking down at me.


February 21, 2016: The Blair girls sharing breakfast.


November 21, 2016: Ili's girls hanging out:


January 16, 2017:
Hi Mom and Dad,
  We are having a great time at camp.. we get soup two times a day when Aunt Brenda does her meds rounds. We hope you are having a good time too.
  We are going to go play now - we love you
Crumpet and Cali




Camp Day 5: Hi Dad I am having fun and staying out of trouble for Aunt Brenda. I hope you are having fun too.
  Wet Nose Kisses, Dak


  Glad to hear you are having fun. I am tired (do ferrets get jet lag?), but otherwise all is well. Be sure you keep behaving yourself! Dad

Camp Day 8: Hey Dad, Aunt Brenda will not let me get on her desk! I want to check out all the things she has up there and she will not let me! Tell her to let me play on her deck! PS the jet lag gone yet? I love you dad! Dak

  Just hang in there a little longer. I'll be back in the US tomorrow and will come to pick you up sometime on Sunday. Dad


Des & Ophilia:

Des and Ophilia are getting their going to bed ferretone treat. All kids get a sprinkle of ferretone on the top of their Bradley Sleep box before settling in.



Fiona, Liberty & Slinky:

December 19, 2010: Hey mom – boy oh boy this camp is fun – we sure hope your vacation is as much fun as this is – Aunt Brenda left us in the play room until 5 when it was time for shift change – we asked her what shift change was and she said we were going to find out first thing tomorrow morning – anyway we think this place is cool – thanks for picking this camp for us – have fun mom - Slinky and Liberty

Ella: I just wanted to say that your setup for ferrets looks fantastic, and that I'm really glad that Slinky and Liberty get to board there for the next couple weeks.

Brenda: I am pleased you approve – thanks – have a great vacation – your kids are settling in nicely.

August 3, 2012: (Fiona is their 3rd fur kid – unfortunately she has not and is unlikely to acclimate to the other 2 but I thought this needed to go on their page since they are the same family.)
  Hey mom, we are having fun at camp – Aunt Brenda has me up here in her space, she lets me have the entire upstairs at night time with her, I got up on her bed last night to see what she was doing, she was sleeping. I got down and went to sleep in the fire engine box I found yesterday. It normally sits under the table at the top of the stairs but I liked sleeping in it so well Aunt Brenda put it in the pen she set up for me.
  She says she needs me in the pen long enough for her to see that I am eating (I am) and I am pooing and peeing (I am) then she lets me out of the pen to hang out with her. She is letting me use the computer at her desk right now. Slinky and Liberty are down stairs in the boarding room – they have their own cage way up high so the shelter fur kids do not disturb them.
  They got Aunt Brenda’s space first this morning; she put me in my pen so she could spend time with them.
  We hope your trip out west is uneventful, you have a good time we are having lots of fun.

August 4, 2012: Good Morning Mom! I have had my soup do you know that stuff is great? I ate almost the full bowl! Aunt Brenda feeds it to me by dropper, I could eat it out of the bowl but I like it when Aunt Brenda holds me to feed it to me.
  Mom I am so glad you brought me here last week to hang out with you and Aunt Brenda – I now know you are not dumping me that this is camp and it is a cool place to hang out when you go away.
  Aunt Brenda found me in the heart cabinet (one like there is in the library only with heart shapes in the door), this morning but I jumped out before she got back with the camera.
  I am doing great mom, thanks for letting me come to camp. Now Liberty and Slinky want to say hi. Hey mom we hope you are having as much fun as we are! Aunt Brenda gave us an N-bone so we would sit still for a picture. Take a look. Thanks for letting us come to camp mom!
  Liberty, Slinky, and Fiona


September - October 22, 2014: Liberty, Slinky, and Fiona came to camp for a bit while their Mom moved. Ella picked her kids up at 12:30.

March 15, 2015: Man I was up here cleaning up more emails when I heard screaming down stairs. I thought Max had gotten over the barrier into the library to beat up on Fred and George. Nope it was Jack that had gotten into the kitchen side of the dining room. I have yet to figure out how that is happening. This is not the first time someone has gotten to the other side of the barrier.
  There was a major fight going on. I got Jack and Slinky (camper) separated trying to decide who I had in my hands. Thank goodness for room tags. Once I determined who I had taken out of the wrong room I set him down with his cage mates. He was not moving. He was traumatized and in shock. I took him to the ferret room to give him a Dex shot. Went back to the room he and the cage mates were in, to sit holding him.
  I hear more screeching; I go look back in the room the campers are in.. at this point I am not sure if it is Jack or Slinky that is in shock. Liberty will not let the other ferret into the tent with her. So I put Spencer back in his cage, put - I think - Jack in the play pen alone until I can figure out who is who. I am pretty sure it is Jack because his ID tag said he was 2+ pounds when he came in and Slinky is not and never has been that big. So until I figure out who is who I am down by one room so I can keep this kid separated, it will allow me to watch that he comes out of his shock.
  Well I was wrong it was Slinky that was in shock, it took me a couple of hours to figure that out. I switched them again and Jack found a slipper and hid it.. Jack loves slippers so I knew I had identified them incorrectly, I was still not convinced but they are all in their cages and no one is fighting so I think I have them straight...I hope - I checked cages before I shut the shelter down and the boys were sleeping with their cage mate so I have them sorted out.


May 05, 2015: Hi Brenda! I have a full time, excellent for my career job! I'm going to be an assistant professor for one year at Georgetown, which is kind of amazing. I start at the end of August, so I'll be moving to DC in the middle of August.
  I'm hoping you can take the ferrets a couple times in the summer as I complete the move down south. I'm hoping to take a quick vacation (backpack the Appalachian trail for a week) and then go to Boston to get feedback from one of my advisors for my dissertation. This would happen the first two weeks of June (June 1st-12th).
  I'll be homeless for most of the month of August. My lease expires July 31st, and I don't think I'll be settled in DC until the end of August. I have plenty of places to stay, but the ferrets don't. I then have a conference in San Francisco the first week of September, so it would be convenient to relocate them to my new place during the middle of September (September 12-13).
  All this boils down to hoping you can board the ferrets for a sadly large part of the summer. Namely:
  May 30-June 14
  July 30-September 13.
  The furries are doing pretty well. Slinky is particularly enjoying the new place. Liberty has a cyst which is getting removed in a week. It's amazing how big it gets. Dr.Edwards gave me a syringe to drain it with, which I should do in a couple days. I'm thinking about getting Fiona's skin growth removed too, as it's starting to get larger than seems comfortable.
  I'm employed with a good salary next year! So happy about it. Hopefully I can stop bouncing around the east coast soon after that, and find a permanent location.

June 9, 2015: I put Ella's Fiona away about 10 am this morning, I was picking up papers when I heard her fussing. I pulled her out of her cage to find her pawing at her mouth and gagging. (upset tummy) I gave her some Carafate and then got the glucose meter set up to check her BG - it was 21 - Doc is not available today so I gave her a Dex shot to get here BG up where it belongs.
  She was no longer pawing and gagging at 11, at noon she was curled up in her sleep box sleeping comfortably. When I got in from work she woke and was responsive. She had a bowl of soup. Crisis over. I reported to her Mom as soon as I got her treated I have yet to hear from her.

June 10, 2015: Fiona was awake, bright and ready to get up. I gave her a bowl of soup she ate it all. I will call Doc this morning to see what he wants to do next. I have not yet heard from her Mom.
  I just got off the phone with Doc he wants me to start Fiona on 1/4 tab of Pred 2 times a day. I will start her on that tonight.

July 20, 2015: Brenda: Your kids are hanging in. Fiona is slowing down I am now feeding her meds to her with a dropper of soup then leaving the bowl for her to eat when she is ready. She does finish it but it takes a couple of hours. Liberty - her belly is getting harder, she is speed bumping and pan-caking a lot. We had one of our girls get a belly like that back in June, when doc opened her up she was full of cancer. Slinky is doing well…

Ella: Very busy. I'm so sorry to hear about Fiona and Liberty. I figured cancer was a possibility, but am unwilling to have the doc open her up. For one, I can't afford it, which is an uncomfortable reason. That would change in a couple months, but even if I could, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be worth it.
  My general preference is to let them go as long as they are enjoying life, and then euthanize if necessary. I'd come down for that. What do you think? I was very glad to have dropped the ferrets off when I did. My car broke down half way between Naples and Syracuse. The serpentine belt, which runs the car's cooling system and the AC, had snapped. The serpentine belt (and AC compressor and alternator!) is fixed now, but the AC just broke again yesterday, which makes ferret travel all but impossible in the summer. It should be a simple fix, but until then I get to enjoy 90 degree heat without AC in the car. I'd get if fixed, obviously, before any potential trips to the vet.
  I'm in my last week of teaching class. My lease expires on the 31st, so I'll be heading out of the area then. Found an apartment in DC, which is excellent, and the lease will start August 15. Sending healthy recovering thoughts to Liberty and Fiona. Thank you for caring for them while I am unable.

Brenda: I had Doc open Rizzo because she was so uncomfortable I wanted to know if it was fixable. It was not so we let her go on the table. I believe in quality not necessarily fixing but she was too uncomfortable not to find out why. She was not fixable so we let her go.
  Yes I agree, Liberty is looking uncomfortable. Fiona has stopped eating her soup as of last night, I found the left over bowl in her cage when I cleaned it this morning then she did not eat this morning's soup.
  I will keep Liberty going if you wish but she walks a few paces and plops, stays put a few minutes the walks a few more paces and plops again.
  Oh boy so glad the kids were not with you. Take care to have lots of water with you while you have no AC in your car.
  Awesome seems as though things are coming together for you - I am pleased.
  I will keep you posted.

Ella: What do you do for euthanizing?

Brenda: We take them up to doc. I have Doc look them over if he agrees with my assessment we let them go. He wanted to send Rizzo home on meds.. I said she was too uncomfortable lets go in and see what is going on.. I am glad we did because meds would have only had me running her up there in 2 weeks because she was so full of tumors. Doc agreed we did the right thing for her. I am sorry we have to be discussing this with you being so far away from them but I don't want you to think that I am not being mindful of their quality of life.

Ella: Ok. Let me know when you're planning to take them. Also let me know if there's substantial cost to these options. A couple hundred dollars is ok, but anything above that I'd like to know about beforehand.

Brenda: I am going to have to take time off to go to Doc with the kids, so if you can manage it before leaving NY I would appreciate it.

Ella: Presumably euthanizing them is much cheaper. I'd like to talk to Dr. Edwards before a decision is made, if possible. I'm a little confused on what I would manage! Paying for their care? Or something else?

Brenda: The surgery we did for Rizzo was $397.80 Manage - you taking them into see doc so I don't have to take a day off to get them there.

Ella: I can get there next Tuesday if you think that will be in time?

Brenda: They will make it to Tuesday but Doc does not work on Tuesday so I will take them. I will call to make an appointment - Fiona looks brighter this morning, still will not eat her bowl of soup but takes the soup and meds from the dropper with no issues. I will keep you in the loop.

Ella: I can also make it on Monday after 1:30 pm, or anytime Tuesday-Thursday. I just called Brockport, and they said Dr Edwards is out on vacation for the week. They gave me a couple of open times for Dr. Pepper (Tuesday 4 pm, Friday 11:15 am). I could do either, though I'd be sad to deal with a new doc for this.

Brenda: Nope we do not want Dr Pepper.. she is an awesome person and dog vet not so much on ferret.. We NEED doc's magic fingers - so let's see what happens between now and when Doc gets home. If either of them take a turn Dr Pepper can euthanize. I can keep them comfortable till Doc is home.

July 22, 2015: Brenda: I got home 30 min ago was moving kids from room to room, I found Liberty gone. I had put her and Slinky in the bathroom just before I left for work so she died sometime between 6:30 and 8:30.

Ella: I wish id been with her. Let me know how slinky is doing on his own. I presume you have something you can do with her body? I'd had a dream about her just before I'd woken up at 9:45. She'd run up to me as I was resting in a field and wrapped herself around my arms and my head. She was so happy to see me.

Brenda: I will put Liberty with the others that have died here this year, we have a backhoe come in each spring to bury them.
  I expect she was saying good-bye. Ella I am so sorry I really wanted her to wait till you could come get her. I understand, I am glad I held her and told her I loved her before I left for work. I leave them in the cage together for a little bit, so they know they are gone, I will watch him closely.

July 25, 2015: Ella: Thanks! How is Fiona doing, health wise?

Brenda: She is doing well - I have them both on Moxy and Carafate they have/had some slim green poo Fiona is now doing better her poops are back to normal, Slinky just started his meds.

July 25, 2015: Ella: Thanks! How is Fiona doing, health wise?

Brenda: She is doing well - I have them both on Moxy and Carafate they have/had some slim green poo Fiona is now doing better her poops are back to normal, Slinky just started his meds.

July 30, 2015: Brenda - AM: I found Fiona in a crash this morning, I gave her a Dex shot I will let you know how she responds. Slinky is doing great adjusting very well to being a single kid in the room. He had some stress poo after Liberty died so I put him on Carafate and Moxy. The poo has improved. I hope you are doing well, have you found a place to live yet?

Brenda - PM: We are losing Fiona - she is not eating and did not respond to the Dex she got this morning, I just found her in a puddle of black icky poo. I let you know what was going on this morning but have not heard from you. I put a cut down poo box in her cage this morning, she gets into it and does not get out. I put her back in the playpen so she has a level place to get to food/water and Papers, that is where I found her lying in her sticky poo. Many places to crawl into blankets, that she did not crawl into. I thought she might need fluids tonight she did not. I need you to let me know you are getting this information.

Ella: Hi, I've been running errands most of today, just got back half an hour ago. It sounds like Fiona's pretty miserable. Is there an option to euthanize without the doc? Spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out how I could manage to get down to Naples this evening or tomorrow. But I can't make it fit. I wish I was there.

July 31, 2015: Brenda - AM: Good morning, Fiona is still with us, I gave her meds by dropper she took them without a fight. I gave her 15 ml of fluids again without a fight. Doc is still on vacation. I will keep you posted on how she responds to the things I did for her this morning, we can go from there. Euthanize without doc is not an option. I will keep her comfortable and stop all treatment when she tells me she has had enough. Is this okay with you?

Brenda - PM: Fiona is still hanging in, has not moved from the spot she was in this morning when I put her back in the blanket. She is sleeping and comfortable at this time.

Ella: Thanks. Is there anything I can do?

August 1, 2015: Brenda: When I got down stairs this morning at 4 she was curled up in the blanket gone. She died peacefully and warm. I am so sorry I have to give you this news.

January 7, 2016: I got Slinky up set him on the floor he dropped like a wet dish rag, I picked him up checked his legs he did not appear to be injured. I gave him a bowl of soup he just laid there. I decided to take him to the dining room area with the rug, again he dropped like a rock to the floor. It was then I see he is in an Insulinoma crash. Up until then his eyes were bright and he was responsive.
  I took him back to the ferret room got the test kit out to do a BG; the meter read LOW ! I gave him a Dex shot put him back in his cage. I can't have him laying on the floor it's too cold for that. When I get home he may be able to stand on his feel to be out in a room.
PM Update: Slinky was up and responsive when I got home from work this morning, he is now on Pred.

January 9, 2016: Slinky is doing much better!

May 25, 2016: Donna found Slinky crashed, he was well on his way to not coming back if she had not caught him. I took him back into the ferret room gave him a Dex shot.. he was awake and responsive this morning when I got him up. We put him back in his cage after his shot, he was supposed to be out for the night but cage is better under those circumstances. I will leave him up for a few hours this morning. He ate all his soup this morning so hopefully he is back on track.

May 28, 2016: Slinky is doing well no more crashes this week. Slinky had some icky sticky poo, I gave him extra soup to keep his tummy full.

June 2, 2016: When I got Slinky up yesterday he was in a crash so I had to stop doing what I was doing to give him a Dex shot, he was up eating when Marcia was in his area. This morning he was ready for his soup, it looks like we may have to put him on Pred 3 times a day.

June 17, 2016: Slinky has been doing okay although he did not want his second bowl of soup last night.

June 18, 2016: I had to give both Fred and Slinky a Dex shot this morning. Slinky was glassy eyed and drooling, Fred was not quite so far gone.

July 16, 2016:I found Slinky in a major crash, when I opened his cage I thought at first he was gone. I know we had a problem the way he was laying outside his sleep box. He was whimpering when I pulled him out to give him a Dex shot. I don't know if I will get him back this time.
PM Update: Slinky came back, he was finally ready to have some soup about noon.

July 22, 2016: when I got Slinky up for meds this morning he was borderline crashing. He had his soup and meds but he continued to decline so I gave him a Dex shot about 5 am. I left him in the ferret room to hang for his out of cage time. When I found him to put him away at 11 he was seizing. I had two choices let him continue to seize or give him another Dex shot. Dex is supposed to be a once every 24 hrs. I opted to do the Dex, I checked on him before I left for work at 2, he was still out of it and not responding to any touch. I expected to find him gone when I got home. I was pleasantly surprised he was awake, responsive and ready to have soup. I did give him meds in his soup, he ate it all then wanted more so he had a second bowl of soup. I really did not think I was going to save him this time.

July 24, 2016: I found Slinky in a full blown crash - We did a Dex. I checked on Slinky when I got back down stairs, he was seizing, I gave him some pain meds to calm the seizers, he is still with us but working his way to Rainbow Bridge. I decided I was not going to keep forcing him back, I will keep him comfortable until he is gone.

July 25, 2016: Slinky has left for the Rainbow Bridge.



April 19, 2011: Hey look at me – Aunt Brenda lets me hang out with her in the morning – I just finished my soup and was coming out of the bathroom – then I was bounding around in the living room – I don't need to sit on Aunt Brenda's lap any more to eat my soup – oh and Aunt Brenda says my poop – it is not because I am sick it is because it is soup poop.
  Aunt Brenda brought Jenkins up to play with me but he was afraid when I went after him – so she separated us.
  I am having a grand time at camp I sure hope you are having fun on your vacation too!
  I am gong to go play now!
  Whisker kisses, Friskie


April 17, 2011: Hello – from Naples – I was not so sure I was going to like camp – Aunt Brenda has been feeding me my soup on her lap – I did not want anything to do with the dropper either or soup for the first day and ½ but she made me take them like it or not – now I will as long as she holds me on her lap.
  But I have since decided camp is not so bad – I get the entire upstairs to hang out in from 4 am till 10 or 11 – then I get put in the bath room up here - I get that whole room all to myself – at Aunt Brenda's bed time she puts me in the pen and gets Fred and Ginger up to have the entire upstairs to roam all night – when I am in the bath room I get to sleep in the dresser that is in there special for us ferrets.
  Last night I tried to jump out of the pen but I was not tall enough to get to the horizontal bar to boost up higher.
  Anyway I have decided that camp is not so bad – I think it is cool to hang out here – I sure hope you are having a great time where you are – Aunt Brenda says she wants to go to bed so I need to get off the computer.
  Whisker kisses, Friskie



Gus-Gus & Izzy:

February 26, 2004: Spending time in Aunt Brenda's living room. Checking out what she may have put in the trash can.


July 2, 2004: Taking a nap after a morning full of play!


  Izzy hanging out in Aunt Brenda's Space!


Hissy & Spaz:

  Hey dad – waving at you – we hope you are okay – Aunt Brenda got us up at 5 am – she said she let us sleep in – ha that is sleeping in – Aunt Brenda says she usually gets up at 3:30 but because she was out late Friday night looking in on Old Lady Kay she was too tired to get up on time.
  Aunt Brenda let us have the library first thing this morning – I found the rice box – wow that is so cool dad – can we have one at home?
  Hissy and Spaz




  Jacobie is a free roam kid at home so when he is here he is free roam in my apartment for the duration of his stay. Jacobie worked to get my sneakers off the second shelf where they are stored, he then proceeded to get one of them in his hammock that hangs in his carrier. The picture is of him sleeping with my sneaker.



Jack, Joey & Pongo:

  The 3 Atwell kids all look alike to Aunt Brenda, So their Mom givea a short description behind their names on their boarding information sheet, so I know who I am picking up and loving. Their first trip to Camp happened over Christmas 2004. You would not have known they have never stayed here at Camp. Pongo, Jack and Joey are crazy, fun ferrets to have around.






Laverne & Shirley:

April 8, 2017: Hi Mom and Dad, We hope you are having fun in CA. it's been pretty crazy here at the shelter. We are doing well. Last night Aunt Brenda got 20ml of soup in me. I had my dropper of medicine then I wanted more so Aunt Brenda kept offering me dropper after dropper till I told her I was full. Shirley she gets a bowl of soup each time I get my dropper. Aunt Brenda wants to give you some information now. We love you. Lavern and Shirley

Good Morning, I was a bit concerned about Lavern for the first few days they got here, poo was looking a bit icky, she did not seem to want to do much of anything. I thought I was going to bring them up to my space in a separate pen, however this morning she was chasing the broom while I was trying to clean up here in my space. She was dancing as I chased her with the broom to keep her away from the dirt pile I had in the middle of the floor. I think she is adjusting to camp at this time. She and Shirley are here in the living room with me this morning.
I will keep you informed.
  Brenda Johnson

April 15, 2017: Auntie Brenda, How are the girls doing? We've had a run of cool rainy days here - hardly the kind of CA weather we expected. Today it's finally a nice day but still cooler than average (low 60s). We should have a nice weekend for Easter with the family. We've been thinking about the tiny furry ones and hoping all is well with them. Has Laverne been her usual feisty self? And Shirley the sweet one? Would love a picture or two if you have the chance. Please give them a hug from us and tell them we miss them and love them. We hope you're feeling OK as well.
  Bill & Pam

Good morning - Crazy here at that shelter, I had to make a Brockport run yesterday to get Leo up to see Doc. That makes for a long day, but it gives me the opportunity to do errands that need doing. The friend that collects papers for us lives in Spencerport so I went to her place first to fill the back of the van with papers. Next I went to Wal-Mart to pick you soil for the garden. Our appointment with OFD was at 9 - the Talledo boys were dropped off to us for camp before we went in to see Doc. they live in Henrietta so it was easier for them to meet up with us at OFD. Off to Wegman's after seeing OFD. Home by noon. They are doing well. We were back in the 30's earlier in the week but this morning it is 55. I am hiding out - getting some alone/down time tomorrow - today we have a volunteer coming, the Keenen kids coming to camp is just one of 6 fur kids coming. A new family interested in adoption later this afternoon. See why I like the holidays to myself? They are, Shirley gets a bowl of soup, Lavern gets her soup with meds first then her bowl of soup is given to her by dropper. She much prefers it that way. Aunt Brenda is okay with that. Honest! Will do what I can - maybe tomorrow can be picture taking day. Done! They are up here with me right now. Campers get Aunt Brenda time first when they are here, with lots of campers that makes it crazy for me but I do what I can. I am thanks just crazy busy! I will do my best to get pictures for you. Brenda

April 24, 2017: Hi Mom and Dad, the craziness is over at camp! Keenen kids went home on Saturday afternoon (5) Gellin kids went home yesterday (2) Aunt Brenda says Fessler kids are coming in o Tuesday (3) but that is a one cage group so that is not so bad. We are doing well, happy and busy! Aunt Brenda goes back to work this morning.

Owner's Response: Thanks, girls! Very nice! It was a good day. I got to take a long bike ride and then Heather and Pam took me to my favorite area restaurant. I was hoping that's what they had planned, but they wouldn't tell me until we got there. Met the rest of the family and some close friends there. It's a BBQ place called Lucille's, so lots of pulled pork and ribs, sweet potato fries, grits, etc. and then we had the cake Pam made earlier for dessert. I got lots of cards. It was a very nice evening. There's still some cake left, and we had more of it last night at my son Aaron's place for dessert last night. I'm afraid to get on the scale! Nice CA-like weather here for the next week or so. We're going to take advantage of it! Nice CA-like weather here for the next week or so. We're going to take advantage of it! - BB

Wow that is awesome! LOL Aunt Brenda says vacations are for doing what you wish, when you get home we will help you run that extra off. Weather here cooled some here, so that worked well for Aunt Brenda she did not have time to do outside stuff anyway. - we are missing you some! We love you - Lavern and Shirley




Hi Mom, wow camp is awesome. Do you know I get to stay up for 10 hours in all different rooms. Aunt Brenda tried me with Venus first, she takes down barriers so there are 3 rooms for us to run in, she says that means we have lots of room to get away from each other if one of us feels scared. Venus was not so keen on hanging out with me, then Aunt Brenda tried Lance he was too goofy and jumpy for me. Next came Angel she was okay but she really had no desire to hang with me. But Then Aunt Brenda got Remi out… we actually chased and played.. Aunt Brenda says she is encouraged, she does not call it good until she finds us sleeping together.. I am going to be here for a bit.
Thanks for bringing me to camp, I am having fun. See the pictures Aunt Brenda took of me.


August 15, 2016: Mark and I keep saying that Lilly won’t want to come back home, as she’s probably having so much fun that it’s like a kid going to Disney World!
  I'm just glad that she’s not being a problem for you and that she hasn't done anything bad to any of the other ferrets that she’s been meeting (at least I hope not!!!). Our well went dry last night, UGH!!!! Luckily it was better this morning and Mark bought a lot of gallons of water. Looks like we'll have to buy some tanks of water for the horses, until we've gotten much more rain. It’s keeping the horses watered, that really takes its toll. Thank you again so much for giving Lilly this opportunity.

Shelter Mum's Response: She is having a ball, tired enough so when I put her away she does not argue. Ferret a problem? Are you kidding? The only head ache ferret I've dealt with is Oak and she has come around to my terms. Oh I am sorry...that is not good. Yup keeping the animals in water is certainly a concern.
  She is a treasure.

August 16, 2016: Hey Mom, Aunt Brenda got me and Remi up and she let us up in her space. We were chasing and playing. I am having fun, Aunt Brenda is going to put us in the library while she goes to work. She says that is safer for us and her!
I love you

Owner's Response: She’s having so much fun, which is exactly what she needs! I just hope she’s not too bummed out when she comes home!

August 17, 2016: I gave Lilly a break from Remi, they were in the 3 rooms with me early this morning, then the library. I brought them both up here with me when I shut the shelter down before I leave for work. Lily put herself to bed early so I took Remi back to her cage. Lilly seems to have had enough. I will give her a day to herself then try again Friday.

August 19, 2016: Lily and Remi are hanging together this morning. I gave Lilly a break from Remi yesterday. They seem to be interacting well this morning. I've had gate them in separate rooms a couple of times, give them a few minutes alone. They get too rough sometimes until I know they are bonded I can't let that happen.
  At this time I am encouraged, yesterday not so much. I will keep you posted. Have a good day

August 22, 2016, Shelter Mum: Good afternoon, I was thinking last Saturday that I would have you come get Lilly, she was showing signs of stress and seemed to put herself away very quickly when I had Remi out with her. I gave her a break Sunday I did not let Remi out with Lilly at all yesterday. This morning I decided to try them again before contacting you. They did great this morning they had my space first giving them lots of room to get away from each other if need be. When it was time to move kids I put them both in the library together. When I went looking for them I found them both in the big black trunk sleeping. Sleeping in the same box in the same blanket just not curled up together. I later checked and Lilly had moved to a different place. When I went looking for them to put them away I found them both back in the same box in the same blanket. We are gaining ground.

Owner's Response: Hi Brenda, It’s very generous of you to be giving her so many opportunities. I didn’t want to write to you, as it sounds like it was a very busy weekend for you, with getting in 2 ferrets and finding out one had cancer. Glad to see the other could join your crew! I didn’t want to write to you, as it sounds like it was a very busy weekend for you, with getting in 2 ferrets and finding out one had cancer. Glad to see the other could join your crew! I just hope Lilly is behaving herself. Just an FYI, I am going away Friday and coming back on Saturday. I don’t know how much longer Lilly will need to see how things go, but whatever is best for you & her, is fine with me.

Shelter Mum's Response: My pleasure. She has been an Angel, very good girl - what did you decide to add to her food dish, she is kicking the food you left her out of her dish. Lets revisit her going home when you get back from where you are going. She is not a problem and the longer she hangs with Remi the easier it will be on Remi to adjust to coming to live with you and Lilly. Does that work for you?

August 29, 2016: So here is my assessment of Lilly and Remi. They do play but only in a very large areas, when confined to a smaller room ( I tested my theory this weekend) Lilly puts herself to bed. Remi continues to nose around leaving Lilly alone. They will find separate places to sleep. The times I have found them in the same bungalow they were in the very large one each on opposite sides of the bungalow. They have not once been found intertwined with each other. There is no animosity but I am concerned that taking Lilly and Remi home with you is going to be a problem.
1. Lilly's out of the cage time; has that increased since we spoke about it a while back? The girls are getting 8/10 hours out and moved from room to room. When Lilly puts herself away I take Remi and move her to another room or put her away depending on if it is her shift that is up.
2. you are using a pen for Lilly's out time, I am not sure that is going to be large enough to keep them both happy, like I said if they are in the larger rooms they go about their business and interact some. If they are one of the smaller rooms Lilly puts herself to bed.
I have a home visit to do today I will be gone for a bit. Let me know your thoughts.

Owner's Response: I will defer to whatever you feel is in the best interest of both ferrets...
  I have tomorrow off, as my horse vet is coming to do shots & dentals in the morning. I don’t know if you want Lilly to stay a bit longer, as I know you’ve already tried a bunch of options for her.

Shelter Mum's Response: If it is not too inconvenient can you come get her? We have many campers coming in this week, I will not have time to supervise like I have been.. when the other campers go home we can try again?

Owner's Response: I could come & pick her up, as I’m hoping that the vet visit shouldn’t go too much past noon (but you never know with dentals!). Or wait and let her visit longer, as I’m sure she feels like she’s in Disney World for ferrets and isn’t looking forward to coming home...

Shelter Mum's Response: With all the campers coming in this week it would make life easier on me if she went home. We have 6 coming in this week.

Owner's Response: I’m fine with whatever works for you and appreciate all your efforts!

Shelter Mum's Response: When the campers clear out we will try again. Maybe going home to see you will make her feel better then she will feel more comfortable coming back another time.

Owner's Response: yes, coming to get her is no problem, I just can’t give you a definite time, as I don’t know how long the vet appointment will take.
  I would hope it would be done sometime between noon and 2pm, and I could leave to pick up Lilly immediately thereafter. I left her crate in the car, so am all set!
  If there is a new food that she likes, let me know what it is! I currently have the Wysong Epigen and some 8in1 Ultimate left, but would order whatever she enjoys eating more.
  If something comes up, I’ll email you from my phone!
  Thanks again for all your efforts!

August 29, 2016: yes, coming to get her is no problem, I just can’t give you a definite time, as I don’t know how long the vet appointment will take.
  I would hope it would be done sometime between noon and 2pm, and I could leave to pick up Lilly immediately thereafter. I left her crate in the car, so am all set!
  If there is a new food that she likes, let me know what it is! I currently have the Wysong Epigen and some 8in1 Ultimate left, but would order whatever she enjoys eating more.
  If something comes up, I’ll email you from my phone!
  Thanks again for all your efforts!

August 31, 2016, Shelter Mum: Kathy how did Lilly do last night being home? I am sorry I rushed you out yesterday, I did not want my granddaughter left out there alone for too long. I just up and left here without saying anything because I heard the bell on the door. Let me know.

Owner's Response: Oh, please don’t feel like you rushed me out by any means!!!! I needed to get home as had a bunch of stuff to do.
  Lilly just got home and went to bed.
  Now I just have to figure out what to do about getting her to eat better, which is a daunting task, since you’ve already tried so hard... I know they have wet food for ferrets, what’s your experience with that, as I was thinking of trying that. (I guess one good thing I have going for me, is that whatever Lilly won’t eat, I can mix any food she didn’t like with cat food and give to my cats!).
  I’m giving her half a cube of soup in the am and the other half at night, is that how much you gave her or should I up the amount?
  Hopefully if we put our heads together, we can come up with something for her!








Marsh & Ollie:

April 17, 2017: Holly Moley it is crazy full here at camp! Aunt Brenda had to empty the bottom storage cage of bedding to make room for more campers! She put a divider in the horizontal cage to make it into 2. It took her several hours to complete. Aunt Brenda set up two sick pens up in her space for 2 of the shelter kids that are on the edge of life to make room for campers. There is a mountain of bedding on the floor of the ferret room waiting to be put someplace but Aunt Brenda is not sure where!
  We are having a great time, although we are getting up at 3 am - some camp when you don't get to sleep in!
  Aunt Brenda has the week off so she is giving everyone lots of attention, Campers get time with her in her space first! She said she would work on pictures for you today.
  We hope you are having a good time on your vacation! We love you!

April 20, 2017: Hi family, are you in Florida yet? Aunt Brenda got a picture of us this morning. I went missing, we were in the kitchen, Aunt Brenda was going to move us into a different room she found Marsh but not me. I had jumped into the library with Jax and Penelope - Aunt Brenda had a bit of a mess because me and Jax look a lot alike. She figured it out.
We love you - Ollie and Marsh
  Ollie is showing signs of homesickness - I have him on Carafate and Moxy for his icky watery poo. Marsh is doing fine.

July 6, 2017: Dear Emily and Nathan, We are having a grand time at camp this time, Aunt Brenda says she believes we have not lost an ounce, we get to hang with her in her space first before anyone of the shelter kids. We are getting soup for treat and treats just because. We hope you are having a good time too. We miss you. Aunt Brenda says we only have 4 more days at camp.. woo who
Olli and Marshmallow



Mina & Ollie:



Munch & Poppet:




February 22, 2012, camp day 5: Mom I love N-bones! - Nora

February 23, 2012, camp day 6:
Nora, Nora!
  N-bones! I'm so happy you decided to try one! I'm also happy to hear you are giving the Duck Soup a try, as well! If you really, really like it I will make you some at home when you get back!!
  So you had a little time with another squeazle! It's ok if you were scared. Sometimes meeting new people can be a bit scary, but don't let it ruin your fun!
  I'm glad you are enjoying the kitchen time with Auntie Brenda!
  I hung out yesterday, but today I'm going to see the Butterfly Museum and go to a nice diner that serves food that I can eat! (Tell Auntie Brenda that Mom is a vegetarian)
  Have a good day, little Nora, and tell Auntie Brenda I said Hello!!
Love, Mom

  Aunt Brenda gave me an N-bone again this morning - I snatched that right out of her hands and ran like the wind.
  I got to try it soup again this morning - I am still not convinced it is all that great...like Aunty Brenda says it is Okay I will let you know how it goes mom.
Oh my - she ran after me - she wanted to beat me up! I am so glad Miss Brie saved me!
  Yup the other kids are getting jealous because I get it first every day!
Oh Aunt Brenda would love to see that too!
  Aunt Brenda said she did not know that - she will put that information away for future use.
Thanks mom - I love you! Nora



October 12, 2014: I have been nursing Panda (Patty's boy) all day he has an ulcer developing so we are keeping him in Carafate, Moxy and soup every couple of hours.

October 13, 2014: Patty left at 11 this morning, Panda is staying with us. He is not feeling well, so we started him on Carafate and Moxy on Saturday because he has an ulcer. He will need meds for 10 days and Patty is not up to that so I agreed to keep him here to get his tummy back on track. I just got an email that some of her pets at home are also ill so there may be a bug going around.

October 14, 2014: Panda is up in Aunt Brenda's space tonight - we can use the porch so we had a room to fill, I gave it to Panda, He had decent poo last night this morning not so much so I put him back on Carafate, he is still getting Moxy 2 times a day. When I got home his poo had improved some.

October 15, 2014: Panda is doing better.



Poulin Business:

September 2, 2016: Our first night ever at camp. Our Mom went away so she brought us to Lakeroad for camp. We got to hang in the playpen for the night and library first thing this morning. Do you know we got up at 3 am? We thought camp was to hang and sleep in! NOT HERE! Aunt Brenda offered us some Duck soup - we aren't so sure about that. She told us we will like it we just need to get used to it. So far camp is pretty cool.


Brenda's email, September 9, 2016: Terri how are the kids adjusting to being home?

Mom's Response: they are doing great!!!!...Carmel has to be encouraged to eat the soup...Susie goes nuts for the stuff...and the others are doing well as well...hope u are well and adjusting to going back to work..I so appreciate u and your wisdom...threw out the karo syrup...my sis gathered all the pee pads for u and should be mailing next week and picked up a bigger blender to make the soup...thanks so much again....ill be in touch on regular basis..take care and God Bless!

Brenda's Response: I am thrilled to hear that news. yes because I had to force meds down him when he showed signs of an ulcer. It is going to take him some time to know he is not getting meds. Yes she took to it quickly. great news I am pleased. it was a rough one, first weeks are but this year I went from 8 to 22 elementary kids - when they are new to me they need to be trained. I am honored. good. God Bless you and your sister. I would like that.



October 31, 2015: Good morning Mom and Dad,
  This camp stuff is not so bad. Aunt Brenda got me up first and gave me her space first, she says that is the way it works with campers. Do you know she has tubes and toys in her space? Beds to sleep in cabinets to hide in?Aunt Brenda got some pictures of me but I was moving so fast they are not very good. She said she would keep trying. I hope you have a good vacation, I think I am going to like this camp stuff...thanks for dropping me off here.


November 1, 2015: Dear Mom and Dad, I discovered the Cheweasels Aunt Brenda has hanging around. I have been having fun trying to get them off the scrungie to hide it but when I lose hold it snaps back to where I took it from. It is a fun game. Aunt Brenda told me I should let you know that I am eating the better kibble. I am having a great time at camp I hope you are both well and safe.

Dearest Rosario,
  we're so happy to hear from you! it sounds like you're having a great time and we're happy you're eating good food. Give aunt Brenda lots of kisses and be a good girl we love you so much. We're thinking of you all the time talk to you soon.
  Love forever, Mom and Dad

November 2, 2015: Aunt Brenda let me hang out with her while she was cleaning cages yesterday. Take a look I was playing in the corn starch peanut box. I am so glad you are doing well, I love you, Rosario


Hi Brenda!
Million thanks for taken care and giving fun times to my sweet little white rose, she is very especial I miss her terrible!! and there is no where else I wish for her to be until we are gone Rosario give aunt Brenda million kisses have fun and I think of you always. With love mom and dad.

November 4, 2015: Dear Mom and Dad...I got to get in the shower with Aunt Brenda this morning. Well actually she was not ready to get in yet so I hopped right in to see what was going on...it is cool to jump in and out of the shower. Aunt Brenda says I can have all the water I want as long as I don't get soap or shampoo on my skin. I was having a blast.
I love you!

November 7, 2015: Hi Mom and Dad, here is a picture of me with Belly Juice on my belly...Now you can cut my nails for me while I have belly juice. I have been banned from the Playroom. I got into trouble, I climbed up to the window see picture then I jumped into the playpen. I knocked over everything that was up near the window. (the picture of the window was taken last winter) to top it off I was able to jump out of the playpen and in doing so I knocked over all the stuff on the other end...I can't be in the playroom any more! I am having a great time at camp. I love you!


Dear Brenda, We are having a great time in California but missing so much our white roses ! I am sorry to hear that she get in trouble is not extrange think for us. I am happy to hear that she is having a great time in camp and I hope she can go back to the playroom soon! I love you so much my softly white roses be nice to Brenda.
With love Eli

November 14, 2015: Hello dear Brenda, How are you? How is my little white roses doing? Thank you so much for the pictures I love all of them. I miss her so much. Have a great day Brenda.
We love you Rosario
Att. Mom & dad

Brenda: I have been busy with some really sick shelter kids. sadly one passed away yesterday, the other seems to be coming around. She is doing okay, she has decided to stop eating anything so I am feeding her duck soup every couple of hours. I think she misses you! I did not contact you to tell you because I did not want to worry you, you asked so I tell. I will continue to do so. I expect you do, she misses you too.

Aunt Brenda wanted me to check in with you to let you know I am back on track.. I am eating kibble, pooping good poops and dancing and dooking with Aunt Brenda - Life at camp is good. I hope you are well, and happy.
I love you

November 29, 2015: I found good poop in Rosario's cage this morning, good poop means food going in.. not a lot but we are on the positive side of eating. I will continue to feed soup every couple of hours until she is eating the proper amount off kibble... about the duck soup.

Hey Mom and Dad, Aunt Brenda is getting more pictures of me, I was running up and down the tubes going to the top of the box, she got a picture of me looking over the edge. Then yesterday Aunt Brenda had lots of company and Mr. Paul was loving on me. Aunt Brenda got a picture of that too. I am having a grand time at camp, I hope you are well and happy.
I love you


December 4, 2015: Hi Dear Brenda,
  we are pleased to tell you that we expect to be home on December 6 and hope to pick up Rose on the morning of December 7 which is a Sunday and hopefully will be a good time for you. We will let you know as things progress. Can't wait to see you guys!
  Thanks again, Alexander & Eli

December 4, 2015: Hi Brenda we were wondering if we can pick her up at 11:00 am we will arrive to buffalo tonight late

Brenda: Monday works... I am in from my bus run at 8:30 does that work for you?

December 12, 2015: Hey Brenda wondering if you'll be around tomorrow mid day for us to come drop off Rosario. We have to go back to California for a while and we're not sure how long will be gone.Hey Brenda wondering if you'll be around tomorrow mid day for us to come drop off Rosario. We have to go back to California for a while and we're not sure how long will be gone.
  we looked into her flying to Colombia and it does look like she would need a quarantine ( we don't want that ) so that might extend her stay at fair at camp a little bit if you still have room for her.
  We fly out Monday morning early so the last time you'll be available will probably be tomorrow. Hope everything is well with you sorry we couldn't give you more advanced notice talk to you soon.

Brenda: Yup bring her in.. I will be here. We will always have room for that bundle of fur...what time tomorrow do you think you will be in to drop her off?
  No worries I ran into Eli at the PO and she gave me a hint this might happen...just give me an ETA so I can have things ready for her/you.

December 15, 2015: Hi Mom and Dad, I am having fun at camp. Aunt Brenda took a picture of me.. I hope you are having fun too.
I love you


December 28, 2015: Hey Mom and Dad...you asked for it. I was hiding on Aunt Brenda, this is where she found me.
I love you, I hope you are happy.


January 1, 2016: Hi Dear Brenda,
  Happy 2016!! thinking so much of you guys!
  How is my little girl doing ? Thanks for the last pictures I love them seems that she is having fun Thanks for loving her I miss her so much send me more pictures when you can I love you guys!
  Is there anything she needs ?

January 2, 2016: Hey Mom and Dad,
  I am well, Aunt Brenda has been sick so she is doing just what is necessary to keep us fur kids going. Clean cages, clean playrooms and such. With Christmas and New Years in the middle Aunt Brenda is juggling things. She said things should settle down soon, she is on antibiotic and will be going back to work on Monday. She will try to get more pictures of me for you soon.
I love you

January 7, 2016: Here is Rosario hanging out in Aunt Brenda space. Aunt Brenda bought a new pair of shoes and Rosario thought she bought the box for her to play in. Rosario is doing well at camp, thanks Mom I miss you too.


January 18, 2016: Dear Brenda ! How are you ? Thinking of you guys like I always do,
  I want To share this Video with you is Manders she is a deer That I raise when I was living in Naples in Blodgett Rd and rosario they where very good friends. Tell rosario we are eating a lots of Chinese Duck !! And forever love her.
Shelter response: What an adorable video! May I share it with our shelter friends?
  Rosario is doing awesome, I got a picture of her getting up this morning,(the camera is still down stairs) she could not figure out why I had the cage door open and I was just standing there looking at her. I generally open the cage take her out and set her on the floor. She is a happy little fur ball.
  We are full of campers, that is keeping me extremely busy we have 7 cages in the camping room full.
  Thanks for sharing the video - be safe Rosario needs you to come home to get her

January 20, 2016: Hi Mom and dad.. Aunt Brenda got a picture of me when she woke me up this morning. I couldn't figure out what she was doing! She told me you wanted a picture of me so she was taking it as soon as she woke me up.
  I am having fun at camp.. I love you


January 20, 2016: Hey cyber friends Aunt Brenda is letting me do a message for the shelter. Yup that's me Rosario first thing this morning when Aunt Brenda got me up at 3 am. She usually opens the door, picks me up for a little loving then sets me down on the floor. This morning she stood there in front of me with this blue thing pointing at me. Anyway here is the message Aunt Brenda wanted me to send:
  A 16 oz bottle of ferretone, and a 12 count box of chicken baby food was sent from Amazon.com, addressed to Angel ferret at Lakeroad. Aunt Brenda says there is no name to indicate who sent these items.
  Aunt Brenda says if you want to remain anonymous she says that is fine she just wants you to know it got here and thanks for sending it.
  If you want to let her know you sent it you can let her know here ferretfarm@frontiernet.net. Thanks for helping Aunt Brenda take care of all the fur kids that live here and camp here on occasion.

January 31, 2016:
Dear Mom and Dad,
  Hi from me at camp! Aunt Brenda got some pictures of me yesterday.. helping her clean early morning cages. Well she was cleaning, I was getting into trouble some of the time. I am well I miss you.. when are you coming home to get me?
I love you!


February 4, 2016:
Dearest Rosario
  We love you so much. we miss you something terrible. Please let aunt Brenda we haven't forgotten her. We know your having fun and you'll be happy to know that it's been really good for your mother to see her mother. And your grandma is very sad she couldn't meet you this time. Maybe she'll be able to meet you when she comes to the US for the wedding. Yup that's right and your the ring barrier so get your dress ready and tell Aunt Brenda she's come to wedding too. It might be a few summers away but it's good to plan ahead. You are the sweetest thing to us, never forget that and we CANT WAIT to see you. MISS YOU and we'll keep in touch.
P.s. we love the pictures

February 11, 2016: Hi Mom and Dad, things are cool at camp.. I am having an awesome time. Thanks for the picture of you and Dad- The picture Dad drew for me is beautiful. Aunt Brenda is going to have it put on my camp page on the shelter web site. I love you! It is cold cold here in NY 8 degrees this morning.
I love you, Rosario


March 9, 2016: llo my little roses I think of you every days! I hope you still having fun and felling healthy I love you so so much I feel bad for being desperate from you but next time I may try to bring you down here with me I miss you terrible 😣 I will be back in May. Hello Brenda ! How are you and rosario ?? I Ben really trying to reach my friend to bring you the payment plis don't think I forgot about rosario I adore her and miss her terrible! Would you tell me again how to pay to the shelter in case my friend can't go to visit my rosario, Brenda I love you dearly I hope to hear from you soon

August 31, 2016:
Hi dear Brenda
  Rosario, Alexander, and I send you regards we hope everything is well at the ferret farm; the summer is been so good to the 3 of us, we all went to PA almost all Sumer camping, we did long hikes swimming in the creeks lakes and into the woods Rosario couldn't be more happy or healthy and enthusiastic she is so wonderful after relaxing in the cold waters she walked back for an entire hour almost each day eating big meals and falling sleep at the campfires. Now we're back in Naples for a few weeks. Rosario's annual vaccines are scheduled for the 6th. We are gearing up to return to California for a few months. Wondering if Rosario's favorite ferret camp has any room for her, staring sept 8th? Let us know we've tried your phone but it seems to not revive any calls.
  Love Rosario, Alexander, & Eli


September 12, 2016: Hi Mom and Dad, I hope you are well and happy. I am! Aunt Brenda gave me some of the kibble she uses here at the shelter and I like that better than the stuff you bought for me. Oh and Aunt Brenda has been letting me have some REAL REAL Duck soup, 2 times a day every day. You know how I liked the stuff you bought me, well this stuff is even better.
  I miss you but want you to know I am having a great time at camp.

September 21, 2016: Dear Brenda and Rosario, Thank you so much for your letters. We're traveling through places with not much service. We think of you every day. We're so happy to hear your eating well. Give aunt Brenda lots of love, have so much fun we love you.
  Love Eli & Alexander

September 21, 2016: Hey Mom and Dad! I am up here with Aunt Brenda this morning, I like coming up here I get to use the computer to send you emails and then I try to get up on her desk, that usually gets me ferretone on my belly and I am set in the big round bed with blankets to lick it off. I am so glad you are well and happy.. Aunt Brenda has me on good food and real duck soup now.. thanks for dropping a line.
I love you

October 1, 2016: Dear Brenda and Rosario, Thank you so much for your letters. We're traveling through places with not much service. We think of you every day. We're so happy to hear your eating well. Give aunt Brenda lots of love, have so much fun we love you.

Hi Mom and Dad. Aunt Brenda got some pictures of me. I am doing great having fun and missing you.
I love you,


October 9, 2016: Hello my dear Rosario and Brenda I miss you immensely! how are you guys doing? Think about you every single day!

I am doing great! Are you getting the pictures Aunt Brenda is sending? Thanks for checking on me. Rosario

October 14, 2016: Hi !!! How are you guys today ! Rosario I love you so much baby cake cake, please try send me the pictures again? Look Alexander get a tatto of you for his birthday I can't wait for mine is getting cold up in Naples yet? how do you feel how many hours do you sleep? Are you happy that you get to have real duck sup again? I'm sorry that we didn't get it from aunt Brenda before tell me everything! I love you to the moon and back. Eli & Alexander

We are doing great! Aunt Brenda is spoiling me rotten Aunt Brenda can't see it because the picture is too big and it will not allow her to make it smaller so she can see it. Yup Yup it was 36 degrees out this morning. It's warmed up it is now 39 ;-) Aunt Brenda gets me up at 3 am I don't get put to bed until noon - lots of other campers have gone home so we get more out time now. Yup! I love my duck soup! Mom that is okay...Aunt Brenda says you and Dad are still learning the stores are only out for money - Aunt Brenda is making sure we ferrets have the correct stuff they need. I love you too - can you make the picture smaller for Aunt Brenda? Rosario


October 22, 2016:
Dear Mom and Dad,
  Aunt Brenda washed my monkey for me, when I got him back he was really hungry so I put him in my food dish to feed him. Aunt Brenda took a picture of my monkey eating. (see attached) I am doing well, getting duck soup every day.. it is yummy to my tummy.
I love and miss you


November 2, 2016:
Hola Mi Rosario! Hola Brenda so much love to you guys !! How are you doing how is aunt Brenda feeling this days i believe that you are being a good girl like you always are I miss you so so much are you having fun? Mum is here working a lot! meeting awesome people I have fun some days I wish we could have you here with us every body knows about you I have a lot of great ideas for us for the knew year hey !! More Pictures makes me very happy i love you girls.
  Love Elli

November 3, 2016:
Hi Mom and Dad - I am doing great! - Aunt Brenda says I am fat and sassy! Wintertime fluffy! here are some pictures to prove it! Aunt Brenda feeds me soup in the morning and at night, lets me hang with her in her space. I am learning that if I don't stay off her desk I get kicked out of the living room. I am slowing learning that rule. LOL Her desk is just too enticing not to try to get up there! Lots and lots of things to check out. We are happy to hear you and Dad are well and happy... do you have a coming home date yet?
  Aunt Brenda has been crazy busy trying to get things done and put away before the snow flies. We did have some snow last week but it did not stay long. Thanks for checking on me, I love you too.
Your girl Rosario


November 22, 2016:
Hello Guys send you so much love!!! Rosario my girl !! How are you? Tell me how much fun are you having at camp this days? Tell me everything!! Guess what ? Mami is finally getting a car!! Is going to be very fun to drive all the way up to the east coast to meet you in January. I have beautiful crazy good plans for us for the new year! I love you to the moon and back.

Hi Mom and Dad - I am doing great, Aunt Brenda gives me soup every day.. I get to hang with her in her space. It's a bit crazy this week because more campers came so there are lots and lots of more fur kids. I still can't have the playroom to hang in because I don't stay off the places that are not safe for me. Aunt Brenda tried me in there the other day while she was cleaning cages, it took me less than 2 minutes to get into trouble.. Aunt Brenda put a stop to that right away. Way cool! What kind? When? Wow that is great news I am excited. Awesome I love you Mom, I miss you - Rosario

January 12, 2017: Hello aun Brenda, how are you? I miss you a lots!! I am so very happy to tell you how great it is to be with mom again is so much fun and we sleep together and I am allowed to sleep whatever place a want to inside our room where mom think is safe, I get my duck soup 4 times a week sometimes 5 and everybody at the house is awesome!! We will stay leaving in Naples for while mom is going to start school next mont and things are working great for us beside dad left to his trip to Florida and Colombia for a long time we miss him so much but time flies.
  I hope you are doing good I miss you, mommy say that we will visit you to get more of the delicious duck sup that just you have, by the way I love love my Christmas presents <3 With love, ROSARIO & ELI.

March 25, 2017: Hi! aunt Brenda!! Spring in here!!! How have you ben? Mami and I ben more Cousy that ever!! we ben doing a lots of thinks I have meet a lots of friends! I love riding in moms car! and playing with the snow and Karol my best friend! The most beautiful Cat; aunt Brenda I can’t wait for summer to go Camp by te water!! but before that can we go visit you soon? We would love to see you!! and I hear mom say that I am starting to run out of my palettes I already run out of sup a month ago but mom decide to learn recipes and she start making it every week taste different some times a little funny but is not so bad i have not been felling sick at all but do you think that you can teach her your duck sup recipes aun Brenda? We are here in Naples living in Dad’s house dad still in Colombia I miss him so much!! He is working so hard in his new collection of raw clay paintings in canvas, I am so happy to say hi to you!! and hopefully see you one of this days! We send you Love and many fluffy kisses aunt Brenda bye bye!

Good Morning Miss Rose and Mom, It is close that is for sure. Busy busy - up to our ears in ferrets. Awe that is great to hear. I am so pleased, you are a good ambassador for ferrets. I bet you do! You are living the life little one! You are a funny girl. Just let me know when you want to drop in, I am here most of the time, but you need to let me know you are coming so I don't decide to run to town and miss you. I would love to see you too. well we can't have that, you better come see me to get more. Of course I will teach your Mom how to make you the soup the way I do.. I would be honored. I bet you do. Oh I hope I will get to see some of his work. I am thrilled to hear from you! Make it soon so we can get you some food. I love you baby girl thanks for checking in. Aunt Brenda


Spirit & Slinky:

  Slinky climbed up onto Aunt Brenda's lunch cooler to see if there was anything in it she may want. When Slinky first started coming to camp you could not trust her for a second to stay out of trouble!


  This picture is the aftermath of Aunt Brenda leaving the girls upstairs without her. They made the mess, then decided a nap was in order. When I discovered them napping with the mess right there next to them, I ran for my camera. Slinky must have heard me because when I got back with the camera Slinky was NO where to be found and Spirit was checking out the mess they had made.







April 28, 2017: It looks like I will leave Buffalo on May 17th, so I'd need to drop Max and Tic off by the 16th, which is a Tuesday. Tomorrow is my last day at work, so my availability is pretty much anything that works for you. They are scheduled for physicals, rabies and distemper with my vet on May 5th. I'll bring their records with me. I think last time I authorized you or your vet to have access to my records if anything was missing. I'll look into that again. I know you feed multiple foods at the shelter. I'll drop them off with a full bag of what I'm feeding now and after that I'll order whatever they are eating, if I can find it online. Otherwise I'll PayPal you. Please let me know of anything I missed or any concerns. Thanks again!!

Shelter Response: Good morning Felicia Okay then can we schedule drop off for after May 8th - I have 2 campers going home that day, so that cage will be open for your two. Perfect thank you! All that we use can be purchased on line. Sounds like a good plan, please bring something they can sleep in that belongs and smells like you please. Brenda

Hi Mom!
  I am getting extra special attention from Aunt Brenda - she lets me hang most of my out time up here in her space. I get the ferret room first thing in the morning after I have my meds - see attached - Aunt Brenda puts my meds in soup in that tiny dish. Once I eat it all, she keeps putting more soup in that dish until I don't want any more.
  I hope you are well I love you


May 30, 2017: Touching base, I did increase Tic's Pred he is much more active and interested in moving around. He did have some nasty poo for a couple of days, I let it go for 24 hours when it did not clear up on it's own I stared him on Moxy. His poo is much better and it seems he is feeling better. I am pleased with his response to the medications.
  He loves the peanut butter treats we use here, he comes to my feet at my desk when the treat dish is empty. Funny little man he is. He sends his love, we hope you are well.

May 27, 2017: Hi Mom! Aunt Brenda upped my meds for me, I am doing much better. She lets me come up to her space to hang with her. One picture of me is when we were playing, Aunt Brenda would tickly my tummy and I would jump and run.. she decided she would get a picture of me doing the alligator roll. Then when it was time for me to go to bed she could not find me. She looked and looked - oops she found me in a box under her desk she is sending that picture too. I hope you are well.. please be safe out there.
I love you


July 1, 2017: Hi Mom - I hope you are well.. I am doing well, Aunt Brenda upped my Pred - I am feeling much better now that I am on the higher dose. This is my favorite place to sleep. I am not sure I sent you the picture Aunt Brenda took of me playing on her bed with her.

I miss you, take care of yourself please
I Love you

Mom's Reply: Thanks for the update and pictures!! He looks great. I'm in Afghanistan finally, at my main base of operations. I'll be able to get on here at least semi regularly. I was told to expect periods of 30-45 days without internet though, just so you know.

July 6, 2017: I found Tic not interested in his soup this morning. Very unusual for him, generally the second I set it in his cage he sucks it down. I got the rest of the shelter settled and then put him in the ferret room with his soup. I figured he would eat it later.
  I found him in the peanuts an hour later as usual but he had not yet had his soup. I tucked him into the playpen with his soup while I cleaned cages. He actually laid there in the exact position I set him in for the entire time I was doing my duties, another hour. He was in an Insulinoma crash. I brought him up to my space with soup but he was gagging and pawing at his mouth which indicates his BG was extremely low.
  I gave him a 1/2 ml injection of Dexamethasone since he was gagging, there was no way I was going to get him to eat or take anything orally. I will keep you informed as the day progresses.

July 7, 2017: Tic - camper was crashed yesterday morning, I gave him a Dex shot he was back at 11, when I offered him soup last night he was ready and willing to eat it.

July 9, 2017: I found Tic and Farnsworth in a full blown crash this morning. Tic's BG meter read LOW; Farnsworth's meter read 69. I gave them both a Dex shot. Tic was back at 9 had soup at 11 - he had his soup and meds tonight.

July 27, 2017: Tic and Angel are holding their own on the meds 3 times a day. I eat my dinner then give them their soup with liquid Pred in it.

August 2, 2017:
Hi Mom, Aunt Brenda told me I could say hi. I hope you are well and safe. Aunt Brenda said she was pleased to see me stable with 3 does of meds a day but this morning I was gagging and spitting even after my soup with meds.
  Aunt Brenda was brining me up to her space when I was doing that. She got me settled went back to the shelter to get me a hurt stick. She said I should be feeling better by the time she gets in from work this morning.
I love you

August 4, 2017: I'm glad he's doing better. He seems to want to provide a constant challenge, very ferret like behavior. Lol I hope his insulinoma balances out with the meds soon. Things are ok here. Some bad news coming out of my base today / tomorrow, but my unit has been safe.

Brenda's Response: He does but his age and his disease is what makes it the challenge. Insulinoma is a progressive disease I expect his pancreas is just loaded with nodes. they can be surgically removed but it does not fix the problem it just slows things down. OFD does Insulinoma surgery but he prefers not to do it on older ferrets. Our SOP is to keep them comfortable as possible, giving them a quality of life. If the surgery were done it would not eliminate the need for meds, with his age the cost IMHO is cost prohibitive - you are looking at $600.00 to $800.00 - and then the post-op discomfort. If he survives the surgery. I am hearing sad news - please keep your head down.. keeping you in my God box for safe keeping. Brenda

August 10, 2017: Hi Mom, I am hanging in, YOU? Aunt Brenda just gave me an N-bone - YUMMMM



  Saturday morning I called the hospital to check on Wolfy, they said he was improving. I was not off the phone 10 minutes when Mary called to give me a full report.
  It is all good new, his BG is good, red blood cell count good, he is now eating and drinking. His poops are now formed and color is good. Mary and Dr. Pepper – Dr Edwards has gone on vacation - are treating him for Coccidia and he is responding so he is going to stay with Mary at the hospital at least until Monday. Mary said she could not feel anything in his tummy that she felt was a problem so life is good at the farm and the hospital.
  Thanks Miss Mary for helping us out. Thanks to all of you that responded to our plight and the prayers you sent along with him to the hospital. Shelter Mum Brenda