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   • Anastasia came to the Shelter on April 17, 2014. She found a Forever Home on June 14, 2014!
   • Anastasia is a champagne female.

   • Anastasia had a far away mom in Mesa, AZ. Thank you for helping Shelter Mum for taking care of me until I found my Forever Home!!

Anastasia was found running down a sidewalk by a police officer. She was then taken to Oswego SPCA, then turned over to the Shelter.


April 25, 2017:
Anastasia is back to her usual active self. Gus and Ping are goofy as usual, and the elders of the group, Alice and Fred are doing pretty well. They are all pretty active. Fred for sure has slowed down overall, I think the adrenal is the main cause for this. It appears there is not much more to do for this problem. I do wonder if surgery to remove adrenal adenoma is something to consider. He has been pretty healthy, weight is stable. His age is a factor, but I do wonder.

April 25, 2017:
  Sunday evening Anastasia was not doing as well. Would not take soup or Ferrtone. Ended up taking her into see OFD (not “old fart Doc”. He felt maybe a little bit of bacterial overgrowth in GI track, stress reaction, maybe virus.
  She will be on an antibiotic for 7 days, she was better on the way home, started to eat, was happier when I put her in a cage tonight.
  Whew, it makes me nervous when these little guys get sick.

Brenda's response: Well poop I was hoping she was just homesick. Oh good I am so pleased to hear that. Yes I am right there with you! They can turn sick in and instant. Thank God for OFD

June 30, 2014:
  Anastasia is doing pretty good. I was holding her and Fred, keeping them just out of reach of each other. She was acting pretty good, then she had the nerve to reach out and bit Fred on the lip! What a stinker! Luckily she let go, and Fred was no worse for the wear. All the other Ferrets are doing well. Still have not been able to get Luna with the 4 pack. She likes to be a touch rough with that group, but many times it is just biting on the neck, not really “ripping” at all. Max just waits it out, then quickly likes to smell her butt! You-i has been getting a little more aggressive with her when she bits him. He used to run, now he waddles after Luna. No big ruckus, but we also watch them pretty close so no one is getting fuzzed. We just have to keep working on them.

June 15, 2014:
  Brenda, I was gone most of the day on a long bike ride. When I got home it takes/took about 2 + hours to get cooled down and “rehabbed” for the next workouts. So, I am getting back to you late.
  she is doing very well. When we got her home and everyone settled, she was out running around. She loved the new toy we got in one the raffle items ( youngest cat/kitten loves it too). Anastasia was duking and dancing.
  I am going to let her get acclimated to her new home before we try anything. She is very precious.
  I will contact Wendy and get her garment sent to her. Had a great time yesterday at Clinic Day.

June 14, 2014:
  Anastasia found a Forever Home with the Keenen's!

June 14, 2014:
  Dear far away mom, I wanted to let you know I have found a new 4-ever home... I am going to go live with the Keenen family.. they have Luna and Maxim and so Mum says this is a really good home... they took me out to play in the yard today on clinic day... thanks for helpen Mum take care of me while I was here. - Anastasia

April 17, 2014:
  Marcia got here with the newest little one about 10:30. Anastasia, she is under a year old, Champagne color and full of life! Her nails were real long so we got them cut, she likes ferretone that was a +. My guess; she was a Christmas baby and got out of the home that got her. She was found running down the sidewalk by a police officer. She was taken to Oswego ASPCA. She is a pistol, has no fear, spent a good deal of time running and playing checking out everything. She loves the bean box, tried the corn starch peanuts, ran through every tube she came into contact with. We let her run for a few hours while Marcia and Daisy went from room to room cleaning food and water stations. I got her settled into her cage. She seems to be plenty happy where we put her. When it was time for meds I got her up to offer her some, she had 20 mls of soup from the dropper before I set her in front of the bowl to finished up what was left. She is a beauty see attached.