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Achilles, Looney Tunes, Max, Tic, & Ygrette


July 1, 2015:
  It looks like I should be home by the 9th. I'd like to pick the ferrets up as soon as possible after that date. I won't have anything more specific until the day before I arrive in Buffalo. If it does wind up being later I'll let you know as soon as I can.

June 1, 2015:
  Just dropping you a note to let you know how things are going. Loony is looking a bit ragged but he is still eating, drinking, and getting his meds 2 times a day. The rest are off the wall crazy. Any word on your coming home time?

Owner: Still looks like I will be home by mid July. I'm pretty sure that this is an outside date. Leaving Afghanistan and then Kuwait could be hold ups, but if we get thru earlier I'll let you know. I don't expect to be at Ft Hood for more than 4 days after that.

April 11, 2015:
  Hi Mom we got the food you sent us! Thanks for helping us stay in food. Aunt Brenda has it in the mix now we get to eat 6 different kinds of food with 2 big dishes so we can chose what we want to eat. Aunt Brenda wants to have a serious discussion with you now. I love you and miss you Looney Tunes.

Shelter Director: Felicia, I am in a quandary, I could use your input. Looney is doing okay. Looney has his good days and bad days, he is in no pain, he is eating, drinking and taking his med in his soup 2 times a day with no issues. He hangs out with the others and does climb to the upper levels in the cage if he wants to sleep in other areas. We do not use ramps so he has to be creative to get to where he wants to go. It is pretty clear he has adrenal disease, I was waiting to see if the fur loss was coat change. I am confident it is both. He has something growing inside him; with genital palpation it feels like his spleen is enlarged. Here is where it gets complicated.
  In my experience with all that is going on with Looney if we go in for surgery he should come out fine but we have shortened his quality of life.
  What I mean by that is this...he has quality of life, we can do an implant to address the adrenal issue but if we open him up we could find he is terminal. I have an agreement with Doc that if what is going on inside is not fixable we let them go on the table.
  What I have learned is sometimes we just don't open them up, we keep them comfortable as long as they have quality of life. I am afraid if we ask Doc to go in to see what is going on he will come home in a box for the freezer. Because he is your kid I want and need your input.
  I am a firm believer in quality not quantity and doing major surgery, is hard to get over with his other medical issues, he may come home to die in the sick pen because he just can't get through the post-op. I am more than willing to nurse him in the sick pen for the 10 days it will take to get him over the hump, I just question if that is the right thing to do for him.
I look forward to your thoughts and input

Owner: I'm not usually a fan of surgeries either and would prefer not to go that route. I used the supralorin implant successfully with Achilles for 2 years to manage his adrenal disease. In his case, the swelling was thought to be prostate and would diminish within 5 days of receiving the implant.
  Honestly my human anatomy is far superior to my ferret anatomy, so I have 0 idea how close the prostate is to the spleen in a ferret. I would like to try the supralorin over surgery. If this is something beyond run of the mill adrenal disease, I tend to think the way you do. I'd rather he have a very comfortable month than an uncomfortable 2.
  I hope the supralorin does the trick, or at least makes him more comfortable and I REALLY hope he's there when I pick up the rest of the gang.
  Thank you so much for doing what you do. It's a little easier knowing that you treat your animals the way I treat mine. I know you've taken care of a lot of sick or dying ferrets, and while you get used to dealing with it, it doesn't get easier. I'm sorry you've had to do this watch with 2 of mine now. Just let me know when you talk to the vet how much the implant and office visit are and I'll send a check ASAP. I think the last one got there in 3 days.

Shelter Director: I am so pleased with your thoughts. Early on I thought trying to fix the problem with surgery was the way to go, after watching ferrets IMHO suffer the pain and discomfort only to lose them shortly after they were out of the sick pen I have changed my view on surgery. My goal is to have him here when you get home. So I will call the office this morning to make an appointment for him this week(or as soon as we can get him in) for the implant.
  Ferrets are my love, my life and my passion. I want what is best for them NOT what is best for me. I want to treat them the way I expect to be treated when it is my end of life time, with love, compassion and as little discomfort as possible.
  I am honored that you entrusted your fur kids to me, that we can discuss and work together on what is best for them. So many humans do what they want not what is in the best interest of the fur kid and the fur kid suffers. That is unacceptable to me.
  Thanks for your input and support, I will let you know when we are scheduled.
  I know when I called to check on your account, it had been paid but I am not sure how long after the Looney's appointment it was I called to be sure. Thanks again for your input and support. I hope you are well. Brenda

April 5, 2015:
  Happy Easter Mom! - Looney Tunes, Tic, Max and "E" Aunt Brenda calls Ygrette - E

April 4, 2015, Mom's response:
  Still looks like July. We're supposed to start moving from the FOB the last week of June, so even if we get stuck for awhile at any leg some point in July. Glad Tunes is still doing well. He's my cuddle bug, or at least as much of a cuddle bug as a ferret can be. I don't think the other 3 will ever slow down. Lol. How are you doing on food? Is there anything else you're short on for the other ferrets you're caring for?

April 3, 2015:
  Things are going pretty well here at camp Mom. Aunt Brenda says I am slowing down but sometimes I show a burst of energy and run across the room after her or Max. I love my soup. The others are doing great, off and running just as soon as their feet hit the floor when Aunt Brenda gets us up. She always takes me out and put me in the pan to have my morning soup before she sets me on the floor.
  We are happy. We hope you are okay, we miss you. Any news on when you are coming home Mom?

March 30, 2015:
  Looney Tunes having his afternoon soup.


February 19, 2015:
  Hey Mom, Aunt Brenda has me feeling better! She says she still thinks something is going on, she says there is something big in my belly; but I am feeling better so she is going to take a wait and see approach. I still have several days left to take my Moxy.
I love you, I hope you are well.


January 29, 2015:
  Hey Mom look at me I am all better! Aunt Brenda put one of the new custom hammock in our cage and then one of the Cozy Caves in there too. We are hanging out in the sweetest stuff in the world. We love you.
  E is sleeping under Max and Tic she did not want to wake up.
  Looney Tunes


January 26, 2015:
  Felicia has been communicating with me about Looney, she is happy to hear of his improvement.

January 25, 2015:
  Hi Mom, I am feeling so much better! I was awake and ready to get up this morning when Aunt Brenda got us up this morning. I am on 2 kinds of medicines, Aunt Brenda says as long as I eat and keep soup in my tummy she will not push the yucky medicine in me. That one I have to take plain just out of the dropper and it makes me gag. So Aunt Brenda said she will keep me in soup to keep my tummy full so my ulcer does not come back. I can have the Pred and Moxy in soup so that is not bad to take.
  I like soup and I like that Aunt Brenda feeds it to me by dropper so I get to lay in her arms and get warm soup fed to me.
  I love you and miss you.
  We are all doing well now that I am better. Aunt Brenda took some pictures of us while I was at the hospital.
Be safe we love you.
  Looney Tunes


January 24, 2015:
  Looney is home. Bob R. went to Brockport to get him. I brought Pudge down to the kitchen so he could spend some time with him when he got here with Looney.

January 22, 2015:
  I had to take the day off from work to get Looney up to doc. Rocky got a sub to cover my run so I could go to Brockport.

January 21, 2015:
  Looney was in a crash this morning so I had to deal with him right away.

January 19, 2015:
  Looney tunes has been acting off so I did a BG on him this morning, his numbers were 69 not fasting so with a fast they would be down in the mid 50's low 60's. His mom and I have been emailing back and forth about what is going on. I put their folder where I could find it and I can't find it. I have no idea where I put the silly thing. Felicia said he had a BG done a year ago I would like to see if his records tell me what they were.

January 14, 2015:
  The bed Miss Ili got us for Christmas replaced the one Mum had in this corner of her space. It is unanimous, we all love this bed much better than the one Mum had up here.. It died. it was a big tiger bed and when Mum washed him his head fell off.
  Mum sent him to the trash. Miss Ili this is the bested bed. Mum clicked a lot of picture of us sleep in that bed.. It is so comfy and warm we hardly notice her pulling the blankets back and taking our picture.


January 03, 2015:
 Hi Santa Collette - I was finally able to open my present. Shelter Mum has been sick. Mum says thanks for being patient and she is sorry she did not open the card before now. Mum does not open our presents so anyway thanks again for the beautiful blanket, teats, toys and donation.
You made my Christmas special
 Looney Tunes


December 20, 2014:
 Hi Santa Priscilla, Wow you sent lots of presents for lots of fur kids, we know we have to share this stash but Aunt Brenda let us pick what we liked best. We can't make up our minds as to what we want to take to our cage with us. Tic had a harder time he pick the blue bed then decided maybe the pink one was what he wanted.. He was beside himself he was just rolling and bouncing in that blue bed. We know there were names on the beds but we had to check them all out. Thanks so much for picking us to be your Giving Tree kids - YOU'RE the best Santa we have ever had.


October 22, 2014:
 Camper Achilles is struggling, it appears Achilles' tumors are growing he is not pooing as much as he was, we knew this was going to happen. I am watching him close. He is still eating his kibble and his soup.

August 27, 2014:
 Hey Mom, guess what Aunt Brenda did right after you left, she took the barrier down at the top of the stairs and let us come to her space to check things out. It is way cool up here, lots of beds and toys. She got some pictures of us too take a look. Gotta run too much to do . Love you!




Initial Contact, March 14, 2014, Felicia:
Hello. I was hoping your organization could help me out. I found out today that I might be deploying in September or October of this year. I currently have 5 ferrets and wish to keep them all. I am trying to find people willing to foster them for at least 9 months, hopefully not more than 1 year. I've had horrible results with ferret sitters in the past, so I thought I'd start here since the people you work with are trustworthy. My plan is to set up bank accounts for their veterinary and food costs. They can be split up into 2 groups, and I feel that my 9 year old could be housed by himself if need be. If you think you can put me in touch with potential fosters, please let me know. I live near Buffalo, NY.
Thanks for any help,
 Felicia L

Shelter response:
 We do long term boarding and in the case of military being deployed we wave the fee. If all 5 are currently being housed together we have a cage that is big enough for all of them. We would be honored to help you out with your fur kids while you are out protecting our freedoms. We have 8 enrichment rooms for them to play in, kids here get 8 to 10 hrs a day out of their cage. Let me know.

Felicia's response:
 Awesome! I'm glad I tried you guys first. I'll definitely be in touch when we get more information. Thanks so much!!

Shelter response, March 15, 2014:
 Okay keep me in the loop so I save the big cage for you. It is getting close to dumping time so we will have lots of folks looking to surrender. Last year we had to turn 65 fur kids away. Communication is a good thing here.

Felicia's response:
 Makes since. All of mine were adopted in March and May. But again, if we leave it will be September. I didn't know you had boarding services so was trying to get a jump on placing them. I will be in touch when I get a confirmed date.

April 28, 2014, Felicia:
 I just wanted to touch bases with you again. We had spoken early in March about my upcoming deployment and my 5 ferrets being boarded there. I have been notified that we will activate on September 11th and would like to see if you have space for the beginning of September. I will be gone for at least 9 months, expecting to be back in June 2015. Four of the ferrets are 4 y/o. The 5th is around 9 y/o. He does ok with the other 4, but he has lazy days where he eats and drinks from his hammock. I have to put him in a private cage at these times as I can't have the food too near the water with the 4 y/os.
 I know it's early for you, but I have a few extensive periods of training in the mean time and don't want to forget to contact you.

Shelter response:
 Your space is secure. We will take them for you. Did you want to see the shelter before you need to leave them? I will do what is necessary to keep your babies happy and healthy. Do you have a drop off date set so I can put that on the calendar?

April 29, 2014, Felicia's response:
 I'd like to set it up for September 1. If I have time, I'd love to stop by before then. I have about 5 weeks of training in the next 2 months and have to get all of the ferrets caught up on their distemper from when it was on back order. I'll be contacting my bank soon to see what I need to set up a ferret "expense account" for you guys too. Thanks so much!! Talk to you soon.

May 1, 2014, Felicia:
 After all that, our orders have been cancelled, so I will not need to drop my babies off. Thanks so much for your help and for doing what you do.

Shelter response:
 Okay that is great news, that you are going to be staying home. We are here if you need us. Thanks for your service.

May 6, 2014, Felicia:
 We were just notified last night that our deployment was NEVER canceled. I'm sorry for being such a pain and I'm not insane. lol. I'd like to reschedule my boarding with the same drop off date of September 1st if possible.

Shelter response:
 Oh my; it sounds like the government is doing what it does best; cause confusion and change plans.. VBG Not a problem I did not close your file, so you are all set for September 1st. let's stay in touch through the summer.

Felicia's response:
 Our deployment has been moved forward by at least 2 weeks and up to 1 month. Do you have boarding space available near August 15th? The length of the deployment should still be 9 months, so we'd return in May instead of June.

Shelter response:
Good morning Felicia,
 We do; we have you covered no matter when you are told you are leaving… all I need is 24 hrs to empty the cage they will use ( I am using it for storage at this time). Okay we will keep them until you get home. Thanks for the update.

July 19, 2014, Felicia:
 Wow. Glad I emailed you. I'm at City Creatures in Buffalo, Dr. James Albert. I'll leave a message for him on Monday asking if the Nobivac puppy is a stock vaccination there and if he's comfortable giving it to the ferrets. If either answer is no, I'll call the clinic you listed below and see if they can get me in.
  Unfortunately I'm going out of town again next Sunday, so it'd be after the 10th if Dr. Albert can't do it. I'll let you know as soon as I have any info. Thanks again!!

Shelter response:
 If you tell the girls the kids are coming to the shelter they will get you in ASAP for us. Dr. Edwards is the only vet in that clinic that does ferrets so you need to be sure to tell them they are ferrets and coming here. Okay Thank you for being so easy to work with.

July 23, 2014, Felicia:
 Not much of an update, but my vet (Dr. Albert) is getting in touch with your vet tonight. It sounds like he's going to be willing to use the vaccine, he's just worried about safety issues. He feels a little better since your vet has used it safely.

August 6, 2014, Felicia:
 I just heard back from my vet and he is very uncomfortable giving canine distemper to the ferrets. He was giving it back before 2001 and it was discontinued then after ferrets actually contracted distemper from the vac. I do absolutely understand your concerns, though and will be making a call to your vet again.
 I know you guys had several vaccinated recently without incident. Are they still complication free? I'm comfortable using it on the 4 younger ones, but I'm a little worried about the 9 y/o.

Shelter response:
 I am not sure that is true, I know they had reactions from it but it was a different brand I believe and I am almost positive it was a dead virus vaccine. I can find out for you if you wish. I have to say we are spoiled and when we cannot get the ferret vaccine we are not happy - however these vets have to realize distemper can and will devastate a shelter and for that matter if one of your kids got it they would probably all get it and not survive. So your vet better rethink if they are going to be without ferret distemper for any length of time. I believe it is going to be January before they start a new run.
 Complication free all of the shelter kids that got the vaccine and none of the clinic day kids that were vaccinated had any issues at all. I agree the older one could possibly be a problem. How many distemper vaccines has she/he had in his 9 yrs? Maybe we should talk to Doc Edwards about that? I do not want to hurt him/her in any way. Thanks for letting me know what is going on.

August 7, 2014, Felicia:
 All of my guys are rescues. The 9 y/o was dumped at the SPCA when he started showing adrenal disease symptoms, so I have no idea. That's the main reason I'm worried about him. I'll definitely bring it up with your vet.

August 11, 2014, Felicia:
 I'm setting up a profile for you on my bank account so they can send you checks on my behalf in case the ferrets need anything while I'm gone. If I send a check from Afghanistan, it would be at least 10 days before you received it. When I authorize the bank to send it, it'll ship within 4 days. Are checks made payable to you personally, or to your organization? I also need your mailing address, and they require a phone number.

PM Update: Thank you!! I just got off of the phone with your vet's office. They can't get me in until August 27th since they're new clients. How long do you want me to wait after the distemper vaccination before I drop them off? I know you mentioned you go back to work early in September.

Shelter response:
 If you want you can bring them to us that day when you are done with the visit. What time are you going in? I go back to work Sept 2.